Friends With Benefits

Hi everyone, since I like to maintain privacy and so I won’t be including the real name of the characters. About me, I am 6+ feet tall, coming from a good background. I am a moderately-built single guy from Gurgaon. The length of my tool doesn’t matter here, as I like to give surprises! Just so you know, I haven’t disappointed any girl so far.

About the heroine of the story, she is fair in complexion and 5’8″ tall. I don’t know how to put her exact body figure in numbers but her boobs and ass are something to die for. She has boobs so big that they can’t fit into your mouth in one go and ass so big that even with your both hands, you won’t be able to grab whole of it.

Now coming to the story, the story starts back in my high school when I was a virgin guy and hadn’t done anything except kissing. Back in those days, I used to love playing truth and dare. So, usually, we would sit in a circle and spin the bottle.

Once I went to a party during the days of Diwali. The songs being played there were soothing and drinks were flowing like a river. As the party progressed with all the drinks, we all were getting pretty high. And as you all know, alcohol can do wonders to sex drive. That’s exactly what happened. We all sat again and this time, instead of giving clean dares, we started giving dirty ones.

The game advanced slowly from light kissing to lap dances and then to make out sessions. There was this one time I had to give a lap dance to this beautiful girl with whom I ended up having friends with benefits. Truth or dare was just the start.

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Being at friend’s place, we all decided shifted to the terrace where I was given a dare to make out with a random girl for 10 seconds! Being high, we ended up kissing each other for 5 minutes. Once we finished, the look on our face was as if we just want to eat each other out. Anyway, after all the make-out sessions, for privacy, we all shifted to even more secluded place. There we had some more make-out sessions.

Finally, while heading back, I gave a signal to this young girl like let’s go there for a walk. Once we separated from the group, we were walking down the road.

There was no one around. I held her hand tightly and walked in the park with trees all around. There we started exploring each other as our inner demons came to life. I kissed her hard and started my hand gestures. After about 3 minutes, I managed to grab her boobs over her clothes, pinning her to the wall and then grinding my dick over her hole.

While making out, I grabbed hair and spanked that juicy fucking ass. Accordingly, my hand movement shifted too and also hers. She became more bold and not only did she grab my dick but also started jerking it off (hand job). She went all wild; moaning and biting my neck and trying to eat me out. We took approximately 30 minutes to finish and I cummed once during that session.

The same night we started texting and we decided to meet at her house the next day. That night we shared our fantasies as to how we like things to be. I got to know she likes to blow dudes without a condom. Me, being desperate, loved the idea. I mean, who wouldn’t want their dick to be sucked dry without a condom.

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The next day arrived and as planned, I went to her place when her mom was at school (as she is a teacher) and so was her brother.

The moment I rang the bell, my dick started getting stiff for some reason. Maybe because it was all new to me or maybe I was just too excited for this moment. The door opened after 2 minutes.

As soon as I got in, I latched the door behind and went ahead to hug her from behind, poking my erect dick onto that ass crack. This sudden action turned her on so much that instead of going to her bedroom, we started making out in the drawing room.

After stripping her topless, I grabbed those boobs and started circling my tongue around her nipples. (Thinking about that moment, still made me erect). Once she had enough pleasure, she wanted to suck my dick. So we moved to her room. I made her sit on the edge of the bed and let her handle my dick. Thanks to masturbating before coming to her place, I did not ejaculate that quickly (being a first timer).

She did her tongue movement like nibbling the tip of her tongue on the tip of my dick. It made me moan so loud that I turned wild. I pushed her back, went ahead and put my dick in her mouth. With those to and fro movements, it seemed as if her mouth was her pussy because of my hard pounding.

I even grabbed her hair, took my dick out, turned her around and.. BAM! I slapped her ass. I slapped her ass so many times that she cried out of pain and pleasure. Then we came up with this crazy idea (new to me at that time). I placed my dick between her boobs and made her suck my dick. Oh god, I loved it so much. After 5 more minutes into the thing, I cummed inside her mouth. Like a good girl, she swallowed it all.

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That’s all for today. There is one more part to it. Stay tuned for more.

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