A Hot Bus Journey

Hello people, get ready to enjoy with a virgin couple.

This is a lengthy story. This is Narain, 25 years old, here to narrate a story that occurred 4 years ago with my girlfriend.

Neha is a beautiful south Indian babe and is a 20-year-old beauty. She has wheatish complexion, with curves at the right places. Her smile would make any guy go mad. Neha is 5ft 4in tall with a healthy firm boobs and a round ass which sways as she walks to receive stares from every guy around.

Neha was my junior in the college in Bangalore. I knew her as she was from my hometown Hyderabad. I helped her in all her admission process. No seniors bothered her as she was known as my friend. I was quite famous in the college for my football skills and had a lot of female fans.

It has been a year now since we were very good friends and we use to text daily. All her problems were my problems also and I liked her emotionally. We used to roam around with common friends and the question of in a relationship had never come up. We were very good friends to say the least. She understood me and I used to give her a shoulder to lean whenever she was in pain.

After the semester exams, we were supposed to go home and maybe by luck, we were supposed to go on the same date.

I don’t know how she got to know this and called me to book tickets towards Hyderabad. I usually used to travel with friends on the train and told her my friends might have already booked my seat. She then told me she had booked bus tickets for both of us. I was a little shocked but felt happy for her concern and told my friends I am going with Neha. They were already teasing me for leaving the gang.

After the exams, the travel day arrived. I packed my luggage and picked her up from the hostel and reached the private bus stop.

I thought she might have booked a Volvo AC bus but I was shocked to see an AC sleeper bus. She told it will be more comfortable. I was going to sleep with a hot girl in a closed compartment. This thought alone made me hot. She was wearing black leggings and a maroon cotton kurta. Her figure was so awesome that a proper curve could be seen even in her shadow.

It was 10 pm and the bus arrived. We put the luggage in the box and boarded the upper compartment. I made her climb first and I was enjoying the view. I gave her the window berth and closed the sliding door. We had left our slippers below and I noticed her toenails and red nail polish. We sat next to each other and she was looking outside through the window when the tickets were checked and I secured the door.

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The lights from outside were faded by the screen and I could see the sexy outline of her. I took out my phone and started listening to the music and she looked at me. I smiled and said that it was cold due to the AC and took the blanket.

The movements of the bus were making her lean on me. I was actually hiding my boner and I didn’t know if she had noticed it. She put on the blanket and now my eyes were denied the view ofher sexy figure. Then she took out her phone and put it for charging.

She removed one earplug from mine and started listening to the music. We were listening to the romantic music while she took my phone and opened the gallery, it had a lot of funny and adult content. She laughed at a few memes and enjoyed the jokes. I loved her smile. Her eyes were sparkling and maybe I was falling for her.

We were using separate blankets and our thighs and legs were touching. She was as soft as a jasmine flower. Now we lowered ourselves in the bed seeing the same screen. But, her hand was aching and we turned and kept the phone on the bed, lying side by side. She smelt so good and feminine. Her soft arms were touching my arms and accidentally, my left leg was over her right leg.

She looked into my eyes like she was anticipating something. I just went close to her nose and gave her a kiss on her cheeks. There was no talk and our eyes did all the talking. She closed her eyes and I turned her and hugged. Our headphones got tangled and she put it aside with the phone.

We were inside separate blankets and still, she was so soft. I kissed her neck, cheeks, and over her eyes. My left hand was on her shoulder. She pulled my face with both hands and kissed my lips. She was so soft and heavenly. We kissed softly for over 5 minutes. I then pushed the blanket down and went over her, caressing her figure and kissing her neck. I removed her hair clip and released her hair. She was looking like an angel.

I began kissing her neck, cleavage, boobs, and chest above her top and was caressing her body behind. Her thin cotton kurta made the touches like it was her skin. I felt the bra strap and unhooked it from the top. She was enjoying the touch and moaning lightly.

I then just raised her kurta a little and was feeling her panty above her black leggings. In between, I was kissing her tummy along the border of her panty. She was in a different world and was playing with my hair.

