How I Became A Gigolo

Hi to all readers. This story is about how I became a gigolo in Chennai and started providing services to girls and ladies on a daily basis. Without wasting further time let me introduce the 2 characters of this story.

I am Raj from Rajasthan. I am basically a Jain boy bought up in Chennai. I am little on the heavier side and have a penis of size 5 inch long and 3 inches in diameter. (I’ll not brag like others who quote they have 8 or 9 inches long. As I understood the average cock size of Indians is 5 inch).

Let me introduce the heroine of the story Namrata age 28. Namrata is a working woman who is married to a software engineer working in Dubai with 1 kid. She has a very sexy ass and big boobs and figure to die for. Her measurements are 36d-28-36. She is fair and looks like a model. She is working as a PA in an MNC.

Coming back to the story. This happened in the year 2006 when I graduated from college. All my friend were recruited as part of hiring and I was rejected. Being from a middle-class family I was in need of money for further education and take care of my family.  I was searching for a job.

I used to go from company to company for interviews. This is where I met the heroine of the story Namrata. On a Friday afternoon, it was very hot and I came to this MNC company was Namrata was working as a pa to the business head. On that particular day, the receptionist was on leave due to a personal emergency.

Namrata had to look after the interview and other stuff of receptionist. As it was hot as hell (people in Chennai know about the weather in summer) I was completely dehydrated when I reached the office. I gave my CV to Namrata and she asked me to wait. One by one all the candidates attended the interview.

I was waiting for my turn. I was called into the interview room by the business head at around 6.00 pm. Within minutes, he rejected my profile saying my profile doesn’t suit the requirement. I was feeling very dejected and due to the weather I got dizziness and fell down. Namrata called up the security guard and asked him to take me to the sick room.

After a while, she came to the sick room and gave me some glucose water and asked me how I am and what happened etc. I told her that I was exhausted due to multiple interviews. Also, I didn’t have my lunch adding to the pressure that I was rejected again.

She told me not to lose hope and she assured me she will try to find me some work. I started home after that. A few days later I got an SMS from an unknown number asking how my health was. On inquiring, I came to know its Namrata and she took my number from the CV.

She was generally asking if I found a job and about my family background etc. I told her about my family situation. I told her that I am in a very bad financial situation. If I didn’t get a job soon I will commit suicide. She tried to console me and later she called me started talking very positively so that I don’t think about suicide.

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I thanked for her positive attitude and said bye. Later on the same night, I texted her asking if she can recommend her business head for a second chance. She responded that all the positions are currently closed. I was very upset and didn’t reply to her SMS.

She remembered me telling about committing suicide and she immediately called my number to check on me. I said after last call with her I am feeling positive and not feeling like giving up and have dropped the idea of suicide. Few days passed and we started to chat regularly.

We became friends though we had a difference of 8 years. We shared a good rapport and she used to call me out for coffee or lunch. We even started going for movies. Slowly we started to open about our personal lives. I told her I didn’t have a girlfriend as I am not a rich kid. I asked her about her husband.

She with a sad tone said he is in Dubai and comes for 1 month in a year. I tried to console her by giving a small hug and she smiled. On one such movie date, I told her I heard about this male escort services which have. She could hire a gigolo to satisfy her needs. As she was earning good for her money was not an issue.

She took a pause and didn’t speak to me till interval of the movie. I felt I hurt her and asked forgiveness. She told she was not upset because I proposed her to use an escort. But she was upset why I didn’t ask her for lovemaking as we have become quite close to each other.

I said I don’t have any experience in lovemaking as I am a virgin. Without continuing the movie we straight away left the theater. She booked an auto to her home and ask me to accompany her. We didn’t speak anything until we reached her home. She had a nice home in Saidapet as her hubby earns a good package.

She asked me to come to her house. As we went inside, I saw her son playing with toys and the caretaker. She spoke something with the caretaker and she took the kid outside to play in the garden. She then went to the kitchen and got water for me. She asked me to relax and be comfortable on the sofa.

