Fuck Quietly

“How long will we just sext?” Ira got a text on her phone.

She replied, “As long as it takes, I’m not giving you what you want so easily ;)”. Kabir replied, “Then I’m going to have to search for other options ;)”. She replied, “Go right ahead, I’ll be happy to be rid of you.” “I was only kidding, you know how much I want you right? That’s why I have been so patient all these months. I just want to know why we are still waiting, I know you want me too” he replied. Ira said, “I want you too, but I can’t sleep with you just yet.”

Kabir replied, “Don’t think so much, let’s just do it and you will know how amazing it is. If you don’t wanna continue after the first time, I won’t force you. I promise.” She didn’t reply for a couple of minutes and then suddenly he got a text, “Can you come home now? My parents are asleep already ;)”. He replied, “I’ll be there as soon as possible, wait for my text.”

Kabir got in his car and zoomed off to Ira’s apartment. He could sense the excitement as the moment he had been waiting for the last 6 months had finally come. He had met Ira on Tinder and they had gone on a few dates, but Ira was clear right from the beginning that they would have sex only when she was ready for it.

Now that the moment was finally here, he thought of all the things he had planned for their first time together and a smile crept across his face as he was sure that she wouldn’t say no to sex after he was done with her tonight. Ira was waiting anxiously for Kabir to get there, it was half past midnight, her parents were fast asleep in the next room. She was anxious to get the thing over with before one of her parents woke up for a bathroom break.

Finally, she got a text from Kabir, “I’m outside, open the door”. Her face lit up as she quietly moved to the door and opened it. Kabir was standing in front of the door, he checked her out from top to bottom. She was wearing a tank top and hot pants, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her sexy thighs. He mouthed “You’re looking very sexy” as he quickly walked in and shut the door quietly behind him.

She hugged him tight as he lifted her in his arms, making her wrap her legs around his waist, kissing her lips, sucking and biting them hard as he walked into her bedroom silently. He bolted the door behind him and carried her to the wall, he was now kissing her neck, licking it. He slid her top off of her shoulders, sucking and biting her shoulders as she started moaning and gasping with his every move. His hands were inside her tank top, cupping her bare breasts, twirling her nipples, pressing them hard.

He propped her up against the wall as he grabbed her ass, squeezing it hard while she lifted her arms up for him to take her top off. His eyes widened as he got a look of her near perfect milky white breasts and the dark brown nipples which were erect as if inviting him to devour them. After such an invitation, he couldn’t help but oblige.

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Kabir started by sucking her nipples gently at first, slowly biting them harder, squeezing them with one hand as he grabbed and squeezed her ass with the other. Ira was moaning and gasping for breath, she knew she’d be in big trouble if her parents heard. But she was too turned on by now to care, she just wanted to be licked, sucked and fucked. Kabir’s touch, licking, and sucking were already working their magic on her.

He slowly started slapping her tits as he continued sucking them, biting and licking her bare shoulders, licking her on the neck, licking her behind her ears. “You sure know how to turn me on Kabir”, she moaned. He replied, “I told you I have been waiting for this moment forever, I am going to do everything possible to get you horny as fuck.” “I think you’re probably just good at turning me on, I doubt you’re any good at fucking”, she dared him.

That was the push he needed and he decided to kick up the teasing by a notch, he moved her from the wall and threw her on the bed. She fell on it with a thud, she was almost afraid her parents might hear them. Kabir didn’t seem to care, he got on top of her and unbuttoned her hot pants, pulling them down and throwing them away.

He continued kissing her neck, sucking her nipples as he put his hand between her legs and started rubbing her pussy over her red thong. She knew he had a thing for red lingerie and coincidentally she was wearing red for their first time together. He started rubbing her quite vigorously as he moaned into her ears, “So you think I can’t fuck good huh? Do you want me to show you how good I can fuck?” She replied, “I still think you’re all talk and no action”, she winked at him.

He decided it was time to go to the next level, he quickly pulled down her thong and lied down. He made her sit on his face as he held her by her breasts, squeezing them hard. She started grinding her ass on his face as he spread her pussy lips with his finger and inserted his tongue inside her. She let out a loud moan as he did that, it felt like a wave of current had passed through her spine. He was squeezing her tits pretty hard and sucking, licking and nibbling at her pussy lips. She could feel the sense of pleasure engulf her entire body as she cried out “Oh God Kabir, this feels so fucking good! Please don’t stop.”

He started squeezing her ass, slapping it as she rode his face, continuing to devour her juicy wet pussy, sticking his tongue in as deep as he could, twisting and turning it inside her, trying to reach every corner of her pussy, getting her juices to flow, making it even more worthwhile for him to keep sucking and licking her.

