Chikni Chut (Smooth pussy)

I am Vinod and always I was told that I am handsome. I am 5’9” tall, medium built, slip figure which was result of regular swimming from very childhood. As I wished I got married with a very beautiful girl . But I got disappointed on our suhaag raat. It is not that she was not virgin, she was virgin, tiny choot and she did not open while I could penetrate her with difficulty. There was wet on my lund and on her thighs. Against her wish I fucked her twice that night. But I was very unhappy because her pubic area and armpits were full of hairs. Aroma of choot and armpits were very strong and pungent. I requested her to clean shave both but she flatly refused. “I will do anything else you say but never say anything about my hairs either of head or of anywhere else.” She warned me sternly. Next morning she along with her mother went to local temple and they returned after about three hours. I stayed there for 11 days thereafter and every night I fucked her but I was not enjoying much because of hairs.

I always desired for a chikni choot. Every morning she & her mother visited temple and they were returning after three hours. On 16th night I took her to my place. She remained passive on bed like our first night and took strong objection whenever I raised issue of clean shaving of pubic area and armpit. 7-8 days passed peacefully. Then my saas /her mother arrived and next day onward again both mother & daughter started visiting local temple and returning after 2-3 hours. I also visited temple but hardly for 10 minutes. We kept a middle aged lady as maid. Besides cleaning of house she was cooking food also. Over a year passed but neither had she ever even trimmed pubic hair nor they stopped visiting temple. As my saas was visiting almost quarterly and staying for about two weeks on every visit I did not invite my parents. . Mother and daughter continued to visit temple.

They were leaving for temple at about 9 whereas I was leaving for office at ten. Then my parents visited. They stayed for about two weeks. I was getting desperate to see chikna choot. One night I fought with wife Manjula on same issue. She again refused flatly and in anger I told her that now unless she is clean shaved in both pubic area and armpits I will not fuck her. And she replied, “even if you die, I will not get my hairs even trimmed. “She replied curtly. I came out in anger wearing only underwear. I banged door and came out in balcony. It was past midnight. I started smoking. “What happened, why you fought with bahu..?” it was my mother beside me. I looked at her face which was still pretty like before. I kept smoking and when she insisted again and again I told her the reason of fight. “When I do not like why she wants to keep hairs..?”

I don’t know what happened to me. While talking I untied her petticoat and it fell down. I looked between her thick thighs. It was also not clean shaven but nicely trimmed. I expected to see clean shaven choot but here also I got disappointed. “You also don’t shave like Manju…” I caressed pubic hair. She took support of railing and parted her legs. “I used to shave it earlier but now for last few years I keep it trimmed only as per desire of my husband”. She patted my cheeks. “But I keep armpits clean, I shave it almost daily.” It was dark, we both mother and son were out in balcony..No sound at all. Very dim light all along and my mother was looking very beautiful She was 5”4”, weighing about 64 kgs , I was 75 kgs at age of 25, she was 43-44 , long black hair, big eyes, round face, roundish shoulder, thick arm, not so thick waist, long and nicely thickened but tapered thighs, fair complexion, chuchi of 36 “ , waist about 26” and hips 38” . I caressed bur for few minutes and then removed hand. I had full erection but did not want to fuck mother. “maa, bahut raat ho gaee hai…jaao so jaao…” I told her to go to sleep as it is too late. “You are still very beautiful and sexy…”
I said, kissed her cheeks and started to come inside house. But she held my hand. “You can’t insult me, a lady like this…” she pulled me , took me in arms and said , “whether I am good or ugly .you can’t leave me like this after undressing me and caressing cunt ..” I was speechless but with lot of difficulty I stammered … “you are my mother…” “But first a woman…and like other woman this cunt needs a lund and nice chudai….” Telling this she slid down my body and rubbed her mouth on my lund over underwear. Simultaneously she moved her hands all over my body, chest and back. I came out without fucking wife and now after caressing bur of mother I was fully aroused. I wanted to caress mother but I tried to control.

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I made fingers of both hand into fist so that I should not touch her. But by one hand she began pushing my undy down and I felt wetness of her tongue on tip of my lund. She was pushing undy very slowly but I was afraid, either of my wife or father would have come and caught us like this. My mother was fearless and on real heat. Finally I was made nude. She pushed lund up to touch my stomach and she moved tip of tongue to my arse, thigh joints and lick each and every portion of balls. By keeping lund upward by one hand she licked lower side of lund from top to bottom and bottom to top. I shivered. My wife had just sucked tip of lund that hardly for a minute. But mother was licking it as if nothing is tastier than this. She then released lund and licked other sides of lund and then took about one inch of lund in mouth and sucked it. There was sucking sound. At night that also in balcony it was very loud. I had lost count of time and finally my both hand began caressing her nice hairs. Slowly slowly more of lund gone into her mouth and finally entire lund was in mouth and she sucked and sucked. It was not possible for me to control.

