My Malaysian girlfriend 2

hello, readers, I m back with another story. if you didn’t read the first part of this story then I recommend reading part 1 first, otherwise, you didn’t understand this story. so let me give my quick introduction. I m Ranveer Singh. I m 5’11 inches tall. I love to lick pussy and I love doggy style sex and BDSM. I love to fuck older women (milfs). so let’s get straight to my story.

in the last part of my story, I mentioned how I meet a beautiful chubby girl in Malaysia and how we dated. we did oral sex in the car when I was about to return back to India.

after that oral session, we wear our clothes and then we go to the mall for shopping. we go to watch movie but that’s just a source to spent more and more time with each other. In the evening she drops me at the airport but still, she doesn’t want to let me go. she hugs me tightly at the airport’s parking it takes more than an hour to make her feel relaxed again. I kissed her on the lips and then I give her a warm tight hug. It’s hard to say goodbye to both of us. I entered into the check-in section and she was still outside. I call her to make her feel better she stands still outside the check-in counter’s gate to see me she stands there for so long I complete my immigration process and then I headed to my flight I m in the waiting area and she video call me. I feel like she doesn’t want to live without me a sec. after an hour my flight is ready to take off so I cut the call and head to my flight. I turned off my phone. My phone was switched off during the flight, I turned on my phone when I landed at the airport in India. I turned on my internet and I got more than 100 messages on WhatsApp from her and so many missed calls. I don’t know why girls have this much trust issue or maybe they are worried about their man a lot. anyway, I call her back and she was like waiting for my call she picked my call on the first ring. I think she cries a lot because her voice feels like shaking. so I video call her and I realized she cried so much. so I talk to her until I arrive home and that full day we video called. for a few days, we talk for hours and hours. but then my college starts and she was also busy with her work. so we talk only at night or free time. we did so many video sex chats.

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after my last semester I passed out of my engineering and then my parents ask me to come back to Malaysia to take care of their business. but I got some visa issues at that time. after 1 and a half years I returned to Malaysia in Jan 2019. she comes to the airport to pick me. I see her in front of me after a long time so I hug her very tightly.

when first I met her, her curves attract me to her. her figure is 36/32/38. but when I see her after almost 2 years, her weight was dropped much. her chubby curves look slim a lot now. Her breast and ass are now slimmer. but she is in perfect shape now. I think she did lots of hard work to lose her body fat. her figure is now 34/28/34. but still, she looks so sexy and beautiful. I never notice this thing while the video call. I ask her in a funny way –

Ranveer – where is my cutie teddy bear.

she laughed a little and then we headed into the parking lot. we go for lunch in a restaurant and we hang out a full day long in some places.

She is so happy to meet me again. she says she has some surprise for me, but for that, I have to go to her home first. I agreed that. she takes me to her home. her brother’s job is in another city so he shifted there with his wife. now she lives alone at her home. I entered her room and her room’s climate is so romantic. the colorful dim lights candles etc. her room smells like a fragrance. she grabs me some juice, I asked her, where is my surprise sweetheart? and she says you take bath, and I’ll ready your surprise. I take bath in her bathroom. I was in a towel I come out of her bathroom and she is lying on the bed in a sexy nightdress that looks so sexy. she says tonight I am all yours. do what you want. now I got her signal clearly. I grab her and kiss her I kiss her on the lips on the neck and she enjoying my every move. I slowly take off her nightie and she wore nothing inside off the nightdress. now she is fully naked in front of me I squeeze her nipples with my lips. and she enjoys it a lot her pussy was wet, I started licking her pussy. I was licking her pussy’s lips. I was fucking her pussy with tongue. I lick her pussy hole very softly and slowly. she cummed more than two times while I m licking and sucking her body. I removed my towel and release my dick that was hard a lot at that time. I give my dick into her hand. she holds my dick and starts rubbing my dick on her tits and her lips. then she sucked my dick in a very cute way she stills doesn’t know how to suck dick properly. after a few minutes of sucking and licking each other. she is now ready for taking a dick inside her pussy.

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I kissed her on the forehead. she lay down on the bed, I grab a pillow behind her back to raise her pussy up. I kissed her feet and leg. I hold my dick and slowly enters it into her pussy. I pushed my dick very slowly into her pussy and she starts screaming in pain. we are in a missionary position because it’s her first time. so I lip lock her and start pushing my dick into her pussy again. she wants to scream but she can’t. her nails piercing my back and she hugged me very tightly. her virginity was broked and I feel on my dick like something warm was come out of her pussy, its blood that was come out when her virginity broked. I didn’t stop while I break her virginity I slowly-slowly hitting my dick. after fucking 30 minutes I cum into her pussy. but she hugged me very tightly so I didn’t separate from her and let her hold me. we kiss each other in that position and holding each other tightly. after an hour I m ready for another round. At that time I want to do anal sex. so we take shower together before anal sex.

I ask her for a doggy position for anal sex. I put a pillow down her arms to make her feel comfortable during the doggy style. she takes doggy style position I rubbed my dick into her ass hole and try to put my dick into it. but her hole is so tight. I never licked any girl’s ass in my life but the first time I licked her ass. I licked her big butts and then I put my tongue into her ass hole and start licking her ass after a few minutes of licking. I hold my dick and again try to push into her ass. her anal hole was tight but this time my dick enters into her hole. I hit very hard and my dick got enters into her ass fully she screamed a lot during her anal fucking. I fucked her anal for more than half an hour and I cummed inside her ass hole.

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after that, we did more than 3 to 4 more rounds that night and we slept naked hugging each other.

It’s the second time when I fall in love with someone. and seriously I m very very attached to that girl. but again this relationship finished like my last one. if you want to know about my first relationship then I preferred to read my first story, My first love. last time I got emails from random peoples and they want to know why I m sharing my story if my love is true. I want to tell every person there is nothing like true love because peoples only using this word for having sex. I experienced this that’s why I know. If you want to know what happened next then comment down and I promise I’ll share my next story with you.

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