Sex with my Hostel Maid

Hello guys this is Priyanka Saxena (real name), lives in Bangalore (city change). My friends use to call me Priyu, you can also call me by that name or any other name you like. Telling about me and my experience, I’m 23, girl of course, with good (average) stats and height. 5’6’’ height, 32-28-32 figure. Still at the age of 23 I have never hooked up in my life.

I’m writing my first story here but still I’m not new to the site, I always come here to read the stories as I like it very much (more than watching porns). This is my favorite site. But, as per my opinion mostly stories are fake. Since I don’t have any boyfriend in my life even till this age, this has made me and my dreams quite wild. Adding to my wildness I have never had any sex experience as well before, I’m all new, so my story gonna be FANTASY only. I hope you people like, I have so many wild fantasies which I want to share with you people through ISS but only if I’ll get good response on my first story. I just want sex, a good sex, doesn’t matter whether I get it by Men or Women. So this was my Intro, I know a bit long but since it is my first time, it was required.

Now, wasting no more time, I come to the story. Story is a bit long so please try to read it full. I’m living in a Hostel in Bangalore, which is out of my city, and studying in a reputed college there. I go to college from Monday to Friday and my Saturday and Sunday pass in my hostel room only alone. I have friends in college, both girls and boys, but no boyfriend, this makes me sad. Our hostel is almost empty on weekends since all girls either busy with boyfriends or go to their home. I stay in hostel only since my hometown is too far and it takes approx. 1 day by train to reach there.

So I choose to stay in hostel only with my books and Sex stories. I never use to finger myself doesn’t matter how horny I’m as I want my parts to be touch by other person only, whether girl or boy or lesbo or anyone but not me. It was weekend only and as usual I was in my Hostel room reading some book and no one was there in hostel including my Roomie. I wore shorts 10-12 inches above my knees and 5-6 inches below navel and a shirt which was 7-8 inches above my navel and had deep neck, means my belly and cleavage was clearly visible and my white Bra straps could also be seen easily. I wear revealing clothes to attract people, people gets attracted but not that much.

So, the door open suddenly and looked there, she was our hostel maid came to clean my room. It was unexpected since it was 12 midnight and everyone generally sleeps at between 10-11pm but I didn’t bothered and kept on reading the book. The maid was continuously staring at me which I didn’t bothered much. I got a shock when she came near the bed to clean there.

While cleaning there, she grabbed my left boob with her right hand and kept left hand on my mouth so I won’t shout. She said don’t shout otherwise it would not be good for you and then remove her hand from my mouth. I got frightened so did as she instructed. She grab both of my boob with both of her hands and press them very hardly. First time in my life my boobs were grabbed by someone in my life but unexpectedly so couldn’t have fun in starting.

After squeezing those soft buds for some time she started to undress me and before I disturb her in her act she threatened me don’t you dare to stop me otherwise you can’t think what could happen with you. I allowed her to do what she was doing. She was removing my shirt first and struck somewhere in between so without wasting much time she choose to tear it and tear it off in two pieces without putting extra effort to remove it in a clean manner.

Suddenly I shouted what have you done this? To which she replied I think someone has forgot that she is not allowed to speak and pulled my hairs. Asked by pulling hairs roughly are you clear or not that you are not allowed to speak in front of me? In crying voice I said Yes understood. Good learner you are she said. Then opened my shorts button and pull it down.

Then went behind my back opened the Bra hook and ordered me to remove it. I was doing it hesitantly but she shouted very badly saying Fast. As she shouted I got frightened and my hands themselves removed it fastly. Now I was in just my white panties. She was still behind me, unfacing me, slide her fingers inside my panty from sides of my panty to pull it down. I hold the panty and turned my neck towards her giving a look that please let me go. She instead gave an angry look towards and I had remove my hands from there.

As soon as I removed my hand she slide it down in a flash without wasting even a single second. OMG! I was completely nude now first time in my life. I tried to cover my body with my hands but she ordered that stand still, remove your hands from your body if you don’t want any mess with your body.

