Birds Of Same Feather

I am going to narrate a real experience of my life. I have a friend who can be called as the best friend who was an officer now. I have got job in a medicine company . He used to come to me and stay for weeks. From college days we had terrible interest for sex. Even we have entered in to cases for connection with girls. He was a very sadistic person in sex .He want girls to cry for mercy under him.

even after much presuetion he has not corrected this habit .luckily he has got a job in enforcement department. He used to get good chance for sex there. He has a habit of creating such conditions so as to reach in to sex. Money was not his final interest. Then one day I was to go through his town. I was forced to stay with him for two days. Since he was on duty ,I have followed him in his vehicle. We had a lot to talk since we have not stayed together since 2 years. Phone calls also were very less. On the way we had stayed in a hotel for a night. It was a known place to him. The people there were showing respect or fear to him.

It was a small place. the hotel also was with less boarders. The place was just on the border of a big town. Just after our sleep we have got up for some water. It was found that it was not supplied. We have called the room service. The man who came with water was a very known man for my friend. He has asked him if any new chokri is in his stock. I knew that he was a broker for him . and that was the reason for selecting this hotel.He has replied that there was a pair in the next room. A college student and a masth chokri. Probably they are here for enjoyment.

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He was sure that they are not married and both are very rich parties. I have asked d my friend not to make any problem ,and just sleep. But who can stop him in this . He has gone to the room with that ‘mama waiter. I was also forced to accompany. The room was knocked and after much delay it has opened. A young lad has opened the door. He was asked for an I.D . , and has told that it is a raid. Give telephone number of both and if you are real couples, you need not worry. y then he has told was the vehicle number house address etc. By then she has also got up. A real model like girl about 19 or 20. probably taller than the boy. Butter like in color and texture. She was in a’ micro mini’ and a loose silk shirt.

The very vision has made me a full erection. I told it to my friend. He told me to go in and have her. But I was not so confident. He told the boy to come out to next room and this sab (that is me ) has to talk with her. He was on tears. he has touched his feet .but finally has gone with him. Before going he has told me not to make her cry in loud noise, And if necessary tie her up.

The door was closed . I did not take much time in controlling her. I was in full hot condition. I have simply made her to sleep and just made naked. At first I have kissed her in mouth and has introduced my erection in to her . The cry was very loud but the sound was in my mouth.. after a 20 minute fuck she was my slave .No much objection. I have licked her breast and sucked it toll i got some thing from it,probably blood from the teeth marks.It was very hard ,only of a small orange Yet she did not cry in loud way. I have licked her body in full pressed her thighs butts and sucked her fingers and soles. Then I have gone to my room.

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The scene there was still special. I was expecting a crying boy and a man who was looking for his chance. But I found the boy and my friend was in a 69 position. Boy was sucking and my friend was pressing his thigh and licking his feet. Boys face was full of his juices and both were naked. I thought that I was a bit early. I could have done one more trip. But then both have got up and had a wash. .He has told the boy to go and console her . He will not use her since she is very small for him. Then after his departure hr has given an amount to the waiter who was sitting in the veranda and we have slept well. It was the best of this kind in my life. In the morning we found that the boy and his friend was gone.

I have thanked him for giving a’ kattak choikri’ but felt for him in not using her. HE told that if he used her she may not be able to go.,and it may lead to a criminal case. If she has to go to a hospital the doctors will intimate police and the problem will serious. But I know you will use her softly and it will not reach her to a doctor. Now a days he is trying to get middle aged ladies. The forced fuck is less. They will be forced to give willingly. He has some agents who will inform their faults to take advantage of. Here also he has come to this place by knowing this pair,only to give you a present. I was happy but also jealous of his happy life.

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