Winter Days In Delhi With Hot Friend

Hello people, I have been travelling of late so couldn’t write my experience. For all those who do not know me, I am a 6 ft tall sapiosexual, working in a reputed MNC in Mumbai. I am also a masseur and have got calls as well from the readers of ISS. And yes, all those who have mailed me of privacy, there is no need to worry, everything is safe and secured.

Well, coming to the story, this happened recently during an official visit to Delhi.

I happened to visit Delhi last month on a Thursday. My work was for two days, so I had thought of enjoying the weekend in Delhi (I cook good food and I am a foodie as well. So I wanted to explore).

I checked into a hotel in GK and my accommodation was up to Monday. So now enters the lady, her name is Shweta (name changed, of course) and is a childhood friend of mine We knew each other for more than 20 years. I had told her about my visit and she was totally excited that we were meeting after such a long time (no intention had cropped up).

On Friday we had an official cocktail party which I attended. It was at a colleague’s place. Then I went to my hotel in the morning of Saturday. I had called up Shweta and told her to reach the hotel.

After some time, I reached my hotel room, got into a towel and was about to go for a shower and the doorbell rang. I expected her to be there and opened the door. There she was, in a perfect figure of 34-30-36 (I like healthy women) in a black top and cream coloured trousers. She was surprised to see me in a towel and was like “Ooo la la”.

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We hugged and the hug was tight, I could feel her breasts on my chest. Then we parted from the hug. I left for a shower and she was watching the TV.

Then and I was ready and we got the roads on her Activa. We went to many places in Delhi for food and sightseeing. I was riding it and she was sitting behind. I was applying the brakes purposely at times and she realized it and made fun as well (20 years of friendship, this fun was okay).

During the sunset, she wanted me to sit behind. We were around the India Gate area and cold was just catching up. We saw the beautiful sunset. I don’t know what happened as all of a sudden, I kissed her cheeks from behind. She was first shocked and then started laughing. I too laughed, placed my hands on her waist and kissed on the other cheek as well.

Now we were hungry and thought of returning. She wanted to drink that night as we were meeting after a long time. I agreed and we got some whiskey and vodka along with some snacks while going to the hotel.

We reached the hotel, I changed into shorts and a t-shirt and she changed to one of my t-shirts. We started drinking and were watching the TV.

After some time, the whiskey started taking effect and we were laughing crazy. We were hitting each other on the shoulder, thighs, and squeezing waist etc. At one point of time, she came and sat on top of me. I turned to make her fall but her pull made me fall on top of her.

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Now I was so close to her lips and she was breathing heavily. I went ahead and started smooching her juicy lips. She reacted very positively and we went on smooching for the next 10 minutes.

I was taking my hands all over her back and her waist. Her hands were playing with my hairs. My hands were cold and I placed them under the t-shirt on her waist. She gasped. Then we stopped smooching, looked at each other and started smooching again.

She came on top of me this time and pulled up my shirt. I was bare chest with this hottie on top of me. My 7-inch tool was throbbing to come out. I took off her t-shirt. She was in a sexy black bra and she started kissing my neck and started going down towards my neck. She licked my nipples and bit on my chest (that feel, it was pain with pleasure).

I understood she was wild. I pulled up her bra straps gently and released them. It hit her skin and she was like, “Ohh fuck!!! Aahhh”

Now she was sitting on my dick and was kissing my chest. I pulled her up and started kissing her neck and collarbone and unhooked her bra. As she was facing me, it fell down and I could see one of the most amazing titties I had seen. I started squeezing and she began to moan, “Aaahhh… Aahh..Yes.. Squeeze them, babe. That’s so good”.

I pulled them closer with both my hands and started licking them. I was circling the nipples but did not lick them (I love teasing with the nipple). She was forcing me to lick and suck the nipples. And at once, I sucked the whole of it and was squeezing the other boob. She was moaning and was literally out of the world. Her hands reached my dick over my shorts and that touch was amazing.

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I was sucking, licking and biting her boobs while she was stroking my dick and was kissing, licking and biting my ear and neck. That feel…Holy fuck! She was also a fucking teaser.

Then I came on top of her and went down from her boobs and started kissing and licking her waist and around the navel. She started shouting, “Don’t tease me, Addy. Fuck, please! Lick me.. I am all yours”.

I started licking her navel and she was just enjoying and she gasped several times in between.

Guys, let me know your feedback. I will continue on how we spent the night and the next day in my next story.

P.S. Both of us were and are committed to different people.

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