Winter Days In Delhi With Hot Friend Part 2

I continued to kiss and lick my friend’s navel and her waist. Shweta’s moans had increased. I had to literally increase the volume of the TV to curb this.

I planted a hickie on her waist and she pushed my head with all her might into the belly. I was enjoying this to the core, my hands were on her boobs when I was kissing her waist and now she started grabbing the bedsheet.

I was playing with her nipples, rotating them and pressing them all around and fondling those heavenly moulds of flesh. She was so high in this, I could hear her murmur, “Aahhh..aah..sshhh..fuck me..fuck me”.

I had gone up and was looking into her eyes to smooch. She pulled me closer and we started to smooch. It continued for 5 more minutes. Shweta dragged down and pulled out my shorts completely. Now I was naked and she was in her trousers.

We stopped kissing. As I was going down, she pulled me back and said, “Never felt this good with my boyfriend” and started smooching again.

My hands were on the buttons of her trouser and her hands on my throbbing dick. While trying to open, I could feel the wetness on her pussy. I went down, kissing her boobies, cleavage and her navel.

I then reached her trousers and unbuttoned it and started to pull down, making sure I pull out only the trouser and not the pantie (because I love teasing and getting teased).

My friend was wearing a cream colour strapped pantie. I started to kiss her thighs; those were thunderous thighs. I was running my hands all across her legs and kissing and licking those thighs. Her moans were being uncontrollable and that was exciting me to the core. I left a hickie on her thigh as well.

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Then I kissed her pussy from the top of the pantie, smelling her love juices. It was mesmerizing. She was now literally begging me, “Please Addy.. I can’t take it any more.. Fuck me..just fuck me”.

I pulled down her pantie with my teeth (this is the one part I love the most) and there was one amazingly-shaped clean shaved pussy. I then started kissing it softly all over except the pussy lips. Shweta’s hands were all over my hairs, pushing me into the pussy.

Now I started licking her pussy and it was feeling like I was in a different world. Her moans started increasing and then I pushed my finger into her pussy and start fingering her. Within no time, my hot friend had an orgasm. Then she pulled me up to hug me tightly and smooch me.

As we were smooching, my dick was rubbing against Shweta’s pussy and both of us were getting excited. We didn’t have a condom. It was around 2 am and it was Delhi.

We thought of having sex and staying cautious. That’s when I pushed my dick into her pussy and we started having sex in missionary position. Shweta’s pussy was a bit tight (she later told me, it was long time since she and her guy had sex).

(Trust me guys, after so much foreplay with any girl, a guy can’t have sex for hours without cumming).

I was about to cum in less than 5 minutes (for the first time :P). I felt like cumming and I pulled out and shot on her belly and boobs.

Shweta then got up and came on top of me and started stroking my limp cock. In no time, it got erect again.

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It was her turn now, she kissed the top of it. I was having an amazing time. She slowly started licking all through and then started taking in slowly.

My hands were pushing her head in but she was teasing to the core by resisting herself. At once, she took my cock fully in and started sucking. I was squeezing her boobs and then started to finger her pussy at that time.

The intensity increased among the both of us and went on and on. Gradually, she sat over me and we were in 69 position – me licking her pussy and she sucking my cock. There were moans of the both of us being heard by us.

After some time, she came on top of me and started sucking my cock making it perpendicular to the ground. I asked her for “Woman on Top” saying that it is my favourite position for which she agreed.

We smooched for sometime while I was fondling with her boobs. Then she sat on my dick and started pumping and that visual of a voluptuous babe thumping my dick. “A sexy figured woman, open hair, all naked riding on my dick” what else would a guy want in his life.

This continued for some time and we stopped when I was about to cum. She started stroking my cock and sucked it till I came.

We had some more rounds of horny fucking. We slept in each other’s arms naked at 4 am in the morning.

Next day, we woke up and started smooching. I went down on her and started kissing her neck and licking her ears and then started sucking and fondling those boobies.

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We both started smooching and then I picked her up and we were walking towards the bathroom while smooching (this was so amazing, her legs wrapped around me and her warm and wet pussy on my body).

In the bathroom, we went under the shower and she got down to suck my cock. After this on Shweta’s request, I fucked her from behind.

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