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Hello guys. This is Rohan Sharma. I am 27 years old and single. Right now, I am in Lucknow. I am going to share some real life incidents with you. This story is about a doctor. He is 49 years old, brown and athletic. He has been in this job for 13 years. His clinic is located near a chauraha.

I am going to share two incidents which most people are unaware of. First I am going to tell in short how he tricked a maid into sex. There was a beautiful maid who was working in that clinic. She is around 44 years old now. She could not have a baby for 10 years.

When she told the doctor about it, he did some tests. He found that the problem was with her husband. She got really sad. She did not let her husband know about it.

The maid was 40 at that time. One day she asked the doctor, “Will I ever become a mother?”. She was wearing a saree with mangalsutra and sindoor. The doctor said, “Right now, only I can give you a child”. She said, “What if my husband comes to know?”. He caught hold of her pallu and said, “Trust me, he won’t”.

He fucked her whole night. Since then she made her husband believe that she was taking some medicines and they could now have a child. After nine months, she gave birth to her first child. Right now, she has three kids.

There is another incident in which the doctor took advantage of the innocence of a school girl who came to his clinic with stress problems. Her name was Kajal. She was 18 years old, white skinned and chubby. The girl came alone and that was the only mistake she made.

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She was in her school dress (a shirt and a short skirt). As she entered the doctor’s room, he looked at her bare legs and big ass. He asked her to sit down and asked, “What problems do you have?”. She said, “I am depressed and see bad dreams”. He wrote her problems on his paper.

He examined her eyes. After that he checked her blood pressure, he came to a conclusion that she was ok. He thought he had a good chance of fucking her. He said to her, “Your problem is a little complicated. I need to do some checkups”. She looked at him with fear. Psychologically, she was under his control.

He stood behind her, checking her shoulder and said, “Take off your shirt now”. She willingly did what he said. He noticed her bare sweaty skin, a mole on her shoulder and a loosely fitted bra.

He took his finger to her skirt and said, “Take it off too”. She thought it was a part of her checkup and hence, she did not object. On getting rid of her skirt, he fondled her thighs.

He caught hold of her panty straps. She cried, “Sir??”. He said, “Sshh. Stay still”. He pulled down her panty in front of his face. Between those plump ass cheeks, his most favorite fruit was hidden. Upon opening her ass cheeks, he found a tight and sweaty asshole.

He put his tongue inside her asshole and tasted it. She shivered. He asked, “How do you feel?”. She said, “Cold”.

He started licking her shithole. She closed her eyes resting her hands on the desk. He thrust his tongue deeper and ate it out.

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When he finished licking, he said, “It’s all ok”. She blushed. She asked, “Can I now wear my clothes?”. He replied, “No. Your test is not completed”. He knelt down in front of her pussy. Her pussy was slightly hairy and emanating nice odor.

She looked at his face when he sniffed her pussy. He said, “Go to the bed now”. When she climbed to the bed, he unhooked her bra and exposed her boobs.

He began opening her thighs and said, “You may feel different”. He kissed her pussylips. She could see him putting his tongue deep inside her pussy and slurping her juices. She was scared.

He kept licking and sucking. She started to enjoy. Her moans could be heard as he licked and slurped her juices. After a while, she squirted all her juices into the doctor’s mouth. She was breathing heavily.

The doctor made her drink mango juice. She asked, “Can I put on my clothes now?”. He said, “Not yet”. He started removing his clothes one by one. She was shocked to see him fully naked. She did not want to lose her virginity. When he placed his cock between her thighs, she said, “No I don’t want it. Let me go”.

He said, “This is just a test. So don’t move”. She calmed down and said, “What? Is it a test?”. He said, “Yes. You have to be patient as it may pain”. He pushed his cock inside her pussy.

She started crying. He hugged her and said, “Does it hurt too much?”. She said, “It does. Will you go deeper?”.

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He said, “Yes”. She looked at him with fear. He moved his cock further inside. She felt as if he broke her hymen. She started sweating and said, “Sir, is my test over?”. He said, “Not yet. I need to go deeper”.

He started kissing her lips. She said, “Sir?? I thought it was a test”. He said, “Of course it is”. She did not kiss him back. But he forced open her lips and put his tongue inside. He sucked all her saliva. He pushed his cock hard till it fit inside her vagina. Surbhi could feel her pussy getting stretched. She moaned and hugged him back.

The doctor moved his cock back and forth. She moaned louder. He licked all over her shoulder and armpits while fucking. After fucking her, he released all his juices in her womb. He laid on her body and relaxed.

They put on their clothes. He said to Kajal, “Your tests are over”. She asked, “Will I get pregnant?”. He said, “No, you won’t. I added a pill in your mango juice”.

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