First Sex Experience

Hello Everyone. I am Sameer Ahmed, age 25 living in Hyderabad, doing a job as a design engineer. This is a story as to how I lost my virginity recently to Sumaiya, my neighbor.

Sumaiya was a married woman who stayed diagonally opposite to my PG. She also used to work in a BPO and used to work the 2pm-11pm shift. As we stayed in a very conservative area, most of the women wear a burqa and walk around. Even Sumaiya did the same. She used to wear a burqa and go in a cab and later removed it in office.

I was a really shy person. I didn’t have many girls as friends even during college days. So I used to just stand in my PG terrace and balcony. I would wait to have a glimpse of her whenever possible. She was a very shy and chubby housewife.

Hers was a joint family, so sometimes others caught me staring at their house. This would freak me out and I would hide. But over a period of time, she also started noticing me. Sometimes she would even give out a smile as she passed by me. But I didn’t have the courage to go talk to her face to face.

One day I decided to follow her cab to see who else works in her office. One of the guys in the next street did. He used to come to the corner shop to smoke and I made friends with him. After a couple of weeks, we became close and used to discuss girls and random things that every bachelor does.

Then I started asking him about Sumaiya as they both went in the same cab. He suspected me at first. But then understood that I had feelings for her and agreed to help me. I wanted to respect her privacy so I didn’t ask for her number. Instead, I decided to write my feelings in a letter and sent it through my friend.

He gave it to her in office and by God’s grace, she called me from my friend’s phone. I was so nervous. I didn’t know what to say and started stammering. She told me not to send me such letters and got a bit mad at me. I understood and kept quiet.

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But my friend told me that she still has interest in you as she keeps asking about me. He gave me her mail id and I mailed her. Initially, she didn’t reply but after a few days, she did. We created fake ids on Gmail and messaged each other on hangouts.

But she used to message only when in the office or in the cab as she didn’t want to get caught at home. Over the next 4-5 months, we became really close and I proposed my love for her. She said that she cares about me but doesn’t see me in that way. After some persuasion and some help from my friends, I was able to convince her.

We started sending each other naughty pics and texts. I became really horny. Then one day I told her directly that I wanted her. She was shocked and didn’t reply for nearly a week. Then I apologized. But she replied saying we can’t do that and not the words I don’t want to do it.

This made me think she has feelings for me. I convinced her we can go to a hotel and after a few days, she agreed. She got into office cab and got down at her office and caught an auto and came to the hotel I booked. I booked a 3-star hotel and separate rooms for both of us so that people won’t get doubt.

I reached the hotel and was waiting for her. She texted me her room number and I went to her room. She opened and there she was. Seeing her alone in the room made my dick hard. For the first time I am able to hold her and this made me really excited. I pulled her and looked her in the eyes and kissed on the lips.

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Then I pressed her buttocks with my hands as I started kissing. She was trying to push me away but I convinced her its alright. Her buttocks are so soft and big. I wanted to fuck her butthole. She broke the kiss and sat on the bed. I asked her to take off her clothes and she was really shy.

So I took off my clothes and stood naked in front of her. She covered her face in shyness. I sat next to her and started squeezing her boobs. She was initially resisting but got turned on after a while. I removed her kurti and her slip.

She was in her bra and I started pressing them and kissing them over the bra only. Then she unhooked her bra and the first time in my life I saw those wonderful boobs. They were milky white and the nipples brownish pink.

I held both the boobs in my hand and pressing it hard. She began to moan, “Ahh! Hmm.! Slowly!” She pulled me towards her boobs. I was sucking the left boob and pressing the right one. She enjoyed when I started biting them. She was going crazy.

‎I then asked her to shag my dick. She was observing my dick and told me, that my dick is blacker and thicker than her husband’s. She then held it with her hand and started shagging it. then I asked her to lick it with her tongue and she agreed.

Then as she was kissing and licking it, I pushed my dick inside her mouth. I was in heaven. Then she sucked on it a few times and she stopped. I again pushed her flat on the bed and slept on top of her. I kissed her lips and boobs again and unloosened her pant knot and pulled it down along with her panty.

Wow, a beautiful hairy pussy. It was slightly wet and I didn’t wait further. Her pussy was beautiful and the shape was perfect. I inserted my finger in it and smelled it. It was wonderful! And then I put my tongue on her pussy and licked it. It was very good and my dick became harder. She was moaning heavily.

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I licked her pussy and sucked the pussy walls with my mouth. She then got me in missionary position and asked me to take a break so that I don’t cum easily. We kissed for a few more minutes and I applied some saliva on my dick and penetrated her. She screamed in pain.

But then she started enjoying. For every stroke, she began to moan louder and louder. I felt crazier and tried to fuck her harder. Then after 15 minutes, I cummed. Then I started to finger fuck her and made her cum and she squirted out her juices.

We rested for a while and then decided to go at it again. this time I wanted to fuck her butthole. I turned her around in doggy style and penetrated her. She was literally screaming in pain. Even a few tears came out. I started fucking her violently spanking her as I did so.

Then after a few minutes, I cummed again and we were really tired and just lay down on the bed. Then we got dressed up and came back to our PG and her house. After that also we chatted but no sex.

Then I got my MTech seat in Chennai and had to shift. So our affair ended but I will never forget the sex I had with her.

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