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Now I started kissing her thighs over her leggings along the panty borders. I noticed a wet patch over her leggings. I kept my hand over it and looked into her eyes. She was smiling shyly and winked at me. All this action was taking place in the dim lights of the cabin.

Now I slowly slid her leggings while looking into her eyes and stopped at her ankle. I raised her legs and started kissing her feet with leggings at the end. Her leggings had the scent of her fluids.

Now I started kissing her right leg, then thigh and came near her floral panty. Her skin was softer than silk. I was afraid that her moans might wake someone up though she was controlling it. My kisses along her panty borders made her go mad and her panty was getting wetter.

I continued kissing her abdomen and raised her kurti above her boobs. Her white bra was off in a minute with sleeveless kurti still on. Now I got to see her round melons with coin-sized areolas and seed like nipples. I kept my hand on both of them like it was mine now. She looked into my eyes and said, “I love you”. That made me go nuts.

Now I was kissing, licking, pressing, and sucking her boobs like they were my new toys. She by then unbuttoned my shirt and lowered my casual pant. Her hand was pressing my hard cock over my underwear. Her small hands were feeling like heaven.

Now she was under me in the kurti above her boobs and wet panty with leggings at the ankle level. She was inviting me to do things with her expectant eyes. Now I hugged her with your chests pressing against each other and my cock pressing her wet panty.

I whispered into her left ear, “I love you”.

She whispered nobody has touched her till that day. I said to her, “I love your gift”.

She was probably ready for the next level and took out a towel and placed it below her ass. I got to know what she was offering me. It was my first time too. I raised her legs and started kissing it while I pulled her panty till her ankle. She slid one leg out of the panties and leggings. It was left hanging on the other leg.

Her pussy had light hair and I started licking it. My left hand was on her right nipple and the right hand was on her clitoris and I was mouth licking at her entrance. Her moaning increased to a new level and she was controlling her moans by pulling my hair and clasping the blanket.

She suddenly shuddered and gasped and finally cummed. I raised my head and looked into her eyes. She was breathing heavily and gave a satisfied look. (Imagining that moment, I am a getting a hard on even while writing).

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Now I slid my underwear down and kneeled at her breast level over her. My cock slapped her boobs and touched the nipples. She started stroking my cock and told me she was afraid of the size.

I smiled and made her lick it. I didn’t want her to stuff her mouth but my cock was at its hardest level and biggest size ever. It was the effect of how hot she was.

I now lowered myself in the missionary position and touched my hard cock on her wetness and whispered if she wanted to give me her virginity. She told she was waiting for this but afraid of its hardness and size. I hugged her tight and said, “Relax, we will enjoy the greatness of this natural gift for humans”.

Then I slowly entered her till half to one inch and she moaned softly. I increased the pressure and she closed her mouth and made way for me. I felt a giving away sensation and tears rolled her eyes. Now I was fully inside her.

It was like our bodies united and our chest hips were one. She gasped again and I kissed her cheeks.

Now I started slow strokes in and out and she was hugging me and scratching my back. Her both legs were by the side of the hips and with each stroke, her leggings on her right ankle were hitting me. She moaned, Ohhhhhh!! Shahh!!! Aaah! I love you, baby!! I am all yours. Make me completely yours.. Aaah ahah.. Fuck yaeahhh!”

Now her moans made me go mad and I started brisk movements. The bus movement was just wavy due to the good Highway roads.

I started sucking her nipples and humping her hard. She was like, “Sssha!! Ahahh!! Ooooh!! Oh goodddd!!!!” And she suddenly started gasping and shivering and finally, she cummed. Now I took my tool out and came so hard, it sprayed on her abdomen, boobs and neck. We hugged each other and rubbed it on our bodies. We then fondled each other for our newly found relationship of love and lust.

After that, we were asleep for an hour like a lost couple and when we got up, she changed her clothes in front of me. We were like husband and wife. We got down next morning at Hyderabad and rest of the story, I shall explain in the coming parts.

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