My Sexy Maid Meena

Hi there, I am a regular reader of the stories and I enjoy the stories thoroughly. I want to share my story with you all. I hope you will enjoy it.

I am a 42-year-old and I work as a Project Lead in a Software company in Bangalore. I was working in this company for the last couple of months and I have a cabin of my own.

There is one housekeeping maid assigned to clean my cabin. Her name is Meena. She is in her mid-30s and has an enviable figure of 36-26-36 with a dusky complexion. She is around 5.7 ft and has a very pretty face. Although she has been cleaning my cabin for quite some time, I never gave her the attention she deserved.

One day, I was working on my laptop in my cabin and Meena entered my cabin for cleaning as usual. That was the first day I looked at her properly.

She came in a saree and looked super hot. She was wearing saree below her navel which exposed her sexy curves on her hips. She wore a 3/4th backless blouse making her back almost visible. I couldn’t take my eyes off her and couldn’t concentrate on my work. I regretted ignoring my housekeeping lady before.

She started cleaning and my eyes were on her only. While cleaning, her saree moved aside giving me an ample view of her melons. They were huge and well-shaped pouncing out of her blouse.

As she approached near me for cleaning, I got a clear view of her boobs, navel, and wet armpits. As she continued cleaning, I was staring at her boobs and to my surprise, I noticed that the top hook was opened. That gave me an instant erection and wanted to jerk off there.

I started scanning her boobs intensely. They were popping out of the blouse. I was busy eyeing for her nipples in that deep cleavage and suddenly, she looked at me I was caught red-handed staring at her melons. I then quickly rolled my eyes back on my laptop.

I guess with this gesture she understood my intention. But she did not adjust her saree or blouse and kept them exposed to me and continued cleaning after looking at me for a few seconds. That gave me a little confidence to pursue her.

She finished her work and came near my table and said, “Bye, sir”. When she was leaving, I was admiring her round ass. She suddenly turned back and caught me again staring at her. She gave me a wicked smile and left.

The next day, as soon as she entered, the housekeeping maid gave a raunchy smile to me. Before she could start cleaning, she went to a corner and was waiting for me to look at her. I looked at her.

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She then adjusted her saree and unhooked two hooks of her blouse and started her cleaning. She wasn’t wearing her bra. My heart was pounding as her cleavage was almost visible.

I started touching my dick and playing with it as she was cleaning. After she came near, she saw my hand on my penis and looked into my eyes and understood what I want. She finished her work and was about to leave. She then looked at my bulging cock. There was an awkward silence.

We were on the same page and understood what we want from each other. She left the room.

That night, I couldn’t sleep properly as I was fantasizing about housekeeper’s tits and how lucky her husband was and how he would be sucking her boobs. My entire fantasy ran over on her round tits, big navel, and her ass. I ended up shagging her multiple times.

The next day was a Saturday and weekly off for the entire staff. Hence, the office was totally empty. Only I was there on the top floor. I came to the office just to fuck her at any cost. I was desperately waiting for Meena to come to my cabin. She opened the door and came inside after a few moments. She gave me a sheepish smile and I reciprocated.

As expected, she was looking hotter than ever. I instantly started staring at her boobs which were clearly visible as her saree was not covering them. Instead of cleaning, she looked at me and observed that I was shamelessly scanning her body like a hungry tiger.

After a few seconds, she stood up and started to tie a knot to her hair. Her armpits were exposed in full glory and her tits were popping out from her blouse. She did not move an inch and was waiting for me to conquer her body. By then my penis was standing erect.

I felt there is no point in delaying as she was waiting for action. Then I got up from my seat with my erect dick and locked the door from inside. Then I rapidly went towards her grabbed her by her waist and gave a lustful hug with my penis touching her navel area. She did not resist.

I pinned her to the wall and kissed all over her face, cheeks, and neck and removed her saree. My kissing increased on her neck and my hands were busy rubbing her hips and I was stroking my penis on her midriff.

My sexy housekeeping maid kept her hands on my head and playing with my hair. Without further ado, I unhooked her blouse and threw it on the floor. She wasn’t wearing any bra. Both her tits came into my hands with dead erect nipples.

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I started sucking them one after another as my life depended on them. She gave a slight moan when I was licking her nipples. My tongue was playing with her nipples. I put her tits in my mouth and started to lick them with my tongue. She increased her moan as I kissed all over her boobs.

I then lifted both her arms and started sniffing and kissing her underarms. They were clean shaved with a lovely deodorant and the aroma was even more arousing. I sniffed both her pits like a dog and kissed all over. As I was busy licking her pits, her melons were being crushed by my chest.

I went down and kissed her navel. I put my tongue inside her navel and started to drill it. I then started to kiss the sexy curve on her hip and bit it hard. She gave a very loud moan. I bit it again and she moaned with pain.

I turned her back and kissed all over her back with her breasts in my hand. I kissed her nape and licked all over her back till the buttocks. I quickly untied the petticoat and made her sit on the sofa.

I quickly undressed myself. She looked at my big dick and touched with one hand first. Then she grabbed with both the hands. She didn’t know what to do with my tool and was massaging it.

I bought my dick near her mouth. She wasn’t sure if she should take it in her mouth. I put my dick on her lips and guided it into her mouth. Her warm saliva was all over my penis and I pushed it deep into her throat.

She took the dick outside her mouth and started sucking and licking it like a candy. I was enjoying it and signaled her to increase the speed. I held her head with both my hands and started stroking my penis inside her mouth. It was an awesome feeling.

After a few minutes of licking, it was my time to enjoy her more.

I made her lay on the sofa. I stretched her legs wide and pounced on her pussy. It was clean shaved. I separated the lips and inserted my tongue and started licking. Her hands were pushing my head hard towards her pussy. She was moaning with pleasure.

The licking continued for some time. Then, I put my finger inside her cunt and started moving it in and out. She was enjoying it thoroughly.

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She then pulled my head signaling me to lick it. I grabbed her ass with both hands and started to lick her cunt passionately.

I increased the licking and she was moaning in pleasure. I again put my tongue inside her pussy and tried licking all the juices as she released juice on my tongue. There was a wild jerking movement from her and I realized she reached her orgasm.

I then decided to fuck her. I removed my belt from my pant and tied her both hands with it. I went on top of her and rubbed my dick on her pussy. She couldn’t resist and tried to put it in. I then put my dick deep inside her vagina. It was tight and looked like it wasn’t used for a long time.

I started stroking it slowly. I lied on her and started kissing her arms first and then her clean shaved armpits. They aroused me so much so that I started to lick both her pits. The act was so enjoyable that I became a fan of her armpits.

I moved on to her boobs. I started living my fantasy on her boobs. I started kissing her left breast and I bit her nipples slightly and I ran my tongue all over her areola. With this, I started giving wild strokes.

She then moaned non-stop. I increased the pumping with my hands playing on her hips and my mouth kissing her tits. Her breathing and moaning increased. Few more strokes and my juice was inside her.

She then gave one final moan with deep pleasure. Our bodies shivered vigorously by the act. I lied on her body and her legs was tied to me. We lied on the sofa motionless for a few minutes.

I got up and dressed up. She too got dressed up. She quickly cleaned up and got ready to leave. I don’t know why she looked sexier even after I fucked her. My desire for her did not end.

So, I went near her and thanked for the favor and rewarded her with a tight kiss on her lips and cheeks as she was pressed to the wall. She saw that my dick was bulging out of my pants. She touched it directly as if she is my wife. I liked the gesture and said let us continue it every Saturday.