A perfect Plan to Fuck My House’s Owner

Hi, I’m Manoj from Bangalore and this is my first story. Kindly provide your valuable feedback to rmanub@gmail.com.

Now coming to the story I’m going to tell you that how I planned and fucked my landlady and owner of my house, aunty Suma. She’s also a far-off relative of my dad. Suma is 25 years old 1 year younger than me. She has an attractive structure with 36 32 34 figure and stunning assets over her body. Fair complexion. Sparkling eyes.

Long hairs and many other great qualities that anyone must get jerks by her gorgeous beauty. And myself Manoj as I told in the first story, I’m 6.2 with a slim physique and good looking with a fair complexion. It’s already late. Let’s not waste the time let’s get into the story.

This incident happened a few months ago. Suma and I were both staying in the same building. She is not talkative and is a shy natured girl. She had no friends in the area. a She used to talk very less even with me and that too only when the situation demanded.

But I had an intention of fucking her for a very long time, back when I saw her for the first time. So I made a proper plan and executed it very patiently and got my job done with great success and pleasure. As I’m an experienced guy I tried all my seductive talent on her.

I started talking with her without any reason while going in and out. And used to stare at all the parts of her body without any fear. She was noticing but never reacted. It continued for a few months. As days passed I became a close friend of her and we exchanged our phone numbers.

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We both started a regular chat on WhatsApp. I use to send her lots of quite decent naughty jokes. Even she is enjoying that. I came to know this by her replies. Soon we started talking on the phone too. We both became very close.

She started sharing all her public and personal matters with me. And I started going to her house and spend more time there. I used to crack a lot of jokes, that too double meaning jokes. I used to touch her assets whenever I got a chance.

This process continued for many days and I was enjoying this process. Also, I was on my track. Everything was going properly as per my plan. Though I didn’t tell her about my interest in her. I was waiting very patiently for my lucky day to come soon.

It’s my luck that day had come into my life sooner than my expectations. One day she was very upset and worried about something. I asked her why she’s upset and worried? At first, she refused to tell but I forced her to tell why she is upset.

She started crying and started to tell me everything, that her husband having an illegal relationship with another woman for a long time. He’s not been coming home every day. Due to this Suma and her husband both were fighting almost every day.

It seems last night also they both have fought. Because of that incident, she was upset and also I came to know that she is not happy in her sexual life. She told me everything and was crying louder. I listened to everything and grabbed that moment.

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I started consoling her by putting my hands over her shoulder and pulled her slowly to my chest and started gently caressing her. I explained her about life as per my thoughts and in the favor of my intention on her indirectly. Even she got convinced.

I was caressing her with my hands almost all over the body and aroused her urges for sexual desire. She slowly stopped crying and started to moan slightly. When I heard her moans, without wasting a single second I placed my lips over her face and kissed her passionately about 5 to 10 minutes.

I slowly unhooked her blouse and bra, squeezed her big boobs for some time and moved to her navel. I played there for a while and then made her completely naked. And looked at myself in shock to know that I was completely undressed.

In that mood, I did not know when I became naked. She was silent in this sessions and finally, the last session had come. I moved to her lower part. it was awesome and I must say this it was the best pussy I have ever seen.

So clean and shaved completely and smelt erotic enjoyed it.  Later I made her sleep over the sofa and folded her two legs up and entered her pussy with my almost 6-inch gun. It was too tight, like a fresh one and it was so good.

I slowly inserted my dick and started pushing it rapidly. She was moaning heavily and my heartbeat was getting high. After a few minutes, I cummed inside. When I completed my first shot my dream had come true.

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She was not opening her eyes at all. She was feeling very shy and she didn’t speak a single word. I slowly got ready for the second shot. This time I took her to the bedroom and kissed her lips. Face. Neck. Boobs. Belly. Thighs almost all over the body.

I thought of giving my dick into her mouth but I didn’t have the courage to ask her and stayed quiet. In the first shot, I didn’t focus properly. But this time I took my own time and enjoyed each and every inch of her body.

I played for a long time and started my second shot with a lot of time. We were having fun to the core and made her satisfied too. From then we both fuck often, whenever we find the time. She too is feeling happy and her sexual life is also balanced now.

This is my story hope you guys liked it. For any mistakes. Please excuse and do provide your valuable feedback to rmanub@gmail.com feel free to send emails and do comment in the comment box. Most importantly any unsatisfied ladies can contact me through the mail. It will be kept a secret. Thank you.