I stand still removing my hands from my body. She started inspecting my body and after 2-3 minutes spank my ass slightly and said nice body. I gain some courage to speak in front of her and said the door is open, anyone could see, please do whatever you want after closing the door. This time she agreed with my opinion (as I thought).She said ok, you are right, we could be in a problem, go and close the door. I went with so much of fear to the door that what if someone could see me, but finally I reached the door. Now what happened after that increased my fear to the extreme level.

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She pushed me outside the room in a nude situation only and too come outside and locked the room from outside. I said please please let me in someone could see me like this. She said shut up don’t make noise, you are making things worse for you only. You have only one option if you want to be safe do what I say, you don’t have any other choice. You too know you can’t get into your room without my permission. I stopped myself getting panic. She said come downstairs. My room was on fourth floor and she instructed me to come to ground floor. It seemed no problem in that because it was too dark that no one could see.

So, I quickly agreed as I had no choice. But still I didn’t understand this lady exactly, she understood that I’m not that panic in going downstairs as I should. To my surprise she switched on all the lights making me panic more than I should. She said don’t worry baby you will gonna enjoy tonight. This night gonna be your toughest night ever. You will not forget it. I went downstairs very slowly keeping an eye all over but then she pushed me from behind and said we don’t have time to waste here on stairs so move fast.

I said I’m just watching that no one could see. She said rudely did I instruct you for that? I said No. She said so don’t do what I don’t instruct, now move fast and don’t roll your eye balls here and there. By going downstairs, I was thinking what is going in her mind, what she wanna do taking me downstairs. I was all confused, panic, feared and somewhat enjoying as well because cool breeze was touching my body which was feeling good. We reach downstairs and she said wait few minutes here I didn’t ask why this time and said okay.

She come around 2-3 minutes later by carrying some sort of bag in her hand. I look at the bag she understood I wanna know what is it. She said don’t worry all stuff are for you only, you will get to know what it is in few minutes. She said come and directed me towards main door. I was still unaware about her plan and went to the direction she directed. I said now. She opened the main door and said now move out of this. WTF. This lady first took me out of my room in a nude situation and taking me out to the building in same condition only. Is she mad or what? I cried a little and said please not this do whatever u want but not this.

She said yes I’ll do whatever I want, you surely can’t stop me for that but in my way. I was about to speak ahead but before she ordered in harsh tone… OUT… I couldn’t do anything and was looking outside to check if someone is outside but like before she pushed me and said I think you are not clear that you are not allowed to do things which I didn’t ordered and I just ordered to step outside and not to look outside.

Saying this she closed the door and come outside, means now I couldn’t enter even the building without her permission. She said we are going to the nearby park which was around 1km far away.

Means we had to walk around 5-10mins. I was walking by covering my body with my hands, she said this isn’t I want, I want you to walk straight as I’m walking. Hunnnh, I thought you are in full clothes that’s why walking simply and me going on a public road by completely exposing my private parts but didn’t have any other option have to do what she was saying.

In fact, after 2-3 minutes of walking I was myself normally. May be this was the effect of strong breeze at midnight time. Really guys that breeze on my nude body was giving wonderful feeling. For once I forgot my all tension and worries and walking as if I don’t care anything. But soon we reach in the park.

At around 12:45-1:00am I guess. I was thinking what’s now? That’s it? This is what you want from me? A nude walk? But this was just the trailer, the whole picture was still left. She said now is the time for some real action.

Actually she wanted to fuck me outside in an open area and also not to make me nude at the fucking venue but in advance to have some fun with me. What she said ahead was making me really panic, even more than before. She said what is gonna happen with you now for the next 3-4 hours might not be repeated again in your life but you will gonna enjoy that for sure. Your pussy will lost its virginity today. You are new I know but that’s even better.

