First Exhibitionist Experience Of Rita

Hi everyone, my name is Rita. I am 23 years old, fair, and with height 5’8″. My measurements are 36-24-34. This story happened when I turned 19. I feel comfortable sharing this now as I am totally independent of my parents.

Growing up, I was always the one to tease people with my body and I have a few stories of my adventures when I was a teen but I can’t share them here. If you would like to hear them, let me know in the comments.

Anyway, back to my birthday. It was a big milestone for my adventures and I. It was the signaling of my entry into adulthood and thus more freedom. As the festivities got over, it was already pretty late. So, my parents wished me one last time and went to bed.

I still kept getting calls from friends and so not to disturb my parents, I went to the terrace of my apartment.

As the calls slowly stopped, I just stood there enjoying the cool breeze and lost in my thoughts when an idea popped in my head. I looked around to make sure no one was there and then took off my bra! (A brief description of what I was wearing; a loose off-shoulder top with skinny jeans.)

So I took my bra off leaving the top on and placed the bra on the ground near me so if anyone came up, I would be able to quickly grab it.

Instantly, my nipples became hard and my breaths were short. Flashing wasn’t new to me but what I was about to do was completely new territory. I walked over to behind the water tank. “Yep”, I checked no one would see me if they came from the staircase.

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Feeling bolder, I took off my jeans too and was about to strip out of my panties when a dog started barking somewhere! I froze but then realized that it was pretty far off.

My mind raced, “Was I really about to do this?” I asked myself but my nipples already had the answer. I stripped off my panties which were soaking wet at this point, followed by my top!!

I was now completely nude in the open at the terrace of my apartment and the rush of adrenaline felt so good. Making sure I stayed in the shadows, I walked around enjoying the liberating feeling of air against my bare, soft skin.

Growing impatient, I tried out different positions – first bending over completely, then I got on all four’s waving my ass high in the air, then transitioned onto my back and spread my legs as far as I could feeling the cool breeze over my bare freshly shaved ass and pussy.

Instinctively, my right hand went to my pussy which was dripping juices by now as I felt hotter. I started rubbing slowly at first, trying to savor the feeling.

My left hand went to my breasts. In the school, my breasts were my best asset and it was true. They were the softest and perkiest of my entire school and many guys could only dream of feeling them.

Thinking about them finding me like this drove my fingers faster around my nub and two fingers slowly slipped inside. I reached climax but I wasn’t done yet.

“I need more,” I thought to myself and got up from my place with horniness blinding my shame or fear of being caught in such a compromising position.

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I walked over to a ledge overlooking a small forest, my fingers still deep inside me.

“Hmm, I should check out that place sometime,” I thought.

As I continued to finger myself, my left hand now went over my butt and slipped in between the crack! It was spotless and smooth and my fingers started tracing circles around my asshole. Once again, I felt close and so I sped up my fingers now inside both my holes and pumping quickly.

Soon I reached my climax and it was the best orgasm I had in a long while! Just the impact of the climax knocked me onto the floor on my butt, but I didn’t care. I kept pumping, arching my back, and letting out a soft moan.

I lay there for a while and crawled over to my phone. “1:45 AM” it read. “I should head back now before the watchman comes up,” I thought. (For context, the watchman would come up to the terrace to switch on the motor for the water pump next morning.)

I got up and walked over to my clothes. I put on my jeans and top, not worrying about my panties and bra. Feeling slutty, I took my panties in my mouth and suck on them till I got some juice out.

The watchman would be here any minute now so I went over to where I masturbated and kept my panties and bra neatly in the center of a huge wet spot on the floor, as a birthday treat for him. I had caught him on several occasions looking at me with lust in his eyes and so I thought I would tease him a bit.

“He wouldn’t know whose it was anyway,” I reasoned and walked over to the stairs and started descending when I heard footsteps and the watchman appeared from around the corner. I was at a loss of words!

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“How much had he seen?” was the only question in my head. He smiled and asked me in Hindi, “Aaj teri birthday thi kya?” (Was today your birthday?).

I breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed he was unaware of my actions.

“Haan” (yes), I replied.

He was eyeing my shoulders and breasts when he asked, “Tum yahan kya kar rahi thi?” (What were you doing here?).

I replied confidently, “Meri friends ki calls ah rahi thi, toh parents ko disturb nahi karne me liye upar aayi” (Not wanting to disturb my parents, I came up). After which I smiled at the watchman and briskly started down the stairs. I turned the corner and then sprinted all the way back home.

I woke up the next morning refreshed and completely relaxed. My pussy was a little sore from the night of fun. Gently caressing my pussy, I thought: “Last night was amazing. I need to do that again” and chuckled at my own desperation.

This world of total nudity I had discovered was amazing. I got up, showered off the dirt and dried juices and went on as normal, waiting for the next opportunity to bare it all in public!