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This is my first sex story and I would like to share my experience; an experience of a 19-year-old introvert girl, attracted only towards girls, interested in their body, struggling to convince them to share intimacy. Any self-respecting, shapely, nymphomaniac lesbian like me would look for an alternate source for carnal pleasures.

There was this girl in my junior college who I found to be of my type. When I saw her for the first time in college, I had to rush myself immediately to the nearest toilet.

I stimulated myself recalling the girl’s body I had seen a while ago. Her tempting lips, well-proportioned breasts, long legs, fair complexion – Oh God! It still gives me a provocative chill. The same things happen with boys, and it is all right because it is completely natural.

It is not difficult for a girl to have a friendly relationship with another girl. In my case, it was difficult to proceed further in the relationship.

My desires could seem like a mere fooling around feeling funny to another girl. What they do not know is that lesbians like me can get their underwear moist with something as casual as a tap on the shoulder. It does not matter from whom, as long as their presence stimulates us all the time.

With this girl, I wanted to keep a mutual stimulating relationship. Whatever we did together, be it an occasional trip to the toilet; feeling each other’s body heat whilst sitting in a cold place; inserting hands in the waist or breast pocket to reach out for the body parts, this girl showed intent. I knew even she was teasing me to make the first move.

The day I decided to approach this girl with a plethora of stimulating acts; both physical and emotional, she conveniently decided to move somewhere else without informing me. Ever since then, I could never trust another girl even if she had the word ‘Lesbian’ chiselled on her skin.

I started comforting my desires, soothing my nerves with nothing more than my fingers and creating an array of lustful scenarios using my imagination.

One day while surfing over the internet looking for lesbian chat, I came across a website named “Delhi sex chat”. From what I understood, the website offered companionship across the webcam with the help of open-minded girls and women of one’s choice. Instantly, I came up with a plan that will quench my thirst for sensual pleasures.

I created an account on Delhi sex chat and began looking for that girl who could bring back the sensation of moist underwear, the halcyon days.

After a while of meticulous searching, I found Abigail (Age 24) from Shimla. She looked enthusiastic in her profile, which made me purchase credits to have live video sex chat with her. I said to myself that I could not have spent my father’s money on anything better!

Using my father’s credit card details, I made the payment for sex chat credits. A ‘convenience fee’ in the payment’s remark column was not going to cause any harm to daddy’s little girl!

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The video session began and I adjusted myself to a relaxed position on my computer chair. Abigail appeared to be even cuter than she did on her profile. I think that is what they call value for money. 😉

Abigail: Hello there! This is a surprise for me. I guess variety is indeed the spice of life. So tell me, how would you like to be stimulated?

Before responding to Abigail, I took a few seconds to appreciate her readiness to have fun with a person of the same sex. I initiated a tip as a token of appreciation.

Myself: Hi Abigail. I am feeling a bit lonely for quite some time. There was a girl whom I thought would indulge in exchanging bodily fluid with me. Now I want you to play her part.

Abigail: Nothing would please me more, my dear (winks).

I introduced myself to Abigail and quickly gave her a brief description of the recent affairs in my life. She understood my requirement and prepared herself for the role-playing.

Abigail: Sofia, I think we should take a break now. We have been studying for the last two hours. I cannot continue studying anymore now.

Myself: Oh my dear Mary, if we don’t prepare for tomorrow’s test, then Miss Tuscano will administer a beating for both of us in her room.

Abigail: Nonsense! I have not seen a single girl whom she punished coming out of her room sobbing.

Myself: I know. However, do you remember Giselle who visited Miss Tuscano’s room a few days ago? That evening Giselle and I went to take a shower together. She would not remove her underwear and she had worn a boyshorts. When I playfully pulled her boyshorts, she resisted and left the shower.

Abigail: Maybe Giselle must have had a bad day. Otherwise, she would never behave so strangely.

Myself: It was not her behaviour that I found strange. Whilst pulling her boyshorts, I saw cane marks on her ass. She was covering those marks with her boyshorts and that is why she was not allowing me to pull it down.

Abigail: Are you suggesting that Miss Tuscano struck Giselle’s ass with a cane as a form of punishment?

Myself: Either that or it was for pleasure. If we do not prepare for tomorrow’s test, then she will spank our ass too.

Abigail: How about we take a break now and play a little game? Let us prepare ourselves for tomorrow’s spanking as well. What do you say?

Myself: What do I say? I mean, is the Pope Catholic?

Abigail was wearing a blue coloured long cotton t-shirt and occasionally gave a glimpse of her cherry red thong. Now she wore a short white skirt and tucked her long cotton t-shirt inside it.

Abigail: Sofia, you play the role of Miss Tuscano. Punish me for not preparing for the test.

Being overjoyed due to excitement, I could smell the sharp odour coming from my pussy as it was ready to dribble.