Lots of ooohhh ahhhh from you would be awesome, I wanna hear that and by saying this she suddenly grab both of my nipples between her thumb and finger and twist it very badly. I shouted aaaaahh, she like got mad after hearing and said yes shout shout, shout more and increase the force on my nipples. I scream even louder aaaaahhhh. She said yeah you are making awesome sounds. Don’t stop it tonight and even if you will wanna stop I won’t let you stop. Saying all this she keep on increasing her harshness on my soft melons.

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Then she came behind and squeeze my boobs with full force… ooohhh this time no creaming but a loud moan. She was getting hornier and hornier by my each and every sound. She kept on squeezing those milky flowers and keep on saying yeah baby just like that and I was also on ninth cloud by such treatment. I was losing my control on my body. I was uuummm uuuuumm uuhhh uuuhhh ooohh squeeze harder, harder even harder. She stopped after few minutes and came in front and take those 32 size oranges in her mouth and was not sucking or licking them but was biting and slapping them real harshly and giving the as worst treatment to my boobies as possible.

But by this time I was also not thinking what she is doing, I was enjoying that harsh treatment of my milky cups. She gained her senses and sat on a bench over there and instruct me to sleep in her lap with my face downside. I did the same way and she said now it is the turn of your ass to get some lovely (she meant rough) treatment. I nodded in yes.

She spanked my ass, I resist the first one and didn’t scream. This was my first ever ass spanking. She said don’t be so proud a lot of has to come yet and even harder. I nodded okay. She spanked again and this time a bit harder, I again didn’t scream. She increased the force and I didn’t scream even after 15-20 spanks (actually I was enjoying).

But this made the scenario worse since she wanted to listen my screams. Then she said my little doll have so much of resistance, she don’t scream even after 15-20 spanks. I think you are learned now. Let’s take your test of resistance. Then she took out the first thing from Bag, the much awaited secret was going to be revealed. OMG! It was a paddle. She’s gonna spank my ass with a paddle but I thought I’ll resist it since I’ve resist spanking as well, it will just a little bit more harsh (was a bit over-confident now).

She made me sit on the land in a doggystyle and said you will be paddled 20 times (the same number of times as spanking), I nodded yes. She said but what’s the test in this? I said what? She said this game has rules. The counting will be re-start as soon as you scream, so its better for you to not scream if u wanna go back to hostel before morning. I again said ok.

She hit the first one ooooo ooouu uuuu uchh hhhhhh. It hurted badly but I didn’t shout. Second one without any time gap, straight way bahmm on my bum…ooooo oooo ooooo uuuuuu uuuuuu ccccccc ccchhhh hhhh, it was harder but I didn’t scream. She said nice and again paddled suddenly I cried this time. Oops oops oops she said, all efforts in vain, lets start from one baby. I said you are hitting without gap. Please give some gap. For my goodness she said okay count to 5 only then I’ll hit the next one I said thank you. She said here’s the first one, bahmmm once again on my 32 size bum. I managed not to scream although it was too hard. I started counting 1-2-3 bahhmm I was Awwwww…

She said sorry dear you again screamed. I said but you said till 5 and I just counted till 3. She said really, O sorry baby I’m old so forget things early, I thought it was 3, but the rules are rules we have to start back from one. I said okay no problem. She said here is the first one. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh I was about to shout but stopped. Till now I had 6 paddled (plus 20 spanks), now the condition was like even a paddle with little force was unbearable and this lady was still hitting with full force. I started counting 1-2 bahhhmm, this time on the count of 2 only.

I again screamed and asked why this time she again said sorry baby your ass is so good that I can’t wait till the count of 5, in fact couldn’t for 3 as well, I got impatient on 2 only and hit. Your ass was calling me come on hit me we want your paddle now you tell how could I don’t listen your soft white asses which are turned red now in anger since I’m hitting them late as per your wish. They are saying me don’t listen to the girl hit us the way you want its okay for us. Keep going so I’ll hit you on count of one only and this time I’ll count. And didn’t give me the time to think and started counted straight away. 1-bahhm 1- bahhm 1- bahhmm 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 bahhm bahhm bahhm bahhm bahhm.