I looked around; saw few bedsheets kept aside for washing. I spread them on floor and pinned mother down. I lay over her, positioned lund at right place, gave few hard strokes and began pumping in bur from where I had come. I fucked mother with all my strength. After some time she began to moan and her voice started getting louder. I did not tell her to keep quite but I enjoyed her moan and heat and juice of bur. After fucking another cunt I concluded that cunt of my wife is not very tight. But I did not ponder over that and concentrated fully on extracting maximum pleasure. “ohhhh..Vinod….you are very nice…i am very happy..” She crushed me in her arms and soon she became almost inert. I increased speed and soon I also discharged in bur. I also rested over mother and then I saw that my hand is on her chuchi but she still has blouse on. “How am I?” she asked… “Much better than Manju, my wife..” I replied and asked …” how was I?” “Much better than your father…Your lund is almost 2 inch longer than this. I wish you could have fucked me before “. “You are still young & beautiful…we will enjoy now for long…” I said. I unbuttoned blouse and threw it off and it flown out of balcony .We were on 7th floor. Smilingly she threw her petticoat off balcony. “So you still want me to clean shave?” She asked… “No…If Manju fuck me like you, I will never tell her to shave but she is like wooden log.” “Now let me go…” mother said and wanted to get up… But I kept her pinned down, I began licking and sucking her body.

Starting from normal kiss on lips, I sucked and licked chuchi and nipples and for about 20 minutes I licked and sucked cunt. I explored in and out of cunt by tongue and fingers. I finger fucked her and she shouted.. “That’s all, now fuck me…” She turned in doggy pose and I fucked mother second time that night, first from behind for some time and then again in straight missionary pose. We again like first round discharged almost together .After I ejaculated she again sucked lund and went back to her room all nude .I was very happy and forgot wife. I slept on sofa. Wife only woke me up in morning and scolded me for sleeping nude.i did not talk with her. That day I took leave from office and after wife went to temple and father went out I again fucked mother. She expressed full satisfaction and invited me to visit her soon. At evening I saw them off to station. I did not talk with wife; neither had I slept with her. Next morning again at nine, wife took thali and went to temple. Maid, Vimla came to me and said that my mother had told her to show me something. I could not guess what mother wanted her to show me. I asked but she told me to keep eyes closed. After her insistence I closed eyes and after about two minutes she told me to open eyes. I opened eyes and it remained wide opened. She was standing nude and I saw what I wished to see for last 18 months. There was no trace of hairs either on pubic area or in her arm pits. I kept looking at Vimla quietly. She was of around 40 yrs of age, healthy, having bigger chuchi and hips than my mother but quite fair.

We were quite for about 5 minutes. “saab should I wear clothes now ..” she wanted to wear clothes. My mother has told her to arrange a ‘chikni choot’ for me and directed her to let me fuck that choot if I desire. She was already paid. Maid told me about this arrangement and I undressed like her. “saab..You have a nice lund.” I felt happy when I saw her looking at lund. I pulled her to my bed and first I licked and sucked cunt to my satisfaction and then fucked her like I fucked mother last night. While fucking I told her about my plight with my wife. She heard and consoled me.. “saab, don’t feel sad now, now you can have pleasure of chikni choot as much you desire.” I told her that I want her daily and she readily agreed. Though mother has paid her, I paid her extra. We fucked almost daily for about a month. I called mother and thanked her for arrangement. Then one morning she came with a ver young girl.

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Immediately after my wife went to temple, Vimla brought girl in front of me. First she herself undressed and then she undressed girl. This girl was also hairless.

I caressed her choot and I could feel that she did not have pubic hairs. Not only was that she virgin. Now after fucking this new girl I had no desire left for chini choot but I still did not sleep with wife. I enjoyed with both young & elderly for another three months. My mother in law came. She told me to start sleeping with wife and I said that if she can’t remove hairs she can divorce me. But neither wife nor her mother was agreeable for divorce. One day I returned from office just after two hours. Wife has still not returned so house was locked. I knocked at adjacent flat. Lady opened door. I told her my problem but she was nice enough to call me in. She made cold drink for me and while giving it to me…She said.. “bhai saab, you should not feel ashamed” . I could not understand why she said so….but she added. “There is remedy for ‘impotency ‘..You can then satisfy your wife …” I became angry on hearing that I am being considered as impotent. I did not ask for reason. I pulled her, hugged her tightly, and dragged her to adjacent room. I fuck her. She kept shouting for mercy but I tore her clothes and fucked her mercileesely… “Now you know how impotent I am…” I shouted and asked that why she thought so… “When you are not impotent then why your wife goes to temple daily for fuck by priest and their friends. “ She was enjoying my hard and fast pumping …She tightened her arms on me and said.. ”your wife Manjula is prostitute of temple…” I immediately believed her. There cannot be another reason for Manju visiting temple every day . But doubt remain..if she fucks with many then why she is keeping hairs like that. But I had other important work.

