My Sex Mate

College life is surely full of surprises and excitement and teenagers are always in search of a perfect opportunity. Blame it on puberty or the age, not even the nicest of kid can escape such wonderful mistakes.

The story is about two girls who used to be seat mates in a co-ed college. How they surprised each other from being just friends to “girl friends “.

Priya is a tomboy totally a loud mouth and sporty and Hamida a subtle girl with lots of grace and poise , creative but introvert. It was a miracle that they agreed to sit next to each other being poles apart. Well, in reality it was their home teacher’s decision.

The first few months were wasted in tolerating each other. In mid term they decided to atleast start a conversation. Slowly they grew out to be good friends.

Priya was a basketball player and was in her college’s girls team. All she could think about how to put the ball through the hoop. Hamida, was into literary and was an excellent reader. Clearly anyone could see them getting bored listening to one another as they don’t fit into each others shoes.

One day, something happened between the two that really changed their perspective about one another.

It was a summer class when Priya had just entered after her routine with all sweat in her body. She was late so didn’t had a chance to change before the class started. Her t-shirt and shorts soaked in sweat and nipples erect she entered gasping inside the class. Her face was red due to rigorous blood circulation and her mouth was dry of thirst.

Priya panting, “Hami, can you pass me the water?” Hamida, “Sure, so who won today? ” Priya pointed a finger at Hamida asking her to wait and started drinking water.

While she drank it hurily, the water started flowing from the corner of her lips. It rolled down to her soft mounds and disappeared in her sweat soaked T-shirt. Hamida for the first time noticed something manly in her, although she knew Priya was a tomboy but today she was amazed to see her body.

Priya, “Whoa! that’s refreshing!” Before they both can continue the professor entered the class and Priya pushed Hamida to the other side of the bench and made room for herself. The class continued as normal but Hamida was constantly in thoughts of what she noticed about her seat mate. Priya was smelling but her odour was rather a scent to Hamida. She wondered, how can Priya smell so good? Am I imagining it or is it her body scent. Her thought broke when the bell rang and it was a recess.

Priya turned to Hamida and winked with a smile. Hamida was startled and couldn’t really understand what was that about or atleast she hoped her seat mate didn’t read her thoughts over her face.

They both started for the cafeteria when Priya decided to change before she get her grub. She asked Hamida to accompany her as she may need a hand to keep her belongings safe.They both entered women’s rest room and it was coincidentally deserted. Priya decided to change in the common area rather in wet toilet as she didn’t want to get her clothes soiled. She didn’t mind Hamida around as they both are of same sex. “Hamida, mind if I change here?” said Priya without much effort. Hamida had her eyes widen on hearing this. She felt happy and awkward at the same time. She said, “yeah, go ahead.”

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Priya started stripping herself hurriedly so she can save time to munch on some snacks. As for Hamida, it was a time warp as she starred at her friend stripping herself.

Priya had a good height of 5’8″, athlete body despite that good twin melons of 34 and cushions of 36. Though she was dusky, she was blessed with the glamour of puberty. When she removed her T shirt her melons popped out with the bra, Hamida was stunned tk look at the assets and licked her lips involuntarily. Quickly Priya bend over and removed her shorts and exposed her beautiful cushion like square shaped buttocks, strong thighs and calves that made Hamida gulp down her saliva painfully. Hamida’s heart was now beating faster and she started getting cold.

Hamida tried taking off her eyes from Priya’s body however, was helpless. She was trapped into a strange pleasure of watching a girl strip in front of her. The droplets of sweat on the boobs, waist, hands and legs of Priya was getting Hamida crazy.

Priya asked her to hand over the good clothes and wore them quickly unnoticing her friend’s lustful stare.

That day Hamida was all confused and didn’t want to loose a sight of her friend even for a second. She returned home and locked herself in her room. She fell over her bed and closed her eyes to imagine what she noticed in her friend today.

Thinking of her friend now makes her merry and her heartbeats faster. She had an involuntary smile on her face and she rolled over her bed. Naughty thoughts crossed her mind and she started touching her vagina over her salwar. “Oh Priya! I never knew you could look so sexy.” Suddenly she realised that she was thinking about a “girl” and she woke up with a shock. She tried convincing herself that this is wrong to vain.

The next day Hamida was far more eager to see her friend. Today she dressed up prettily. She wore a white salwar kameez with pink floral print on it with a white solid chiffon dupatta paired with chappals. Her hair was left open unlike other times. She wore a cute gold nose ring that complimented her cute round fair face and a pair of jhumkas. She wore steel bangles and put on nice perfume.

