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So I got admission in IIT Bombay. I was enjoying my life fully at college. Then one day I got a friend request on Facebook. Her name was Sakshi and she was from Jaipur. There was no picture on her Facebook page, still I accepted it.

Then we chatted a bit. She was in class 12 and was preparing for IIT-JEE in Jaipur. So she wanted to know about how I prepared for it. I asked for her picture because I had to check whether it’s fake or not. When she sent her picture, I was very shocked.

She was extremely beautiful. She was very thin so was her boobs but her ass was in good shape. Her figure was around 32-26-34. I thought it is a fake so I video called her and when I saw her, I wished to God that he send her in my life.

That day I decided to make her girlfriend and fuck this extremely beautiful girl.
By August and September, we came close. We used to talk a lot. Sometimes about her study and sometimes of her life.

Then one day instead of me, she proposed to me. I was very happy. We decided to meet in the Diwali vacation. So in one month, I had to train her in sex. So I started sex chat with her. She was not ready in the start but after some days she used to become excited.

We decided to meet in Surat because that was in the center for both of us. My train came late around 11 am. When I reached there, she hugged me on the station and caught my hands. She was only 18. So there were some problems in finding the hotel but she had a lot of money so we finally got into a nice hotel

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She told me to take shower. But I started kissing her. Her lips were red n very juicy. Her face had become red. I kissed every part of her face then kisses her neck. She started moaning. I opened her top and kissed her boobs from above.

Then I tried removing her bra but I couldn’t. So she removed her bra and then I sucked it a lot. Her boobs were tiny so it came in the mouth easily. I pressed her boobs very much. Then I entered my one hand in her jeans.

And I entered my finger in her vagina. Her vagina was wet means she became horny too. I opened her jeans and panty and started fingering. She was in pain and crying that, “Don’t do it, Daksh.”

Then I opened her legs and put my dick on her pussy. I forced a bit and she started crying a lot. I tried to make her understand that it will be only the first time. She said that “I know baby, you continue but I can’t bear this pain.”

Then I inserted my dick inside. Her seal broke and blood came out. Letting my dick inside, I laid on her and started kissing her. She became a little calm and I started some fucking but very slowly. She was still in pain but I was kissing also so she was good now.

She was not in risk period so I fucked her pussy till I cum in it. Then we slept at around 2 pm. When I woke up around 5 pm, she was still sleeping. I started gazing at her naked body and was thinking that I just fucked this heavenly beauty, I couldn’t resist my self and my dick got erect again.

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I put my dick around her lips. She woke up and I inserted my dick in her mouth and told to suck it. She sucked my dick like a pro. My dick size is 7″. So she couldn’t take it fully but still, she was pleasuring me in every way possible. I must say that was the best feeling I ever had in my life.

In about 15 minutes, I cum in her mouth. I told her but she didn’t swallow my sperms. After that, we went to shower together. We had planned to have sex in the shower. But she was in pain so we only kissed and I was fingering in her anal.

We got ready at 7 pm and went to the market. We packed dinner then we bought condoms and tissue papers. We returned the hotel at 9 pm. Again we started kissing. Then I sucked her boobs and fingered her pussy. She sucked my dick a lot.

Then I used a condom and inserted into her pussy. She was crying this time also. But this crying was mixed with moaning. She used to take my name while moaning like, “Fuck me more Daksh, harder Daksh, Daksh, Daksh, love you Daksh,” which always excited me more.

She got an orgasm very soon then she stopped crying. She was just moaning slowly like, “Fuck me till your dick got satisfied, fuck me my Daksh, fuck me till your last breath.” I also cum after some time and I lay on her. It was around 10 pm.

We had our dinner then she sucked my dick and we slept. We had only 2 days so we put alarm at 12. I again fucked her and this time in doggy style. She liked this a lot. She was a little shy to come above me.

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But the next day as her pain went away, she became my whore and we fucked in every way possible. After that meeting, we met in almost every vacation. We used to meet in different places. She was very rich so no worry of money happened.

After some days I fucked her anal too. That was also painful but she easily bore it. This happened for 2 years back and then we broke up. But this was the most beautiful girl I ever fucked.

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