The Hot Dentist

For the last 2-3 days, I was feeling pain in my lower jaw. Due to preoccupation with the office, I overlooked it. But, then, it suddenly became unbearable. I decided to see a dentist. It was almost 9:00 and I doubted if any dentist would be available.

I scouted around for a dentist and as expected everyone was either closed or about to close. Luckily, I came across a dentist who was free. It was a young female dentist of about 25-26 years. She examined me and diagnosed a root infection and advised urgent root canal treatment (RCT).

Since I was in terrible pain, I requested her to do it right away and she agreed. She informed that it would take almost over an hour or so but I had no other choice. I lay down on the dentist chair and she began preparing for the process. While lying on the chair, I examined her body.

She was fair with a 36-24-36 figure and wearing a low-cut blouse and a thin trouser. As she was bending to pick up things, her cleavage was more than visible. Since her top was of fine fabric, I could make out she was not wearing any bra and her breasts were very shapely.

Her nipples were pointed out whenever she stood straight. I could feel a tingle in my trouser seeing her and the lion began to yawn. Finishing with her preparation, she came over to me. She adjusted me on the chair and bent over me to start the treatment inside my mouth.

As she bent, her boobs were in full view from her low-cut blouse, just 8-10 inches from my face. I felt like raising my head and burying it between her pink boobs. She turned to pick up an instrument and her round ass was just a few inches from my eyes.

I hardly felt anything happening in my mouth. All the pain I was feeling was in my cock, which was now fully erect. Her pink juicy lips were just inches from my face.  I felt like planting my lips right over her juicy lips and sucking them for eternity.

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As she moved to pick up another instrument, she saw the bulge in my trousers which was more than prominent. She took extra time to focus her gaze on it. It was past 10:00 now. Her assistant came and sought her permission to leave. She threw a glance at my bulge and gave permission.

We both were alone now in her clinic. Now her attitude changed suddenly. She was now carrying out the process standing much closer to me. Such that she was pressing her body with mine. Suddenly she leaned over me to pick up an instrument from the other side of me.

Till now, she was going around to pick up an instrument from the other side. In the process, she pushed her boobs over me. This gave me a sudden rush of blood into my already hard cock. It started pulsating. She was taking her time now and I felt she was prepared to spend the night with me.

She again needed some stuff from the other side and leaned again over me. This time, she leaned over me right where my hard cock was pulsating. She pressed my cock with her tummy. Oh! I went ecstatic. It was unbearable for me now. I felt like throwing her right away on the floor and fucking her for the whole night.

“How much longer, doctor?” I asked. “We are just through. We are about to be in the final stages.” She replied meaningfully with a sexy smile. She bent again on me to pick some stuff from the other side with her boobs right over my open mouth.

I did not spare this chance and grabbed her nipple with my mouth and began suckling it. She put her hand on my pulsating cock and said, while pressing it hard, “Wait for just a few minutes more.” I let her nipples go. She hurriedly finished the treatment and went to the sink to wash her hands.

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I jumped out of the chair and ran behind her. Pressing my cock hard on her ass, I clenched her both boobs into my hands and put my lips on her neck. “Ah,” she exclaimed. I picked her up in my arms and brought her to the chair on which I was lying so far.

Laying her on that chair, I bent over her lips and began to suckle them. Her tongue probed into my mouth and I started suckling it. My hands were pressing her both the boobs madly and my bulge was pressing over her cunt. I pulled down her blouse and started kneading her shapely pink boobs.

I took her nipples one by one in my mouth and suckled them. I buried my face between her boobs and pressed both of them over my face and pulling at her nipples. I pulled down her trousers, making her stark naked. “Lock the door first, handsome,” she commanded. I went and locked the door from inside.

I pulled out my rock hard cock and came to her fondling it. She had one of the sexiest hands and feet I had ever seen. She had shapely pink feet with red veins visible as a beautiful pattern. Her beautifully pedicured toes were painted deep pink. Her soft soles were spotless. It appeared she cared her feet well.

Bringing her soles together, I put my cock between them and started pumping. I was ecstatic. My 7” reddish rock hard cock was the right match for her sexy feet. The two of them made a great pair. I rubbed my cock all over her feet. Then lowered my lips on to her sexy feet and kissed them all over.

I took her toes into my mouth and began licking and sucking them. I then moved to her hands. I took her equally sexy hands in my hands and licked and sucked them, finger by finger. I then rubbed my hard cock all over her hands. I, then, ran my cock over her lips.

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I massaged her lips with my cock and rubbing it all over her face. She opened her mouth and took my cock into her mouth. She began sucking it softly and tingling frequently with her tongue all over it. I lowered my cock over her cunt, massaged it for a few moments with it.

Then penetrated my rock hard cock into her cunt. I started pumping my cock into her cunt slowly and softly. She went ecstatic and within no time she clenched me tightly and had tremors. She came! I picked her up again in my arms and brought her to the small visitor’s settee.

I settled her on to the settee in a doggy style and entered into her from behind. I entered her ass. She shrieked but did not object to it. While pumping hard into her, I inserted my fingers into her cunt and began rubbing her clit vigorously. She achieved so many orgasms that I lost count.

I picked her up again in my arms and brought her to her table. Clearing the stuff from the table, I laid her on it and entered her cunt again. I pumped her on and on and on and she had several tremors till I started rocking. I pulled out my cock from her cunt and emptied all my load on her mouth and breasts.

She held my cock into her beautiful hands and sucked my cock clean. We laid down on the floor, intertwined for several minutes. We kissed each other to our heart and got up to dress. It was well past 11:00 in the night.

“When do we have the second sitting doctor?” I asked smiling. “You need a daily sitting,” she replied, pressing my cock.