How Me And My Hot Neighbor Lost Our Virginity

Hi readers, my name is Rahul. I am 25, Single, now working in Bengaluru. I’m basically from Mysore. This story is about how I and my hot neighbor girl took each other’s virginity. This is my first story here, and I am super excited to post this.

So, let’s get into the story. This happened when I was in my 1st year PUC, Her Name is Chandini, and she is a year younger to me. Our house was a 2 story building. We stayed on the first floor, and they were on the ground floor. Our families were so close that we used to share each and everything.

I had just completed my schooling and she stepped into higher secondary. Her dad asked me to help her if she had any doubts, I wholeheartedly accepted to help her at any time. We never had any bad intentions on each other and were close friends, both our family never restricted us on anything. I had a younger brother, and she had an elder sis. It was during Christmas holidays my brother had gone to Native, I was enjoying the holidays.

One fine day her mom and my mom were getting ready to go out shopping, even her sis joined them. I inquired about Chandini and her mom said she had gone for tuition and might come back in sometime and gave their house key, and they left. I was alone, so I played a porn movie in my DVD player and started to stroke my cock.

All of a sudden I heard some sound, it was her so I suddenly changed the AV to a channel on the TV before she got in, and I was pretending that I was watching Cricket even she joined me, and we were watching Cricket. Suddenly she noticed that DVD player was ON, so she asked whether I was watching any movie, I said no, but she had doubt, and she pulled remote from me and changed to AV. She saw the porn movie which was paused and was shocked, on the other side I was scared as hell.

She started to scold me that I’m so bad and blah blah blah. Soon I started to convince her that not to tell anyone and said her its common in teen boys so please don’t tell to our parents and I tried to switch off the TV, she stopped me and said even I am a teen so even I’ll watch it.

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So I started to play it again from the beginning. In the act, there is a muscular guy who carries the girl on his hands from a park to his home. She asked me to see how strong he is and started teasing me saying I am not worth in front of him. I said even I can do that, suddenly she asked me to prove my strength by lifting her.

Without next taught I lifted her and took her all over the house and brought her back the hall while making her sit her hand touched my dick which made me hard and the devil in me started to think naughty at the same time.

She noticed and said what happened there pointing her hand towards my bulge. I tried to cover, but she kept on asking what happened there, so I made a plan and said it’s because I lifted her I got pain there I showed the Porn and said see in the movie too after lifting the girl even he has got the bulge.

So, she started asking sorry and asked what to do to make it proper, I knew my luck has started to work, so I said do what the girl does to him in the movie to make him proper. She said OK and further saw the movie, where the girl removes guys dick and started to lick it and gives a blowjob seeing that she said she cannot do all those.

So I said it is because of her I am suffering the pain, and she is not even ready to help me and made a sad face. This made her feel guilty about the incident and accepted to help me. She came close to me and touched my dick over my trousers and started playing with it, and she took it out and started to stroke it slowly, I asked her have you ever seen a dick before she said no.

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Saying that she slowly took my dick near her hot lips and started to lick it like a candy and took it deep in her mouth, Her moves on my dick were making me so horny, I slowly moved my right hand over waist and pulled her close to me, and she started saying this is not correct, but she did not resist more this gave me confidence, so I started to kiss her neck, shoulder and started to lick her ear, and we lip locked for 5 to 6 min.

Slowly I removed her salwar top now she was in her pink bra I lost control and started to lick her cute fair boobs over her bra. I removed her bra and started to play with her boobs and sucked her nipple like a small baby, she then gave me a good boob job she was doing in such a way that when I thrust up she used to lick the top of my dick and I could not control. I said I am going to cum and exploded all over her face and boobs, she cleaned my dick by licking it.

Now it was my turn to return the favor, soon I stripped off myself completely nude and removed her pant. She was in pink inner now I started to lick, bite her inner thighs and was teasing her. This made her wet. I removed her pink inner too now she was completely nude She had a little hairy pussy down there and I slowly reached her love hole, closing her eyes she started to enjoy each moment.

She shivered when I touched her pussy for the first time, I started to rub her pussy slowly and inserted one finger she let out a big moan and I started to finger her and inserted one more finger increasing the speed. She started screaming and was enjoying it, she raised her hip giving an indication that she is reaching her climax, and she squirted all her fluid. Soon we came to 69 and started licking and sucking each other.

We both were now ready for further action, I made her sleep on her back and slowly guided my cock inside her it was too huge for her and her pussy was so tight as it was our first time so I slowly inserted in and out and suddenly gave a huge thrust, she started to bleed, and she was screaming in pain and started crying.

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So slowly I started to suck her boobs and meanwhile increased the speed, and she started enjoying her screams turned to moans, after few mins she took out my cock and started to suck, then we changed to doggy and later she started to ride on me, believe me, guys these 2 positions are so good. We had it for 45 min may be, she came twice in this session, and I was about to cum, she said she wants it in her mouth and took my cock and started sucking till I came and gulped each drop of my cum.

We were so damn tired and slept next to each other thinking about the good time we had, later we had a shower together I licked her and made her cum one more time in the shower and had food we were nude, and she sat over me while having food and cleaned before our parents came back.

After 20 mins, our parents were back, and we pretended like I was clearing her some doubts. After this, with her help, I fucked her sister and one neighbor, and we had threesome session. I’ll narrate it in my next story depending upon your response.

Feel free to respond, waiting to hear from you all. Your responses will encourage us to write more. Contact me at if any problems then you can ask me always ready to help people. I keep traveling to Bengaluru, Mysore, Mangaluru, Udupi, Coimbatore. People from any of this place feel free for any help.