Fashion Designer Girlfriend

Hello folks, I used to write a lot and read a lot more but it stopped. I was out of inspiration; my creativity juices stopped flowing. But one sudden day, I got this crazy suggestion of starting to write again, from the lady of this story.

Her name is Sweetu or at least that’s what I used to call her (of course, I wouldn’t give her real name here). We are not in touch anymore but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about those crazy erotic (often public) experiences and even shag off to it some times. Not one word here is false. I was lucky it happened to me.

So she was a 22-year-old Fashion Designer from Kolkata when I met her. And oh man, she was sexy. You can easily cast her for a movie or something.

Well, she was gifted with a great body no doubt, and an even more charming smile. But what was most attractive in this Kolkata girl was her sex appeal. The way in which she used to dress, talk and walk, she was a sex goddess. And she actually was, which I came to know later on. She has waist length hair and she looked even sexier than Disha Patani.

My cousin introduced me to her (they were roommates) and we started talking. I sent her some flowers on the New Year eve which surprised her because it had only been like 10 days since we started talking. However, we felt connected.

This romance went on for like a month and we started dirty talking. I used to ask for sexy pics and most of the times, she wouldn’t. However, this sexy Kolkata girl had sent me a few pics. One was her fully clothed in her office and another was her wearing a sexy top which slightly slid off her left shoulder and revealing her astonishing cleavage. The next one was her both sleeves pulled off just above her tits.

Then she would ask for my reaction and I would ask her whether she is planning to kill me with these teasing or what. We would have a chuckle. Then she would ask me to say a few nasty things for me to keep receiving pictures. Then I would get those pictures with her perky, 32C-sized one boob pictures with a pout. And finally, I would get one with her completely topless and she would ask me what I am going to do now that I have these pictures.

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I would say that my radar has detected a lot of signals and now all the guns are fully loaded to fire. All I need is the sweet voice of my commander to unload the bullets. Readers, I would narrate the story in the first person now to actually demonstrate how it went.

Me – Hey sexy, talk me through.
Sweetu – Where are you?
Me – In my room.

She – Doors closed or open?
Me – Closed obviously.
She- Open it up.

Me – But my flatmate is there.
She – So what.. Let’s have some thrill.
Me – Okay. You also open your door and let’s do a facetime video.

She – My sister is hovering around and I am half naked.
Me – I am holding my dick.

She – How does it look like? Show me.
Me – There you go. (pointing the camera towards my dick)

She – Haww.. It’s big (mine is decent 6-7 inches but its the girth is whats makes the girls crazy)
Me – Is it big enough for you?
She – Way bigger for my pussy but not for my mouth.

Me – What would you do when your mouth is around it?
She – I would not waste time and directly swallow it. Lick it from the bottom to up. Just like I do with my ice cream.

Me – But I want to choke you with it.
She – You can choke me. I am your bitch. Spank me if I don’t listen to you!

Me – You like to be dominated?
She – Yes.

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Me – When you come to Bangalore (I work at Bangalore), I am gonna tie you to my window and leave you there from morning to evening. I will put my dick in your mouth whenever I please. I will cum in your mouth an make you suck my balls.

She – Yes, babe. What will you do when I don’t listen and I throw tantrums?

Me – I will crush your boobs and spank you on your sexy ass. I will bend you over the wall and press your boobs crazy while you feel my dick on your curvy white ass. I will then put my finger into your pussy and start to teach you a lesson.

She – Just the finger?

Me – Yes. Until you crave for my dick and beg me to pardon you as your hands would be still tied to my window. I will not fuck you.

She – Okay. I am sorry, I will become your whore.

Me – then bend over. I will start fucking you, you slutty bitch. You are my own personal randi. Whenever I tell, you suck my dick, you suck it as if your life depends on it. You drip your saliva all over it. And only when I tell you to swallow, you swallow. When I tell you to bend over, you be a faithful bitch and let me fuck you in doggy style.

She- Okay. Will you do it slowly or quickly?

Me – What are you? My wife? You are my bitch, my slave. You are tied to my window. I will fucking destroy you with my dick. I will fuck you so hard that you won’t be able to walk for another few days!

She – Yeah, you nasty boy. I will completely surrender to you. Fuck me how you want to. But don’t forget to choke me with your dick. I want you to make me run out of breath by pushing your dick deep inside my throat.

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Me – Bitch, I am going to cum on your filthy face now. I will cum inside your mouth as well. Are you humming?

She – Babe, I already cummed twice. This will be my third time.

Me – Keep fingering, babe. I am still fucking you.

She – I am still sucking your dick. Drip all that cum on my face.

Me – Babe, I have cummed.

She- Baby.. You would make the video of our sex when I come to Bangalore na. I like being filmed when I get fucked and dominated.

Me – Babe, of course, I will.

And like this, we both cummed while on the video sex chat. After this, I would tell this Kolkata girl sorry for all the nasty things I spoke and tell her that I love her. And we would go back to being a nice couple. Fortunately, my roommate didn’t see me this time neither did my cousin on her side.

I did go to Kolkata, rented an Airbnb and fucked the brains out of this hot Kolkata girl in the shopping mall and the room. I will write that story later on.

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I started writing about phone sex in this one and will go to physical sex later in the next story, as it actually happens in most long-distance relationships. Hope you enjoy.