Anjali Submits Herself In Bed

Hello everybody this is Rohit and I live in Jamshedpur. I am an enthusiast and love to do a variety of things like playing badminton, table tennis, cricket, swimming. I am a hardcore lover on sex stories and fantasies. This is the story of how I met my current girlfriend Anjali (Name changed) way back in 2008. AT that time I was active on orkut and we met in a community in a forum named “what u would like to do with the above person”. I am a bit humorous by nature my statements started amusing her like “I would like to go for eating golgappa with u(she was the person above my comment)..and give u the honor of paying for it…anything less than 20 golgappas will reset the game to 0….:)”. After a few days of this…I received a friend request from Anjali and I accepted it without hesitation. I scanned her pics and she was with her elder sister in most of the pics. Although her sister is better looking than her…but her figure is very attractive and her face is very innocent and cute. Soon we started talking on gtalk and most of the time we used to chat in a mood of humor. I used to amuse her with my funny crazy talks and we became good pen pals.

We never talked about our personal life and I knew from her replies that she started liking my company. We exchanged cell numbers and she used to message me when she is coming online. We started getting close to each other as friends. I used to ask her a lot of stupid question and she used to reply with full enthusiasm. We started talking during night-time. In january 2008, she alongwith her family members went to her village-town and we could not talk for 10-12 days. I thought it was over and left her a few message on her cellphone saying that we had a good time, hope to hear from you. I thought it was just a fling and now she has moved on with her life. I was attending my classes(I used to live in hostel, engineering coll) and got an sms from her saying ” I am back…..and nothing is over between us…I missed your gossips a lot and you are the person who has filled the void in my life”….I replied “glad to hear from you”. After the class was over I rushed to my room and called her…her voice was trembling and when I asked what happened…she said “Rohit….these 12 days were the worst of my life…everybody was around me but I missed u lot”…and with pause she said…”I never thought I would say this to anybody…but Rohit I l..l…like you!!” I replied that “I like you too Anjali”.

A: Rohit …. I want to see you.

Me: I will surely meet you Anjali…rihgt now if you want to see me…come on yahoo we will talk on video chat.

A: I am coming.

Me: ok .

We met on yahoo messenger and were talking on video chat…she was looking just fantabulous. Her long hairs neatly combed and a streak coming down to her cheek. Whenever the streak restricted her view she used to blow it and god…it killed me…she was looking so sexy yet cute. She proposed me on that day and I accepted and said it was not necessary to propose as we both know already that we are in love. Days passed by and we started coming closer and I sometimes teased her with my naughty comments. She used to ask…”how am I looking”…Me: “Very sexy sweethear”..she: “Liar…my hair is not even combed”…Me: “Who is looking at your face…hehe”…she gave a mixture of naughty and annoyed reaction. I loved teasing her. Meanwhile I got placed in a good company and moved to Jamshedpur…where I am living currently. She was in kolkata and it was 4 hours distance by train. After 3-4 months of my job…she asked me to meet her…I too was very bored in jamshedpur and wanted to have fun so I told her that I am coming soon…I booked my tickets and went to howrah on saturday(as Sunday was itself a holiday). She came in the morning and we were meeting for the first time. I was just astound by her cuteness and her figure. We were a bit nervous as we were meeting for the first time. I broke the ice by saying that” oops u r so cute in reality….I guess my laptop’s pixels are not so good”…she laughed and her smile made me laugh. Soon we started talking and went to city center and were roaming here and there…

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I was looking at her cute face all the time and she was blushing. We bought a movie ticket and it was a boring one(as we came to know afterwards) so the crowd was a bit less. As the lights went off in the theatre(as the movie started) I teased her saying ” andhere mein kuch bhi ho sakta hai”…she nudged me with a naughty smile and we both laughed. I held her hand during the movie and after 10-15 minutes my mental state changed and I wanted to get close to her….so I took her hand and kissed gently saying that you r the best thing that happened to me Anjali”…she too kissed me on my palm and smiled. I could see the love in her eyes. I saw here and there ….everybody was busy watching movie so I summoned some courage and kissed her gently on her cheek…she blushed. After 1-2 minutes she leaned towards me trying to kiss on my cheek and I turned at the right moment and our lips met. She shuddered and got away and said” u r very bad”….I was in no mood to let her go….so I held her arm and she turned towards me and our lips met for the second time and this time we both went deep.

Her aroma was making me crazy and within 15-20 seconds we both opened our mouth and our tongue met for the first time…I was pulling her closer to me and she was inserting her soft hands in my shirt to touch my chest. We both were turned on and we left the movie far behind us. As it was a corner seat nobody was there to bother us. For the rest of our time in theatre we kept kissing and smooching each other and whenever I kept my hands on her breast she used to gently pull my hands away. After the movie got over we were among crowd once again and again we started gossiping about family and stuff. We had lunch and time flew like anything. It was till date my fastest day.