Myself: Mary, taking my test for granted eh. I should have known that you are becoming a naughty girl. I have a method to discipline naughty girls like you. Turn around and bend over.

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Abigail took an about-turn and held the ends of her short skirt with her hands whilst bending over. The string of her cherry red thong was pressed tightly against her ass crack.

Myself: Did you know about the punishment? Is that why you are wearing a thong, my dear Mary?

Abigail: I figured it out myself. I thought you might want to indulge in pleasure after the punishment.

Myself: Tell me, Mary, does it hurt when I pull the string upwards like this?

Abigail inserted a finger inside her ass crack to bring the string out. She began to lift the sting upwards that tightened her pussy lips. She held the string upwards as tightly as possible for a few seconds.

Myself: Is this giving you pleasure or are you finding it as punishment?

Abigail: You will have to do something else to find that out, Miss Tuscano.

Myself: That is very bold of you, Mary. Now tell me, how does my cane feel on your naked ass cheeks when I strike it like this?

Abigail began to spread her ass cheeks with both hands, caressing the area around her dark brown coloured asshole with her finger. Meanwhile, I had taken a butt-plug and placed it on the chair.

I sat slowly on the butt-plug inserting it up inside my ass with a moderate force. My nipples were hard and pointing forwards as I felt the butt-plug going deep inside my asshole.

Abigail took a cane from underneath the chair and began to stroke it gently on her ass cheeks. She then pushed the cane in her ass cheeks and pulled it down.

After doing this a few times, she must have got turned-on because she began to strike the cane a bit harder. The fair complexion of her skin turned into light red marks wherever the cane had made contact.

Myself: You seem to be enjoying the punishment so far. Let me see how you feel when I poke your asshole with this rough cane.

Abigail held the tip of the cane in front of her asshole, adjusting the string with her finger. She began poking her asshole with the tip of the cane and reacted to it with delightful moans.

Myself: What is wrong with you Mary? You should be screaming in agony and not moaning in pleasure.

Abigail: Perhaps, if you insert the tip of the cane inside my asshole I might shout for mercy.

Abigail gripped the cane tightly in her palm and pushed it slowly inside her asshole. She stopped shoving the cane inside her asshole when a significant amount of the cane had gone inside her rectum.

Abigail’s periodic moaning made me put my fingers deep inside my pussy. The fluid was sticky so I knew that it was time to reach out for a vibrator and shove it inside my pussy.

Myself: Why aren’t you screaming girl? This is supposed to be a punishment; not pleasure.

Abigail: Please try putting the cane in and out of my asshole. I am sure that will teach me a lesson to remember.

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Once again, Abigail began to spread her ass cheeks with both hands. She left the cane rest inside her asshole whilst she was stretching it to prepare for the penetration. With gentle hands, she pulled the cane out from her asshole and lubricated it with a gel kept nearby.

Abigail held the cane firmly and began to shove the cane in and out of her asshole.

The vibrator inside my pussy was also making me close my eyes to hold-up what was coming out in a little while. I pressed my hand against my mouth to stop from moaning loudly and waking everybody up in my family. Abigail increased the speed of the penetration as she had begun to finger her pussy to intensify the pleasure.

Myself: You are still enjoying it, Mary. Let me put these beads in your ass. This should teach you a lesson.

Abigail picked up the anal beads and lubricated them with the gel. The beads were big in size so she began inserting them one at a time. The first two beads went inside without any difficulty. The third one made her scream and moan in pleasure. The fourth bead was barely inside her ass when she began to shout with pain.

Abigail: Stop! Please stop, Miss Tuscano. I cannot take another one.

Myself: So, there you go Mary, that is your limit. I must say that you have taken your punishment quite entertainingly. Now, clean the beads using your mouth, please.

Abigail pulled the anal beads outside her asshole and began to lick it. She cleaned the anal beads with her saliva.

Myself: Let me insert my hand in there to see how you managed to bear the punishment.

Abigail: Please be gentle, Miss Tuscano.

Abigail sat in front of the webcam facing towards it. She lifted her legs and shoved a fat dildo inside her asshole. Whilst she was shoving the dildo inside her asshole, she began fingering her pussy with the other hand.

The vibrator inside my pussy was on the highest point. I was holding up a big squirt of excitement inside me. A few minutes later, Abigail ejected a gush of her fluid all over the floor.

Unable to hold-in the excitement anymore, I squirted all over my computer screen. Both Abigail and I were gasping for breath. Before the live video sex chat was over, she waved goodbye and blew me a kiss.

With that, my first experience of finding a lesbian partner and having fun (across the webcam) was completed with ecstasy. In my recent live sex chat sessions, I had brought a lesbian partner along with me so that both of us could have fun with this cam model Abigail.