Priya when entered into the class room and was surprised looking at her seat mate. She asked, if there was something special as obviously Hamida lied that it was just her mood. But she knew in heart that it was for a special reason.

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The dress up was now more often and this caught the guys attention. Few overwhelmed dumbass crossed the way of Priya and Hamida when they head to cafeteria. The guys started teasing Hamida and she felt bad. Priya, started fighting with them to protect her friends pride and ended up at principal’s office. Both the parties were warned and left but this just added fuel to Hamida’s secret desire. She now starter to be closer to Priya and attended her competitions too. She starter touching her hands, thighs and shoulders occasionally during conversations. She laughed at all the silly jokes Priya cracked and started returning home with her.

These two girls have grown closer. One day while they returning home from college a rash biker rushed it closely through Hamida. She startled and clamped Priya’s arm. Priya for the first time felt different, may be a sense of responsibility. She brought Hamida to the other side of her and started walking. Hamida asked if she can hold Priya’s hand and she agreed without raising a brow.

The next day, the class got clubbed with another class inviting some new faces. As there were less space a boy came next to them and sat. This made Hamida to shift to Priya more closer. The warmth of Hamida’s body made Priya bit uncomfortable. She couldn’t understand the sudden increase in her pulse. Her brain stopped working and the only sense that was working was in between her legs. Her nipples got hard and she kept having crazy ideas about the beauty besides her. That night, Priya masturbated thinking of Hamida. She slowly fell for her friend who has started looking so pretty and engaged with her.

Priya too actively spent time with Hamida now. She texted her and shared jokes. The friend grew to a different level.

Finally, the day came when they both could break barriers between them. It was a saree day in college and Hamida wore a beautiful cream silk saree with matching jewellery. She put a small bindi on her forehead and her cute gold nose ring. Priya was getting crazy looking at Hamida. She couldn’t resist the sight in her eyes. So near yet so far.

Hamida soon felt uncomfortable in the saree and asked Priya to accompany her to the rest room so she can fix it. Priya readily accompanied her to the rest room. Since they have gone between lectures there wasn’t much crowd in the rest room. Priya asked Hamida to wait until the rest leaves as her saree might get stamped or soiled otherwise.

When other girls left, Priya hurriedly closed the door to avoid disturbance.

Hamida unpinned her pallu to make perfect plaits and asked Priya to hold the pins. Priya was stunned looking at Hamida’s cleavage when she removed her pallu. Hamida was a fuller. She was 5’5″ with beautiful full breasts of 38, waist of 32 and marshmallow buttocks of 36. Hamida caught Priya staring at her assets and naughtily winked at her. This made Priya crazy and she kissed on her friends silicon valley without wasting a second. They both paused for a moment to figure out what just happened then. In another moment they caught themselves kissing each other.

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Wow, what passion. It seemed they wanted to forget the world completely and surge themselves into each other. They started kissing each other wildly exchanging saliva and exploring their tongues. Priya pushed Hamida against a wall nearby and pulled up her saree till her waist. She pulled her left leg up and placed it on her waist. She starter caressing her left thigh with one hand and held Hamida’s waist with the other.

Hamida on the other hand, gripped Priya tightly in her embrace. In no time Priyanka started to move her waist back and forth rubbing her pussy with Hamida’s. She cupped her boobs and pressed them tight. To this, Hamida left a soft moan with beautiful expression that made Priyanka crazy. She left Hamida’s lips and kissed her neck, shoulder and finally her cleavage. She licked her cleavage for sometime and then released her boobs. She sucked her pink nipples and slightly chew on them. She kept pressing her other boob with her hand and rubbed her waist too.

Hamida started rubbing her hand on Priya’s pussy on top of her pant and this made things hotter.

Priya then inserted her hand down inside the saree and started searching the love hole. She inserted her finger in the wet pit and fingered Hamida. Hamida started moaning louder calling out Priya’s name and Priya digging deeper. The girls lost their control and started making love like animals.

Hamida jumped on top of Priya and she took her as easily as a child. She placed her on the wash basin and kept eating her melons and fingering her pussy. Now she inserted two of her fingers and increased the speed. Hamida in a seductive tone asked Priya to suck her pussy. She slid her saree up and pushed her head into it. She sucked her clit and then inserted her tongue deep in the love hole. She enjoyed her for 15 to 20 minutes and made her squirt on her face. Then kissed her again so she can taste her own juice.

The two girls were getting wilder when their act got interrupted by someone outside the door. Priya and Hamida sadly had to break their passionate kiss. Priya reached out to the door while Hamida quickly covered her bare open chest. But then the rest of the day they kept their bodies closed to each other. Priya and Hamida have grown above the friendship and they kept having such wonderful sexcapades in secret.

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