She later broke the silence by saying, “Raj, why should I hire a gigolo when I have you, my friend.” I was a little confused that if she is asking me for a friend with benefits relationship or asking me to become a gigolo. I asked her what she meant by her statement.

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She said, “ I want us to become friends with benefits (you give me sex ill give you money).” I told her I am a virgin and I didn’t know anything about sex. She told me she will teach me every trick to make a woman happy. She came near me and kissed me on my lips.

Initially, I was a bit clumsy in kissing her but later got hang of it. We started smooching and our saliva was dripping from our chins like a hungry wolf. She took me to her bedroom and again started to kiss each other. This time the kiss was more passionate and wild. My hands started to explore her body.

She was wearing a black saree. I reached her waist and slightly pinched her to which she left a soft moan. She removed her saree and then started to remove all my clothes. I was naked in front of her. She was in her inner and blouse and petticoat. She ordered me to remove her clothes.

There she was standing in front of me naked like a sex goddess. I went near her and hugged her tightly. I started to kiss her wildly and later moved to the bed. I knew some part of lovemaking as I have seen some porn movies. So I started to suck her boobs and to my surprise, she had milk in those tankers.

I sucked on both her boobs for 10 minutes and drank all milk from it. Later she asked me to lie on my back. She rested her clean shaved pussy on my mouth and we were in 69 position in no time. This was my 1st experience. I was enjoying the core.

Within 5 minutes I was about to cum and I told her. She started to suck my cock more vigorously and pressed her pussy on mouth firmly. After 7 minutes I cummed in her mouth. She cummed in my mouth which I drank every bit of her love juice. She also drank all my juice.

She said it was the best oral sex she had in her life. Hr husband never allows her for oral sex. We were tired so I asked her for some water. She went to the kitchen and got some water along with the juice. She asked me to drink the juice in 1 gulp so that I’ll feel more energetic (later I came to know she added viagra to the juice) which I did.

We again started playing with each other and my cock was ready for action. She took out a condom from her purse and handed over to me to wear it. As I have never used a condom before the condom tore and she was laughing at this. She took another condom and came near me. She showed me how to wear a condom.

Then she lay on the bed on her back and asked me to come on top of her. She held my penis at her vaginal opening and asked me to push it with full force which I did. Her pussy was not as tight as she had delivered her son 1 year back. Also due to extensive foreplay, her pussy was very wet and my dick went easily.

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I started to fuck her slowly initially and later picked up my pace. The whole room was filled with her moans asking me to fuck her harder. Later we changed the position to cowgirl and she started to ride me. Within 10 minutes of intense hardcore fucking, she reached her climax.

I was still to reach my climax and asked her to come on all 4 and started fucking her in doggy style. After some 2 minutes of doggy style, I told her I am going to cum. She immediately removed the condom and started sucking my cock again. Soon I came in her mouth.

I have masturbated earlier but never released so much juice. My cum was dripping out of her mouth and on the bed. She drank all the juice in her mouth and started licking the bed sheet. Post the exciting fuck in her bedroom we went to the washroom to take a shower.

We started to make out in the shower and soon my cock sprang in action. Soon she started stroking my cock and gave me nice blowjob till I came in her mouth. We came out of the bathroom and dried ourselves. The same time I saw the caretaker has already come inside the house.

She had seen us both naked in the bedroom after a bath. She gave a wicked smile and went away. I dressed. Namrata came near me with a towel around her. She took 1000 rs and put it in my pocket and whispered in my ears, “Congratulations on your new job.”

We started this fucking session every Saturday when she had half days in the office. Soon she introduced me to a few of her friends who were looking for a young call boy. In the next story, I’ll tell you about how I had group sex with 5 ladies of her kitty and also how I fucked the caretaker lady.

Please share your feedback to my email id rajnishjainisrj@gmail.Com. Till date, I am doing this escort services to a few special clients. I am still in touch with Namrata and we still end up fucking at least once a month.

If any ladies or girls want a call boy for fun. Please contact me on the email id given. I provide complete bf experience of passionate lovemaking and completely hygienic. As this is my 1st story and mistakes please do let me know.