His shirt was already off and she bent down to unzip his jeans and she could sense there lay a huge surprise for her inside. She could see a huge erection inside his boxers and she couldn’t wait to get her hands on it. “Oh my! Someone is horny”, she said.

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He replied, “I’m not hornier than someone else, I’m only as horny as someone” as he continued to eat her out, his mouth and tongue tiring yet keeping on sucking and licking her, getting her wetter than ever. She pulled down his boxers and took his thick brown cock in her hands, started stroking it. His erection only got bigger as she continued stroking him. He was licking and sucking her non-stop, spanking her pussy lips, inserting one finger and turning it inside her pussy, giving her a taste of what was to come.

She was controlling herself a lot, but she couldn’t stop moaning and cried out “Oh God! Kabir, you’re so fucking good at this. I can’t wait for you to fuck me, plunder my pussy please.”

Ira continued stroking his cock and he finally lifted her off his face and moved on top of her. He buried his face between her legs, made her wrap her legs around his neck as he continued eating her out. He pinned her hands down so she couldn’t touch him anywhere.

He gave a break to his cock so that he wouldn’t cum so soon. He was squeezing her breasts hard, pinching and twirling her nipples as she was moaning non-stop, his tongue deep inside her pussy, her ass bouncing up and down with every passing second of his sucking and licking, her body shivering like a dry leaf, almost begging him without words to take her right then and there. She couldn’t hold on any longer and almost begged him, “Please Kabir, You’re the fucking best. Please fuck me already!”

He finally relented and got on top of her, looking into her eyes as she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him in. He kissed her mouth, sucking on her tongue, biting her lips slightly as he entered here slowly going deeper and deeper. Her moan was lost in his mouth as her entire body was trembling with unmistakable pleasure.

He went deep inside her and lingered without any movement, allowing his thick cock to fill her up, stretching her tight inexperienced pussy, the pussy he had been craving for all these months. He slowly pulled out and thrusted again, slightly harder this time, so that she could feel the brunt of his force. He let go of her lips as she moaned, “Oh fuck! This feels like fucking heaven, please don’t stop fucking me, Kabir”. He smiled and continued sucking her nipples as he moved his cock inside her touching every nook and cranny, making her feel him deep inside her.

He let her hands go so that she could put them on his ass and push him deeper into her, lending greater force to his thrusting. He was licking and sucking every inch of her face, her neck, her shoulders, her breasts as he continued thrusting deep into her. The force of his thrust increasing with each passing stroke, then slowing down to let her relax a bit, then picking up the pace again, then slowing down again. Alternately bringing her to the brink, then pulling her back, then pushing her to the edge again as he whispered into her ears, “Am I all talk? Are you sure about that?”. Her moans and gasps were relentless as she could barely manage to say, “God no, you’re the best fucker on this planet. Please keep fucking me harder.” He continued thrusting as the pressure built up in his balls, but he wasn’t ready to give in just yet.

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He got up and make her get up, bent her over on all fours on the bed as she held onto the headboard, he placed his cock on her pussy lips, rubbing hard against them, taking a small break as he continued teasing her pussy.

His hands were on her hanging breasts, squeezing them hard, as if he were picking up low hanging fruit, squeezing, twirling her nipples, getting on top of her, biting her neck, sucking and licking her shoulders, yet not entering her.She couldn’t believe how amazing he made her feel with all his moves, she had to say, “Daddy, please don’t tease me anymore. Fuck me harder, I want to cum”.

He smiled and continued to bite her back and shoulders, still rubbing his dick head on her pussy lips, rubbing his cock on her ass, poking her, slowly squeezing and slapping her ass. He then entered her with a deep stroke as he held her by the neck and started fucking her hard from behind.

He was spanking her ass hard as his cock was pounding her horny, dripping wet pussy, choking her neck, pulling her hair as he pounded her. Her whole body was shaking with the brute force of his strokes, he decided to be the beast she wanted him to be and pounded her non-stop mercilessly. She couldn’t control her moans anymore, she cried out, “Oh Daddy, fuck me harder. Just like that, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

He was spanking her pretty hard by now, pulling her hair and choking her neck as he fucked her. His cock slapping into her pussy was making the most erotic of sounds and that only added to the pure ecstasy of the moment. He could sense that she was getting close and he wanted to cum with her.

He picked up the pace more and just thrusted non-stop, spanking her, biting her neck as she was moaning louder and louder with each thrust of his. They both were pretty close and then he whispered in her ears, “Let go, baby, let’s cum together”. That one sentence lifted the flood gates and she came as he sprayed deep inside her at the same time.They both collapsed onto the bed, sweaty, panting yet totally satisfied with what was an amazing start to the many fucks to come.

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