First Sex In The Hostel

Here is a story of a young Indian girl, Nandini (age 18), unknown to the erotic world, about to experience her first sex. She belongs from a city where cashews are very famous, humid climate and rains are heavy in India. She moved to a city of dreams – Mumbai.

Where she gets admission into a Hotel Management College with lush green environment and sea on one side. After she joins the college it was to her surprise, there were hardly any girls. The college started with lectures being drowsy as the schedule for students was energetic.

To get up early at 05:00 am – jogging, swimming, breakfast, lectures, lunch, lectures again, evening break, basketball, dinner, study, and sleep. In initial days she was sick and was not adjustable to the new environment of staying away from family.

However, in a while, she feels better and starts going to the cafeteria. She hardly talked to her classmates as she was shy talking to them. Among which she felt for a guy Mihir (age – 20), a smart Punjabi guy with broad muscles. They started studying together, holding hands with soft touches and giggles.

The library was a fun part, wherein they could sit facing each other and give looks which any person would say they are deep in love. One day there was hardly anyone in the section where they sat. It was evening time. Mihir touched her leg and started rubbing slowly around her feet.

He even came close and removed one of her earings. She smiled as she liked the act of removing earing. She told him it is only supposed to be removed by her husband post marriage as what she saw in movies since she grew up. She told him it is not fair for him to act in such a way in the library.

She moved out of the library, walking to her hostel, realizing what exactly has happened. Her heartbeat was fast, goosebumps, and heavy breathing. She felt current in her body as her man touched her. She wanted to say it to him but could not.

They entered with food production practicals and learned how to cook. Initially, teaching was about cutting different vegetables. Mihir held carrot and cucumber, giving her hints. But she was unaware of the message that he was trying to convey.

Post practical, they kept talking at the stairs wherein she told him about her feelings. Mihir, on the other hand, smiled and kissed her forehead. He told her we should know more about each other.

After two months of dating, Mihir asked her if he can make love to her. Confusingly she said, “Yes. You already love me.” She did not know the meaning of making love. She was very close to her best friend, Ansh. She asked him, “What does make love mean?”

He advised her to gain sex education, which she lacked. He told her to google out as he was not able to explain it to her. She went through online search engines and gained knowledge that night. The next day she met Mihir and said she was not ready for such things.

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It is not good to do such things before marriage. Mihir agreed and stayed calm. He wanted to convince her to do so as it is normal for humans to engage in such things. He made her believe that he loved her a lot and is her husband. She still was not convinced.

A few days passed by of disapproval by Nandini. She finally thought it over and said yes, as he is going to be my husband. It was a Sunday, breezy early morning where they met at the beach near the college.

She was wearing black shorts – her slim legs revealed, jogging white shoes and blue t-shirt which showed her neckline. Mihir’s eyes were bright and sparked, watching her arrive close to him. They sat on a bench. He holds her hands and started rubbing.

Looking deep into her eyes, he said, “I love you, dear. You are the first and last girl in my life.” Taking her into confidence, he kissed her forehead. Nandini leaned back on his shoulders, realizing how peaceful it was. The breeze flowing along with her long hairs.

Strangled on her face, Mihir kept them away with his fingers the moment it was on her face. He kissed her hand, giving small pecks. Realizing the moment they were heading to, Nandini raised her head from his shoulder and looked straight into his eyes – deep dark brown, touching his face.

She asked him, are we really going to make this happen. I have never done such things anytime in my life. My life will revolve around you. The moment just strung, and he kissed her – lip locked. Sensing her lips soft and plum, her sweet saliva, her silky hairs, and most of which her feminine fragrance.

The kiss was intense. Sucking her lower lips was one of the sweetest things he ever tasted. Her body vibrated, making her wet down there. He kissed her forehead, then comforting her, moving to her eyes. She only wanted to see him eagerly, moving to her nose.

He loved the way she breathes, her cheeks, her ears. He concentrated more on her ears, lips, and neck. Slowly moving to her neck, which smelled of rose. He aroused her. She holds his hair and started pressing it to do more. Her breathing had a different tone of wanting him more.

She moaned his name Mihir. The moment was getting deep and deep. Realizing they were moving to go beyond. He started lowering her t-shirt and kissing on her shoulder. He looked deep into her eyes and asked her, “Do you want more?” as she moaned heavily.

