Day With full of Sex

Hello, readers. I am Neha and I am back with a hot incident which is a routine in my life when I was with my boyfriend. Well, I am not gonna bore you people today and let’s get to the story straight away.

I and Raj were in a live-in relation so that we could get to know each other even more. Doing this would help us decide about our future. I normally sleep topless and used to wear a lacey panties. Sometimes, I use to wear Raj’s boxer. I feel happy wearing his boxer. So, on the first day of our live-in relationship, starts as narrated in this post.

I woke up at seven. I still had the blanket on and saw Raj sleeping next to me wearing a boxer. He was sleeping like a baby. I sat on the bed for some time as I was still feeling sleepy. Slowly, Raj kept his hand on my thigh. I pushed his hand off my thigh and kept coming back.

I got bored of this and started to adjust my hair. He slowly took his hands to my boobs and gave a gentle press. I was like, “Raj, stop it. I need to get the breakfast ready”. To which he just replied,”Later” and pushed my breasts and made me lie on the bed again.

As he was physically strong, I was not able to protest and lied on the bed. He kept his thigh on my waist and hugged me tightly. I pushed his legs with my full strength and left the bed. I thought of wearing a t-shirt and dropped the plan as I was too lazy for that and went to the washroom.

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I got freshened up and came to the kitchen. I made French toast and tea for both of us. Then, I went to the bedroom to wake him up again. He pulled my hands to the bed and had me on his laps. We were staring at each other’s eyes and our half-naked body.

After a while, I broke the silence saying that his breakfast was ready and wanted him to take bath. He started to kiss my lips. I said,”Raj” (Raj kiss my lips once) “Go to the washroom” (kiss) “Brush your teeth”(kiss)”Take a shower” (kiss) “And stop kissing”. Once I asked him to stop kissing, he gave me a long kiss. I was getting mesmerized by his kiss and coordinated with him.

He was holding my back and I was like a child lying on its mother’s laps. He slowly grabbed my boobs and started to give a gentle massage.

His kiss was turning wild and I waved my legs as if I was asking to break the kiss for a second to catch a breath. He stopped it finally and I was making him stand from the bed. I tried my best with my all abilities to pull him out of the bed. He was equally stubborn and was resisting. Since I was not able to pull him further, I got on the bed and grabbed both the hands of him and pulled him.

But the naughty guy had some other idea. He pulled down my panties and I was naked. I was like,”Do you really think, this will stop me pulling you? As if I was never been naked in front of you”. He replied,”No. That will not stop you. But this will”.

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Saying this, he started to kiss my pussy which was right in front of his face. I got a quick electric current passing through my veins. I dropped his hands at once. He hugged my lower body tight and his wrists were exactly on my bums. He started to lick my pussy. He licked it all over and inserted his tongue deep in my pussy.

I was aroused deeply and was not able to stand. He kept pressing my butt and was eating my pussy. I was like,”Let me sit at least Raj”.

He made me lie on the bed and he continued to eat my cunt. We were upside down to each other. A perfect position for a 69 position. I was not a loser to skip that opportunity. I grabbed his balls and enclosed his whole male sausage with my mouth. That was the time, he had his electric shock as he was not expecting that.

I made his whole cock wet with my saliva and we were giving blowjob to each other. Both were getting extremely horny and enjoying to the core.

Then, he stopped and came to my face.

We exchanged kiss again for a long time while he was busy making rounds on my navel with his finger. He came down and was sucking my erect nipples. I started to shiver and he was biting my nipples and pulling them like a cow trying to pluck a leaf from a tree. The pain was filled with pleasure and I was moaning out loud.

He made me turn around and inserted his manhood into my ass and was banging me hard.

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We both were reaching our climax and I didn’t want that to end so soon. So, I took him to the shower and made our bodies wet. I bend down and took his cock into my mouth again and gave him a blowjob. After a while, his cock was erect again. Then, he banged my wet ass with his wet cock.

After a nice fuck for a long time, he came in my ass.

We had a nice shower together and came to the dining hall for our breakfast naked. So, right from our first day till our last day together, our daily day was more or less like this.

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