And with every stroke I screamed ahhhh ahhhh. This lady was showing no mercy on me. And said what’s this baby? You are screaming instead in spite of knowing that I will not leave you if u will scream. I know you need me but we have to go to hostel before morning as well na so co-operate. I somehow managed not to scream till 20 when it all goes till round 2:30am. Then came the turn of my pussy. Boobies done, Ass done, now Pussy. She let me lay on the ground on my back and then inspect the pussy for 4-5 minutes.

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Then holding my clitoris between her fingers she asked do you know what it is? I just nod my head and said yes. She said ooooh my baby couldn’t even speak, so sorry dear but it was your test and how could I leave you unless you get pass. Okay, lets concentrate here she said. You know what it is but what it does when pressed firmly with both the fingers? I nodded no. She said I think no one ever touch your clitoris, Isn’t it? I again just nod on a positive side.

She said look I show you how it feels when someone press your clitoris firmly. And suddenly press it with full force, what was that? She laughed at my condition and said you said couldn’t speak and see how you scream so loudly. You lied to me. My baby lied, I said no really no. She said shut up If I’m saying u lied means u lied now accept that u lied. I had to get agreed with her knowing that I didn’t lied. She said look dear lying is good. Whenever your baby lie we should punish her in a proper manner so that he won’t lie again.

So, as it is the turn of your pussy so I have no other option but to punish your pussy only. Sorry dear I was planning to behave a bit properly with your pussy but now you have done misconduct so I have to again have to be harsh. This time it would be your fault. So get ready. This time again she hold the clitoris too firmly and pressed it with even greater force. please leave it please leave it. Please leave it.

But all my voice was like inaudible to her and she was sitting and pressing as if nothing is happening over there. please fuck me hard. Don’t spare me today. Tear that thing apart away. please please do something she unhold that grip after 10 minutes and then said punishment 2. She took her mouth there and stared eating my pussy.. girls (if reading this, although I haven’t done it in real, just seen it in porns and fantasize) I can’t how great it felt. This was the best episode of the whole journey so far.

First when she squeeze the boobs now the pussy eating. But seeing me interested in that she started licking it to increase my irritation in my vagina. I said no please you could done it before eating but please eat it now don’t lick it. But she was like she wanted that I suffer and cry. She didn’t listen and started eating only when she wanted.

Then comes the second thing of the bag I don’t what was that but shaped like dildo (not a dildo). She said now you will have the best time of your life, get ready. I don’t know where I got the courage I said I’m ready. And closed my eyes. She then started to enter it in my pussy, slooowwwly, everything was okay till here then after reaching to a certain level she with the full force inserted it fully in me. I cried this time with full voice, tears roll out of my eyes, blood roll out of my pussy, she smiled looking at me, I saw that.

Then she slowly and slowly took it out and then again with the full force entered it again. It pained again but little less this time. She repeated the same 4-5 times and after that pain turned into pleasure and I was enjoying the best time of my life with every stroke of that wonderful thing inside my pussy with the help of the artistic hands of that lady. Things were best so far but as I was new to sex I didn’t new things can be even better in sex. She asked, enjoying? I nodded yes.

She said enjoy more and with that more she reached to my G-spot plus also started simulating my clitoris with the other.. Don’t stop today keep going like this. This was the best. She still had one more trick to try over me. This lady is just so creative. She stopped pumping me as soon as she realized I gonna cum. I asked why she said just wait and watch. She pumped again after some time and stopped near to my first orgasm of life. I was frustrated now. I wanted her to free me. She repeated this process 4-5 times and at the end I orgasm very heavily before she again stop pumping. Actually she wanted that I get the heavy orgasm and always remember my first orgasm.

It was already 4am and we decide to go back to the hostel. This time I didn’t cover my body with my hands but walked as I walk normally (In fact even better). She forgot his bag in the park only and was finding a place to keep its dildo like thing, she then instruct me to open your ass I’ll keep it in your asshole to which I happily agreed.

This is all about my fantasy (just one). Please comment on my mail below if you like and even if you don’t like the story. Thanks.