How Neha Became a dirty Slave

Hi readers, I have been reading these stories form a very long
time. Only now did I have the courage to write one. Lemme describe my
sluttty structure first. I am neha, 20 years old hyt very fair
complexion and my sizes are 40-30-36. Don’t be amazed I have very
huge boobs presently full of sweet milk, cos I was pregnant for three
months. I am not dragging. Please forgive me if there are any mistakes
as it is my first story. Lemme come to my first story which is real.
It happened when I was just 12 years old and after my first periods.
My mothers brother had come home to visit me and gimme gifts as I had
become a big girl. As soon as he came he lifted me hugged close to his
chest so that my tender breasts squashed against his and gave me a
thight smak on my ass. I did not find anything wrong as he always did
this to me. Then he gave me a dress and a necklace, as my mom and dad
had a tour scheduled they soon left for that leaving me and madhavan
uncle alone. After they left uncle took me on his lap and told me he
had some more gifts for me and I was very happy. He took me in his
hands to his room and made me sit on his bed. He took out his suitcase
and took a big box wrapped in hot pink wrapper and gave it to me. It
had a label which said “ u are a big girl now but you need these to
be a woman!! To my hot sexy neha” by reading this I was a bit
shocked and I did not give much attention as at that time I knew
nothing about sex.
I eagerly opened the box and was amazed to find a pair of red and pink
lacy half transparent bra and panties. Uncle hugged me and said
“neha this will suit your body perfectly…. U will look like a
perfect slut” . I smiled and asked him what is a slut and he said
“beta slut wo hai jo mein tuje banana jaa raha hu and thuje dheere
dheere uska matlab smajh aayega !!” and I was very happy. Then I got
a red saree like the ones b rides wear, a lingerie made of black net,
a necklace, a box full of kumkum, and a thread like the one my mother
wears on her neck(mangalsutra), jasmine flowers, a packet with a
picture of a man and woman hugging which read condoms. I asked him
what he was planning and he told me we are going to play husband and
wife and then play and play. Only now did I understand what he meant
by play then. I was very exited and told him to dress me up. He first
undid my long hair, and applied oil to it. Then he told me brides have
to apply oil on their body and slowly started to take off my cloths. I
laughed and he asked me why I said u are tingling me mama. He smiled
and started tingling me more. He took of all my clothes and slowly
applied oil on my body. I did not know why but I started feeling very
warm. He took the oil applied on my smooth breasts and massaged it in
a circular manner, and he told me “neha see your nipples are very
hard lemme soften it up” I was very scared as I had never seen my
nipples hard and he took them in his mouth and started sucking them.
It gave me a very different sensation that I never had felt in my
entire life. I had always played with my dolls as mother and child and
acting to feed it with my breast milk. I laughed and said “ mama
there is no milk in there” he raised his head and told me soon u
will have milk there and I was very happy. Suddenly I felt some water
in between my legs and I got scared and told mama the same. He got
very happy and told me “ beta don’t worry I will clean it. It is
the indication that you are becoming a woman” saying that he spread
my legs and told me “radhe this is a wonderful sight” and put his
tongue in my pussy and started sucking it. I was experiencing a very
new world and soon I felt a shock pass through my body and then a
large flow of liquid came out of my pussy. Uncle got very happy and
licked it out thoroughly and I felt very weak and at the same time
very happy. i asked uncle what that was and he told me “ radhe u
masturbated!!!” seeing me confused he told me “ tu ek aurat ban
rahi hai” and thet was enough for me. He completely applied oil on
my body and told me that I had to do the same. I got exited and
started taking off his clothes and when I took off his pants something
like a rod bounced to me and was standing straight. I got afraid but
mama consoled me saying “ yeh to meri mardaani hai radhe … yeh wo
hi hai jo aaj tujhe aurat banayega….” I looked up at his terrified
it was 11inches long and very big. He asked me “radhe tujhe lollipop
pasand hai kya?” and I said bahut pasand hai mama and he asked me to
open my mouth and then he put the rod in my mouth. It had a diff taste
but I liked it very much and he asked me to suck it and I obediently
did the same. Soon something white came out and I took my mouth off
the lollipop but he told me “ radhe yeh to amrit hai!! Tu ise kaise
nahi peyagi …. Drink it dear” and I drank it . it had a very weird
taste but I liked it and soon he took me to the bath room. He slowly
cleaned my body with soap…..cleaned my breasts, armpits, pussy and
my ass hole. I di the same to him and throughout I had an electric
current passing throughout my body and I was very very happy.
