Big Butt Girlfriend

Hi guys and girls. This is my first story. Sorry, if there’s any mistake. This is a long story but trust me it’s worth it.This incident happened when I was studying my second year of college two years back.

Let me tell you about myself, I am Prabhu (name changed) 5.7 feet tall and not so skinny and not so muscular body.Having a dick about length-5″ and width-5″.

The heroine of this story is my girlfriend. I call her “The butt queen”. She’s 5.1 feet tall having a pair of cute little perfect to play with and suck it off boobs, deep navel and the sweetest pussy and the biggest butt, which if she’s in tight jeans any guy could drop jaws seeing her butt. Her structure is 32-30-34.

It all started when I was in college second year. I came home(I am from South India) for holidays and I went to the supermarket to buy something and there I saw a girl who is short, cute, hot, big butts.I wanted to try her out from that moment. And later, I found out that she’s my neighbor, as she did all her schoolings in a convent I haven’t seen her much.

I later sent a message to her and she recognized me as she had seen me earlier and know me. We started texting in FB often and later, one day she asked my number which I gave very happily and then we started to text each other in WhatsApp.

As days passed and we were doing our college degrees in different colleges, but in the same city and we got more close and got a chance to meet her. Our first meet was not that much but all I did at the whole time was trying to check her assets out. And the meets got more frequent and started going out to movies and restaurants as I had my own bike with me and I also used to live with my friends in an apartment.

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As days passed and we got close, I proposed and she didn’t tell me anything. We didn’t talk.

After few days she called me and told me to come and meet her. I went and she told me to take her somewhere. I booked tickets for a movie where no one can be seen. We went there. The movie started and after some time, I asked her what’s happening. She looked at me but didn’t tell me anything. I turned my face back to the screen. Then she kissed me on my cheeks and told me that she loves me too.

I immediately grabbed her face and started kissing her on her lips, sucking her lips off. She responded so well by opening her mouth. She let her tongue inside my mouth and our tongues started fighting each other. I sucked her upper lip and lower lip one by one very passionately in which she fell in love with (later she told me that I was a good kisser).

Then we parted and we had an eye contact. I could see the lust in her eyes. Perfectly it was the interval.

We came out, took my bike and went to my apartment as my friends had gone to the college. I always had a key to my apartment and we got in.

As soon as we went inside, I immediately started kissing her and running my hands all over her waist. We had a very long kiss. I broke the kiss and took her to the bedroom where I made her sit on my bed. I started taking her shirt off.While I was removing it, she started my buttoning my pants and lowering it down. I was my brief and my shirt and she’s in her bra and tight jeans.

She started removing my briefs and I started unbuckling her bra clasps. My dick sprang out right in front of her face and her boobs sprang out. I made her stand and held her boobs in my hand and she held my rod in her hand and started stroking.

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I kissed on her lips and started kissing her right boob and pressing the left one. I sucked, circling my tongue around her nipple and biting it hard. She moaned in pleasure and started stroking my dick hard. I switched the boobs.

I then told her to kneel down which she obediently did and told her to suck my dick. She without any further delay immediately took it inside her mouth. She started sucking and I hold her head from behind and started mouth fucking her. She’s a fast learner.

She started sucking like a pro she used to see me in eyes and mouth fuck my dick. It was a lovely sight to see.

While she sucking my dick, I was pressing her boobs very hard. She was liking it started sucking hard and in few minutes, I came in her mouth which she drank without wasting any drop.

I then raised her up made her lie down in bed and started taking off her jeans. As her butts are bigger it was hard to come out. She raised her butt and I took her jeans and her panties. She had a clean shaven pussy. Her juices were flowing already.

I then took my shirt off and lay down on her my dick was touching her pussy. I started kissing her neck, boob, and came near her navel and started licking her belly button area and teasing her by sliding my finger in her thighs near her pussy and pressing her boobs by another hand.

I came down near her pussy and gave a hot air blow in her pussy. She shivered. I covered her pussy with my mouth. I parted her pussy with my hand and started inserting my tongue deep inside her pussy. Then I started licking her clit and inserted my two fingers in her pussy. It was tight as she was a virgin.

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I inserted one more finger and started finger fucking her vigorously and licking her clit, within minutes she had her first orgasm. After hearing all her moans my dick got hot again and she started asking me to fuck her right out.

I took my dick in my hand and started massaging it near her pussy and teasing her. As I kept teasing she even put her hand on my dick and inserted it in her pussy and only half went inside, I pushed more forward slowly and started thrusting it. She started enjoying and let out moans and telling me to fuck her harder. I increased my speed and started thrusting her at my full.

After some time I was about to cum and took my dick out and poured it all over her stomach and near boobs and started kissing her.

After few minutes of kissing, I lay beside her. She took her dress and went to the washroom to clean herself and came back.

I then went got cleaned came out and wore my clothes had a deep passionate kiss again and I went to drop her at her hostel. And it continues with more and more excitements.

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