Two Days Fun

Hello everyone, myself Gitesh and I am a resident of Nasik. I am regular reader and this is the first time I’m sharing my experience with everyone here. I’m a engineering student and I love making new friends.

This started when I randomly sent a message to a girl on twitter and she replied lately. Her name was Ankita(name change) and she was from Rajkot. As she was studying we used to mostly chat at night. With time we became very good friends and used to chat for long time

We were getting close and due to which I was getting comfortable sharing things with her, I even told about my ex gf to her and she comforted me and even asked whether I had kissed my ex or not, to which I replied yes but she was not much into physical things. I also asked her about her life and she replied she had 2 past experience but she had never kissed a guy but always dreamt of.

From then we started getting more frank and I used to ask her everything does she watch porn movies, does she masturbate and her replies left me shocked. She said I watch poem movies from 6th std, I had 2bfs in the past but never kissed any, my urge to kiss someone started in 12th when my friend told me she had kissed someone and also I feel alone and wish someone was there when I see porn movies. I was terrified by listening to all this because I didn’t expect such a straight answer from her. I comforted her don’t worry now I’m there I’ll fulfil everything and she replied you come here I’ll not let u go.

I had got a green signal from her and I was in seven heaven. We started having sex chat which used to arouse her very much. She used to say come here please I can’t wait anymore. Later I asked her to sent her snaps because I wanted to see how she looks naked, after some hesitation she agreed and sent some snaps to me.

As soon as I opened those snaps my dick rose up…She had sent some of there in her inner wears and some showing her gorgeous boobs and clean shaved pink pussy ready to be eaten up. My heartbeat was faster and my mouth was watering thinking about that tasty pussy. Her huge melons and slim body with a round shaped ass had made me restless. 34-30-36 which she later told me had made me go mad for her.

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After this we continued having sex chat which only made us more restless and more craving for each other.

But after 3 months of wait finally the day had come when I got the chance to go to her city and fuck her brains out. I gave a reason of industrial visit at my home and booked tickets and left my place and told her I’m coming tomorrow which made her very happy.

She came to pick me up at the station and we went to the hotel which I had already booked. She was wearing a tight red top and black jeans which was looking perfect on her. As soon as we reached the hotel room I locked the door and without wasting anytime hugged her from behind to which she said ” are we having the whole day whole night ruko thoda” but I didn’t listen to her and said “Itna time interzaar kiya hai ab nahi hota” and started kissing her neck.

She smiled and loved my touch. My hands were around her tummy slowly moving towards her boobs and lips kissing her neck..I turned her back towards me and kissed her lips…. Omg they were so smooth and tasty…We had a passionate kiss and my hands slowly went and touched her boobs from outside her tees…They were so big and smooth…It was my first time and it was a mesmerising feeling..I continued pressing them and broke the kiss to remove her tees and see those melons.

I removed her tees and she was wearing a black color bra which almost covered her big tits. Without wasting any time I opened the bra and sucked those nipples and she just moaned..It was a terrific feeling pressing one and sucking another..She had started moaning already and I knew now I have total control over her.

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My hands went inside her pants and I felt her pussy from outside her pants which was already wet..The pussy felt so good and I teased it which turned her on. She pushed me near the bed and removed my clothes and took my erect dick in her hand and started stroking it.

I was enjoying every bit of it and she started sucking my dick which made me feel awesome. I didn’t feel she was giving the blowjob for the first time because she did it so well….After sometime I told I was about to cum and she started pushing my skin faster which made me cum faster, she swallowed every bit of it in her mouth and cleaned up everything..

I lifted her up and threw her in the bed.. Removed her pants and undies , separated those legs and there I was at the opening of the most beautiful place..She had a clean shaven pussy. I planted a kiss on the lower lips which made her moan more and more…I was enjoying the taste of her pussy and I started sucking it which gave her a lot of pleasure..I was licking it with my tongue and also started fingering it with my hands which made her moans even louder…She had her orgasm and all the juices were split on my face..The taste was something different but I enjoyed it..

After all the foreplay it was time to enter the most awaited place. I kept my dick on the entrance of her pussy and tried inserting it. She was a virgin and hence her pussy was tight due to which it was hard to enter whole at once..

I pushed with some strength and blood came out of her pussy she was no more a virgin and neither was I..Tears dropped from her eyes..I stood in the position for some time for her to be comfortable..After she settled down I started giving strokes slowly..And she started moaning..I increased my speed and her moans only went louder and louder..After a smooth fucking session I made her sit in doggy style and inserted my dick from behind.

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She was loving the feel of my dick inside her pussy.. I started fucking that pussy again and this time I increased my speed and sound of “Thap thap” was clearing being heard in the room.. I held her hairs and fucked her vigorously. After 20 mins of hardcore sex I was about to cum.. She already had 2 orgasms and said don’t insert it inside so I removed my dick and split all the semen on her boobs..

We smiled looking at each other, kissed each other and lied on the bed all wet and tired. We ordered some food and after having some rest we went out to explore the city.

After returning at night I once again fucked her and we slept naked and before leaving for returning back home I once again fucked her but this time it was anal fuck. She thanked me and we were happy for the things which happened in the 2 days.

I returned to my city and we continued our sex chat. I don’t know when I will again get a chance to fuck her but we do chat now also in a hope it will be soon.

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