He then made me dry, put on the red bra and panties, made me wear the
saree, braided my hair,put on the jasmine flowers and then the jwells.
He made me look in the mirror and I was amazed to find me as a bride
whom I see at weddings and happily I hugged my uncle. He changed into
a whit dhoti and shirt, he had a very muscular body and because it was
my adolescent days I was very attracted at the sight of it. He then
took me to the pooja room and tied the magalsutra on my neck and
applied the kumkum on my fore head. He told me “ radhe aaj se tu
meri rakhel hai” i asked what mama and he told me “ from today u
will be my wife , my slut, my keep but in front of others u will be my
niece” I got angry and told him “ no mama”. But he said “ u
will have to obey me if you have to become a woman” and hearing that
I said ok.
Then he told me to go to the kitchen and bring a glass of milk and I
listened to him as I wanted to be a woman. Then when I went to his
room I was happy to see the room decorated and I gave him the milk.
Then the most disgusting thing for me then happened. He took some milk
in his mouth gurgled it and asked me to open my mouth and thee he spat
it into my mouth. I started crying and he scolded me “ neha because
u are my slut you have to drink my spit and moreover just wait for
what u have to do in the coming years!!!” I got afraid and then
without any warning like a wild animal he took me and threw me on to
the bed. I was so shocked to react and the pounced on me and started
kissing my lips, biting it and inserted his tongue deep into my mouth.
I was crying but ignoring that he tore off my saree and my new red bra
and sucked my breasts without any mercy. Soon the pain started to go
and I felt the same electric pulse build inside me and I masturbated
and he smiled at me. He tore my panties like a wild lion and started
licking my pussy and I was so tempted that I was pressing his head to
my pussy and after licking it clean he instead his rod in my mouth and
was taking it in and out rapidly. Tears were coming from my eyes and
he told me “ yeh to bas shuruvaat he !! abhi mein tume ek aurat
banaunga!!!” saying this he pilled out the lollipop form my mouth
and put him middle finger in the pussy hole. It was very painful and I
started screaming. Mama got very angry and said “ teri itni himmat
wait lemme show you more!!”and me inserted the torn panty into my
mouth and directly looking into my eyes brought the lollipop to the
opening of my pussy . I was crying and screaming with the panty in my
mouth not to do so but with a sudden thrust he inserted a small
portion of the lollipop in my hole and it felt like I was in hell. He
told me “radhe wait I will give you pleasure” and saying this he
pulled it off and with another thrust he tore my pussy and entered my
hole . blood flowed out of my pussy onto the bed and I was crying. He
slowly took off the panty from my mouth and started kissing me. He put
his hand on both my boobs and stared squeezing them with his rough
hands, pinching my nipple and slapping it. He was slowly moving the
dick in and out and slowly the pain faded and I started feeling the
pleasure. He stopped kissing and looked into my eyes and then strted
biting my nipple and he bit it until it was red and had bite marks all
over my body. I felt the same electric pulse building up and I arched
my body and fell down coming. Uncle also was in pressure and soon he
too cummed in my pussy and fell on me. I ws so tired that I slept off.
I woke up feeling a hard thing trying to enter my pusyy and I smiled
at my uncle.
He said sorry to me hugged me kissed me bit all over my body gave me a
bag of chocolates and then he fucked me hard for 4 more times that
day. I thanked him for making me a woman. I was not even able to get
up so he cleaned me up , I sucked his loilpop and he sucked my pussy
again and we slept together.
The next day also we had a lot of fuck sessions all over the home,
and he showed me many videos of many men and woman fuck. He also
captured many videos of us fucking and this continued for 1 week till
my mom and dad came. They thanked mama for taking care of me and
keeping me happy. But I was sad as he had to leave that day and we
fucked once more in my toilet and bid him a good bye. He told me that
he would come next month. For gods sake I did not get pregnant but at
any early age of 12 knew everything about sex.
The next parts will continue and I hope it was not a boring story and
do mail me the comments. Please do mail me your views only then can I
improve o my writing. I am waiting for all the hot guys and girls out

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