First Time Sex With My College Girlfriend

Hi readers, I am Nick (name changed) from Trichy, Tamilnadu. All the words in the story are true and based on my real life experience. So without wasting time, let’s get into the story. I am slim with an average size dick of 6.1 inches. I am studying in a reputed college in the same city. This story happened before six months. During that time, I fell in love with a girl named Manisha. She wasn’t that beautiful but I like her and her care. One day, I proposed to her which she accepted after two days.

Then like normal lovers, we started going out, bunking class and roaming in the city etc.

One day, when we were sitting in the bus, she kissed on my hand which actually sent a current through my whole body. Seriously, guys, that was my first kiss from her.

Slowly, our relationship progressed from kisses on hand to cheeks and then slowly to the lips. Since it was my hometown, I wasn’t getting the chance to enjoy her fully. But I was smart enough to create favorable situations.

There was a big forest like area nearby my college. No one will be around in the evening, after 6 pm.

Once, while returning from an outing, I had the chance to enjoy her lips fully. I held her hand, made a warm and tight hug to her to which she was impressed and raised her head.

At that moment, I held her face with my hand and gave a soft kiss on her lips. Soon she also started responding to my kiss. I tasted her lips for nearly 10 minutes. I pressed her hips, carried her in my hand, walked some distance, dropped her gently and continued the kiss.

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Then I came back to my senses. The time was 7.30 pm. Then she went to her hostel and I went to my room. This continued for the next few days and after that, we proceeded further.

On her birthday, I kissed her at the same place but this time, I also pressed her boobs. She did not mind that because I had made her slightly aroused with my kiss. I cupped her both boobs over her dress and massaged it. I said, “I need you now.”

She broke the kiss and did not speak a single word. She started walking away from me but took only a few steps. Then she suddenly turned towards me, came back and hugged me saying, “I am already prepared for this”

I was stunned to hear those words. She arranged a bed sheet on the ground and she came and kissed me hard.

By this time, I realized that girls can have a lot of lust on boys.

Then she started removing my dress and in one go, I removed her top. She was in her inner-skirt and pants. I was in full mood to enjoy her. I hugged her in that position and kissed her lips and pressed her buts and boobs hard.

Then I removed her inner skirt and pants. She was in sandal color panties and I was in my jockey boxer.

My dick was making a huge bulge inside.

Seeing that, she said, “Your dick is too hard than I thought.”

I was standing surprised. Then she made me nude. I too removed her panties. So we both were nude. I hugged her, rolled over her and felt her heat with my body.

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Then she wanted me to suck my cock. She gulped my whole dick in one go. I was feeling like heaven was resting on me. After 10 minutes of a hard blowjob, I shot my sperms in her mouth. She did not waste a single drop, she gulped all. Then she cleaned my dick by licking it.

After that, I made her lay down and started licking her cunt. She is overjoyed and soon she squirted her cum all over my face. Then she came and licked her own cum from my face.

After a few minutes, I took my position between her legs and rubbed my dick over her pussy. She was so horny by then and begged me to fuck her.

I took pity on her, stopped teasing her further and pushed my dick into her pussy. She screamed like hell and blood was oozing out as it was the first time for both of us.

Then I remained in that position for a few minutes (missionary position). I kissed her and pressed her boobs to calm her down. Then I gave a hard push and this time, my whole dick entered her. Oh man, she was so tight. She asked me to stop and take it out but I started to ram her pussy. Soon she forgot the pain and started moving her hip along with my thrust. I was able to fuck her for 30 minutes as I had already released my cum once.

In between, she had 2-3 orgasms which I felt through the tightening of her pussy muscles.

I fucked her with full pace and finally, when I was about to cum, I took my dick out and splashed my sperm on her boobs. We were very exhausted and after 10 minutes, I was ready for another round.

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I fucked her for another 10 minutes and cummed on her stomach. I was totally exhausted and slept beside her.

Later I escorted her to her hostel and I came back to my room.

After six months of our love journey, she broke up with me and fell in love with another guy in her hometown. I didn’t force her to stay because I loved her that much. But if she can’t understand my love, then what is the use of marrying her. So I moved on and started living my life only for my parents.

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Bye friends.