A sexy Halloween Night

Hello readers. This is Ayan from Bangalore. This is my first story. A little bit about me. I am 26 years old. I work as a freelancer model.

I wish to narrate this story to you all. It was November 1st, 2016. I had been to a Halloween party in ‘Sugar Factory’, the club in Banglore. I failed to reach the club before 9:30. The stag entry was closed by then.

There I found two hot ladies Siya and Priya (their names have been changed). I asked them if they will come with me as a couple. They agreed. We walked into the club and then we separated as soon as we got in.

I was dancing with my other friends. After a few minutes I went out near the poolside there I found Siya sitting alone on the table. I asked her what was wrong and why was she sitting alone over here.

I said, “Come, let’s dance.” She said, “Not in the mood.” Then I spoke to her for some time, then she asked me for a dance. I took her to the dance floor. We dance together. I was protecting her from the stingy people who were surrounding her.

Then a few minutes later she was completely in my arms. Slowly I started rubbing her stomach and boobs. I could feel that she wants more. Then I kissed on her forehead and then her lips. When I kissed her lips she got so wild that she wouldn’t leave me for 2-3 minutes and the crowd was watching us.

Then I took her in the corner and we kissed like anything. Later when the party was over, I asked her what’s the plan. She said a night out. Then I took her to the restaurant we had proper dinner.

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I convinced her that we’ll go to a hotel room and she agreed to the same. We booked a room in Koramangala. We got inside the room. As soon as we got in, she pushed on the bed and removed her black gown.

Her figure was sexy. She had big boobs, big ass everything was big. I was shocked seeing her big things. And she kissed me so passionately for 10-15 minutes that I was on cloud 9.

Then she removed my shirt. She moved her lips down to my belly and unbuttoned my jeans. She pulled my jeans down along with my boxers. She was shocked at seeing my penis. She looked at me for a moment.

My penis was very thick and long. She slowly licked my cock and then started sucking it. She was enjoying sucking my pink dick. A few minutes later I threw her on the bed, unhooked her bra started playing with her boobs. I was circling my tongue around her tits.

he closed her eyes and she was giving out soft sexy moans. I was getting aroused by it. Then I removed her panty and started touching and kissing her thighs. She started moaning really louder and was breathing heavily.

She said, “Lick my pussy baby, eat me up.” I started licking her wet pussy by rolling my tongue all around her pussy. She started moaning louder in a sexy voice. She was getting louder with each word. She was pulling my head towards her pussy and moaning loudly.

I started fingering her while licking her pussy. She started moaning loudly. Then I placed my hands on her big boobs again and started fondling her boobs, while I was licking her pussy. Her pussy had got really wet.

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She again took my dick in her mouth and she started blowing my dick. This time she was a sucking like hot dick sucker. She was sucking my dick like a pro and she was using her hand too while sucking my dick. I was in heaven while she was sucking me off. I was touching her hair while she blowing my hard rod.

Then I made lay on the bed properly and started rubbing my dick on her pussy. This happened for 5 minutes. she was moaning slowly and she was breathing heavily. Slowly I tried to insert my dick and she pushed me back as she was not comfortable to take my thick dick.

Again I inserted my dick and slowly it went in, I could see tears in her eyes. I started fucking her slowly to make her comfortable. I kissed her and hugged her. Later on, she was comfortable and she took my dick in completely.

A few minutes later, I changed her in the doggy position. It’s my favorite. I rubbed her ass hole and pussy for some time. She was moaning in a sexy tone. Then I gave a jerk shot in her pussy. She shouted loudly.

I kept my hand on her mouth. I fucked her slowly and later I increased my pace. I slapped her and fucked harder like a pro. This happened for 10-15 minutes. Her ass became red by my slaps.

And then I told her to come over me and fuck my dick. She rubbed my dick and slowly inserted my dick in her pussy. Initially, she fucked slowly but later she fucked faster and harder, I kept slapping her ass and boobs. We fucked more than 15 minutes in this position.

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Later we got a little tired. We took some rest. And then I changed her to a different position. I put her legs up on my shoulders and started entering her pussy, which was really flowing with juices at this time. We fucked for 10 minutes. She kept on telling me that she is cumming.

I started fucking faster and faster and we both cum together. Ohhhh after this we both hugged and slept together. Then again in the morning while showering we had another session.

We dressed up and we checked out from the hotel and went back home. After that, we are in contact but we didn’t meet each other. Hope to see another one through this story.

Please write me here for any feedback and suggestions. Hey ladies/Girls/ aunties, if you’re interested in me, do not hesitate to write me. Hope to see some positive responses from iss reader ayan.smart3@gmail.com.