I dropped her home at 6 in the evening and went to my hotel room. Next morning she came real early and messaged me from outside my hotel ” whats your room no”…I replied “219…dont come…they wont allow girl like this”. She said “ok…then come down”….I freshened up and went down to see her lovely face. My day was again bright. As it was Sunday so crowd was more than yesterday. I told her that I am pretty bored in jamshedpur and would like to see some cool places…she took me to MAni square mall and we played a few games there. We went bowling and had fun. While we were having lunch she said she doesn’t want to share this time of us being together with the world and she wants to meet me alone where we can hold each other and share our feelings. I smiled and said” Ur bad girl is coming out slowly”…she nudged me and smiled in a naughty manner. We went to a close-by guest house which was not so good but had AC and TV. They didn’t ask much question and just saw my ID card…

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I paid the money and moved into our room…it was around 3pm and we knew we didn’t have much time. I was a bit nervous and so was she. We both knew what is going to happen. I locked the room from inside and held her by her waist..she was startled but I changed the mood and started dancing with her and when she laughed I went down on my knees and proposed her saying that she is the most fantastic person and I would like to be her life partner. She accepted and pulled me up…we hugged in standing position and within 1-2 minutes I kissed her eyes and then her rosy lips.I smooched her as if my life depended on it. She responded well and threw her handbag to the adjoining table. The bed was neat and clean….we moved while smooching and turned off the light…passion was lightning a fire within both of us….and we fell on the bed with a bang. We were in no mood to stop….I unhooked her hair clip and her silky hair was open and she seemed extremely sexy in the dim light(room was coverd with curtains). We explored each other for around 10 minutes and then and then my lips moved to her ears and as I took her ear between my lips she arched her head back and hissed in pleasure and her hands covered me from around and she hlep me close. We both were going wet down there and I knew that she will not stop me. I caressed her breasts from above her salwar and she gave a little moan. I licked her neck and unravelled her shoulders one by one. I held both of her hands and pulled her up sitting on the bed….

I removed her kurti zip and pulled her kurti up…she did not stop me and hugged me so tight. I whispered in her ears” We are soulmates…our bodies cannot be far away from each other and caressed her hair while feeling her breasts on me. Her whole body was so soft and smelled so good.I laid her down and unbuttoned my shirt and she was watching me with her lusty eyes….her innocence was long gone and she was ready to erupt like a volcano.As she could not take any longer she got up and removed my shirt and went mad kissing me on my chest. She forced me to lie there and kept on kissing my chest.I was on cloud number nine and kept watching my used to be cute Anjali turned into a hot lover. She licked my chest with her tongue and unbuckled by belt and opened the zip and in one one pulled it away. She kissed my thighs and in between looked at me with those hungry eyes.

She touched my cock from above my undies and i let a gasp. She kissed it and said in whispering voice to my cock….”.today is ur lucky day…u’ll do what u r made for.” I was so excited to hear this…I pulled her up and smooched her and my hands went to her back and i unhooked her bra. her bra was hanging loose between my chest and her breast and while smooching I was caressing her buttocks. She has such firm butts…god i was in heaven. Our warm breaths met each other and holding her I rolled and came on her top. I removed the lose bra with my lips and she helped me by raising her arms. I looked at her breasts and then hugged her…our upper bodies completely met and she was melting in my arms now. We were moaning slowly. I went down and kissed the valley between her breasts and she pushed her breasts upwards arching her head.

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I touched her left breast with my tongue in cirular motion from circular base till the top and reached her hard nipple and took her breast in my warm mouth. My mouth was full of saliva… and she just went crazy and clenched her nails at my back. I loved both her breasts unbiased and reached to her navel area. She was shivering and her navel was moving up and down and I made the most of it was kissing and licking it. While kissing her navel and her waist from sides I pulled her salwar’s strings and her salwar was loose and with one hand I was pushing it down…she helped me by raising her butts and within a minute her salwar was at the end of her feet. I got up and pulled her salwar completely away. I looked at her and she looked in my eyes knowing that I wont stop now. I licked her feet thump and she hissed in joy and I started licking and eating her legs and spreading them as I was moving towards my ultimate prize of the day and as I neared her lovehole I smelled her juices and she was all wet down there I took her elastic and pulled it down.

She was hairy and It reminded me how adult we are and our bodies are made like this to satisfy each other. I kissed her pubic hair which was all wet…her juices were dripping down and I kissed her clit from down to up and she clenched the bedsheet with her eyes closed and next moment my tongue was inside her lovehole and she was trying to lift her pussy in ecstasy and I was in no mood to let her go. She was all mine….ready to be ravaged. My cock was throbbing as I ate her vigorously. She was trembling like a serpent on the bed and moaning like hell. Suddenly she clench my head tightly between her thighs and I started feeling her juices flow. She was going through a violent orgasm and was pulling my hair. I removed my undies and came on top of her and she knew it was her time to return the favor….she touched it with love and licked its tip with tongue and I moaned. Seeing my face she softly too my head in her lips and I felt her wetness on my cock…withing 5 seconds I was enjoying her blowjob…I opened my eyes to see that half of my cock was moving in and out of her mouth and was shining with her saliva….I was morphing and my animal instinct took over me as I grabbed her open silky hair and started pushing my cock in her mouth…..She let out a gag and I relaxed a bit my peak was near so I withdrew my cock and jerked it on her pussy….My cum jizzed and cover her black pubic hair with my white cum. She wiped with the towel on the table next to bed and We rested and cuddled each other.