We fucked and enjoyed .i filled her cunt. She pushed me away… “baap re ..i never knew that you are so wild and so good in chudai…” she said and thanked me for sex and nice fuck.. We rested and then we dressed. My wife still has not come but there was knocking. Lady opened door and returned with a younger lady. She was maid of that house. She smiled at me and said very indecently “saab aap namard hai to shaadi kyo kiya …?” “ Renu, tu gaee….” By the her maalkin could warn maid, I was above maid bouncing on her. I tore open her dress and like I did with house lady I fucked this maid also…but immediately after lund slid in her cunt..She shouted … “saab , your lund is so strong then why that kutia fuck with others…” she loosened her body.. “Because she is a kutia.” I replied and with my all might and technique pumped her to my full satisfaction. Mistress watched our chudai and she accepted that watching live chudai is very thrilling. Maid enjoyed my strokes and informed me that few months back she was hired for cleaning of temple area. During that course while she was cleaning basement area she was told not to enter a particular room. This restriction increased her curiosity and she kept an eye.

After few days she saw my wife coming out of that room flanked by two priest and two other men. Seeing her condition any one could have guessed that she is fucked repeatedly. And her doubt get confirmed when other two men kissed lady and said loudly that she is the best maal they ever tasted. But lady wanted to see live act. She kept an eye and finally found a opening. She saw my wife lying nude on a cosy bed and six persons surrounding her . All nude and she was banged one by one. Two priest fucked her every day. Then one day she saw my wife with her mother and both getting banged. Now there was no doubt. My wife was a slut in hand of priest. I made a plan with both ladies and I came back home. My wife smiled to see me .Still I did not talk. Three days passed and I fucked neighbor lady and her maid thrice during those periods. Sunday came and in morning my mother-in-law arrived. At around neighbor lady came with a packet of sweets and while talking both lady of my house ate those sweets and soon both became unconscious.

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She went out and soon returned with her maid, husband and husband of maid. We undressed my wife and MIL .And I got my desire fulfilled. We clean shaved pubic area, arm pits and other unwanted hairs from their body by use of hair remover. I permitted and both men penetrated, one each in cunt of my wife and MIL. Lady began to get consciousness and they tried to fight. But we held them tightly and both men fucked both lady. After chudai got over they left. Both did not talk with me but MIL went out .She returned back after one hour and smiled at me. Time passed and at night my wife herself went out and called all, both lady and their husbands who fucked in morning. Soon there was a knock, my wife opened door and six men barged in .There were two elderly priest and four goonda type men with something sharp in their hands. My wife & MIL watched that they asked us to undress. Both priest took charge of other two ladies and began chudai whereas three men penetrated cock in asshole of we three men. One man kept sharp pointed at us. This orgy continued till past midnight. Those two ladies were fucked by all six men and we three males had three round of ass fucking. I never felt so much pain and agony. We three male cried ,shouted and when first man pulled lund out we felt relieved and in next two round we did not feel paid. It was first and last time I was ass fucked. I saw both priest fondling & fucking my wife and MIL. While leaving they threatened us about consequences if I again try to harm my wife and MIL. They threatened others also.

My wife gave them nice drinks and food and they left happily commenting that now with chikni choot both would fetch more customers. Priest did not invite neighbor ladies to temple. That night both wife and MIL fucked me. While fucking me MIL narrated that how they became prostitutes of priest. She said that her great great grandfathers were used to reside somewhere in south India where they were priest of a famous temple. And all ladies of family used to be entertainer at that temples. They used to give sexual satisfaction to males of only influential family. Then about three generation back they shifted to present location where also her grandfather took over charge of a temple and ladies continued to be ‘devdaasi’ at temple .That culture is continued .They fuck with priest and men brought by priest in temple only . I asked and she said that every girl is free to take decision whether to be a devdaasi or not but all female of the house whether daughter or daughter inlaw is made to have sex with priest and so far all of our ladies had agreed to join our this profession. She said that they are paid handsomely and my wife’s bank balance runs in many lakhs. I ENQUIRED about not shaving pubic area and arm pits. She replied that priest liked it that way and most of rich men preferred long pubic hairs whereas young ones like you want clean shaven choot.

I was not satisfied with the answer but now my wife and mother in law had clean shaven cunt I did not explore further. They told me to accept fact that I am husband of a prostitute and now onward must not put any obstruction even if my daughter & daughter in law (if there would be any) desires to join them . I had no option. Next day I went to neighbours house to seek apology but lady pulled me on her lap and said that last night was best night in her life. Her husband was at home but still she and her maid fed me nicely. Over 25 years passed and she did not stop going to temple. Instead she is now taking her daughter-in-law and daughter also to temple. I am now 51 years. I am happy to see that she herself clean shave both young girl every week and make me caress their cunt but inspite of my repeated request she has not allowed me to penetrate either daughter or daughter in law. I had to satisfy myself seeing all three getting banged by priests and others laying side by side.