Her eyes had a stunning look of wanting more. But realizing the place they stopped. The sun’s golden rays on her neckline visuals beneath it made Mihir deep bulging down there. He could not hold it and started kissing her more. Sucking her lips was the best thing he realized.

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They smiled at each other and hold hands. They started feeling the breeze, coconut trees around, early morning sunrise, and a person approaching them. Later I realized the person was the principal who had come for a walk. They got shocked, unable to move from the place.

They acted as if they had come for jogging. They greeted the principal and talked a while about college and experience. They started jogging back to the direction of the hostel bidding principal – Good Day. They took a shower, got ready, and met again at the cafeteria for breakfast.

They enjoyed dosa and coffee along with their friends and headed back to the hostel. They just wanted things to happen, which were left unspoken. They talked over call expressing the feelings and what was supposed to take place. He asked her who all were there in the hostel.

She replied, “Hostels are usually are empty on weekends with the warden mostly visiting their family.” Thinking of the moment of doing wild things. Mihir arrived in the girls’ hostel at 02:00 pm. Nandini, on the other end, was lying down on the sofa watching a movie.

She was wearing a pinkish night dress having visible legs and arms. Mihir got excited, seeing her laying down. She was shocked at seeing him. She told him to go away, as it is risky. They may end up getting rusticated from the college. He said he loved her and wanted to make love to her at once.

He thought of this beautiful moment for since long. Also, he wanted to do it in the morning in an open area of the beach. She could see lust and love at the same time from his eyes. She could not help but close the latch of the door entrance of the hostel from the inside.

Mihir came near her and kissed her ears and hold her belly. He dragged her close to the wall and started kissing her deep on her neck. She started breathing deeper and deeper. Moans were loud. He turned her face towards him and started kissing her lips and sucking them.

He inserted his tongue inside her mouth, turning into an erotic French kiss. Their tongues twisting against each other, moving back again to her ears. He kissed her deep in her ears, blowing hot air in it. He was making her wet down there, and her heart was pounding.

She held his hair and started pushing him deep onto kissing her. He removed her pink nightdress in one go from her arms. He could not believe as she looked damn sexy with black garments on her skin. It was sheer on the back. He started kissing her shoulder and told her how she looked.

She smiled back and asked what he dreams about. He said he wants to be on her side. She was so happy with her answer. They both went near the sofa and laid down on it. Holding each other cuddling while Mihir came on top started kissing her back. He got wild with her unique smell.

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He kissed her and unlocked her hooks. She could not believe it was happening. She has been a virgin and was no longer going to be. He turned her, where her bra stayed on the sofa. She was shy and could not look into his eyes. She hid her melons with her hands.

She said she is a virgin and never thought of it before her marriage. He started kissing her lips and ears intensely. It made her remove her hands off the melons and hold his hair. He moved down to her neck and shoulder, moving further down, and holding her melons and sucking the grapes on it.

He pressed them hard with hands with fingers pinching grapes. Circling it round with his tongue and sucking it like a child, he moved down to her belly. He started taking deep breathe over lower lips down there. He could smell her and see how wet she was. He kissed her thighs and moved to go down to her legs.

He kissed her so warmly. She started shaking and going crazing, having her several moans. He finally asked whether they can finally make it happen. She nodded a yes. He removed her panty and smelled her down there. He removed all his clothes and kissed her.

He was on top of her kissing her ears, neck, and melons. She was wild enough and responded back, kissing him hard. His missile was hard and ready. He was about to enter her. Kissing her deeply, he inserted inside her. She could feel her muscles tearing apart.

He had several thrusts as it was hard entering her. Finally, he could crack it. She scratched his back at that moment. He thrust her hard. She moved on top of him and took the control and made thrusts. He holds her melons shaking as they could feel the heat inside them.

He made her stand lowering her back, holding one of her legs with his hand and thrust deeper. It was a moment of excitement. Where the missile touched her g-spot. It was a fast and slow move – making her crazy.

Finally, they had to release it. He came inside her, and she was dripping everything on the floor. He kissed her deeply, hugged her, and dressed up. Thanking her, he left to his hostel. She finally took a shower and smiled imagining her first sex – an unbelievable one.