Going With The Natural Flow

This is a story of friendship, love, romance, ecstasy, and passion. I have changed the names to maintain anonymity. It all started with a wrong Facebook friend request. I was wondering who is Riya. It appeared that she was in the same school as mine and had the same common school friends.

I was around 24 years of age living in Pune back then. I was working as a fresher in a reputed IT firm. Facebook was not as big as it was today. I checked her photos. She had a cute smile and was on the heavy side in terms of the body.

I accepted the friend request and asked her if she knew me from school as I couldn’t recollect her. She apologized and said she sent request accidentally while looking for a friend with the same name. We realized that we studied in different classes in the same school in Mumbai.

We chatted about our school, teachers the funny incidents and so on. It was an instant connect. Again it was the age where you try to flirt with every girl or was learning. I got to know about our common friends.

I got to know that one of our friends thought of me as a bookworm. This infuriated me as I played lots of games and thought I was an all-rounder. We started calling each other occasionally and it was fun talking to her.

Riya mentioned she had thyroid issues while growing up causing her to put on weight that affected her self-esteem. We talked about our personal lives, how I am bad with girls and never had any relationships or intimate moments. How I made easy friends, however never had the guts to go further.

She told me about how she was serious with a colleague for 2 years. But he rejected her due to her weight problems. I was sympathetic to her as a friend and never thought beyond it. We discussed how life can be beautiful with someone to share, cuddle and feel happy to be with.

We discussed us going to a new place as friends and explore. We connected on many levels. But I always thought of her as a close friend and never had any intentions to go beyond. I went to Europe for a year for a project. Then I fell in love with another college friend of mine named Divya back in India.

Divya was philosophical and it was magical for me to talk to her. We laughed and talked for hours. I told the same to Riya and she wished me all the best. With Divya, I thought I found my soulmate. But like any long relationships, minor issues cropped out and differences occurred.

I was back in India and Divya and myself broke up mainly as we are from different cultures, language and she asserted that it’s difficult for her. I was devastated and started back with my life. Riya was back into my life over calls and chats trying to cheer me up.

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We decided to meet once after 2 years of friendship over a movie in Mumbai. I met her as a friend and we went to McDonald’s. We talked and she teased me like how many years does she have to wait to meet me. I checked her out and thought she had a cute face.

She was of average height but had a huge frame. We watched ‘We Are The Millers’ and laughed like long lost friends. She pinged me at night and we chatted and slowly it was all romantic. Over a period of time, we flirted with each other and she made me move away from Divya.

I was asking her about my apprehension. How I wasn’t sure about how the girl feels and how will she react if I hold her hand or kiss her. She said to me to go with the flow and don’t think too much. We laughed a lot and planned to meet sometime soon.

We met again for the movie. This time I held her hand and I looked at her. She smiled and I thought it was a green signal from her. Over a romantic scene I looked at her and leaned over to kiss and she responded. It was ecstasy and magical for us.

We smooched again and again in the corner seats with no one noticing. That day she told me how she was madly in love with me and how my relationship with Divya affected her. I thanked her for her support and proclaimed my love to her.

I wasn’t worried about her issues with body weight and loved her for what she truly is. We planned to go out somewhere to explore a new place. Then we met over movies and just kept on smooching. We both wanted each other but both being shy and conservative didn’t go further.

So We decided on a trip to Alibaug and met at Gateway of India. I got details from a homestay from a friend near the beach and planned everything. We took the cruise from Gateway and looked at the sea, seagulls and held hands like a couple.

The feeling of new found love was making it special. We took an MSRTC bus to Murud Janjira beach. The bus was crowded. So I let her sit and I stood for the journey. We reached the homestay and booked into our individual home.

As soon as we entered I hugged her tight and started kissing her hard. We ended up smooching hard on the bed and my hands were in her big breasts. I fondled with them over the dress and kept on smooching her, kissing her neck, bite her ears.

She was reciprocating my passion and soon I was struggling to open her bra. She laughed and helped me open it. I was all over them. Those 36D melons with big areolae were making me go crazy. She was breathing heavily and kissing me.

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We were driven by passion. I took off my t-shirts and removed each other’s dresses in a jiffy. Her eyes were all filled with lust and I kept on kissing her body. Slowly I removed her panties and went at her pussy. She was moaning loudly.

It was my first experience but I just went with all my passion and kept on licking it and bite in the lobs. All my experience of watching years of porn was on display. She was moaning my name loudly and asking me to come on top of her.

I removed my jockey and my boy was out in full glory. I have a very thick cock with average length. I slowly came on top of her and didn’t worry about condoms. It was the first experience for both of us.

I pushed hard and it was so tight and painful for me, forget about hers. I somehow entered her and it pained as well and I slowly pushed inside her and it was all uncomfortable. All the porn movies I watched it was all easy and so smooth.

She moaned loudly and I could see all lust in her face encouraging me to go by taking in all the pain. I wasn’t getting the comfort yet and did it till it was too painful. So I went to the bathroom and noticed that my penis skin was torn at the tip and that made me paranoid.

Irritated, I was wondering what’s so special about sex. I came out and saw her who was in a better state than me. She showed me blood in her hands from her pussy. I was in a state of shock and sat there.

She came out and comforted me that it can’t be pleasure at the first time. We changed and went to the beach. We had food there and explored the beach. She went to the sea waters and asked me to come. I went with her and held her tight and kissed her hard and was exploring her body over waters.

I pressed her boobs and butt over waters and she was exploring my body and my cock far from the world. We were just enjoying each other in that sunset. We finally headed home. Once we entered the home, we started from where we left. She took control of the situation and started exploring my body.

I was gym-toned and she was kissing me everywhere. She played with my cock and was seeing her first one in full glory. After that she came on top of me and guided the cock into her pussy. She was driving with passion and didn’t care about my pain.

I was holding her thrusts and all her weights by my legs and continued for quite some time till she had her first moment of ecstasy. There were pain and irritation in the tip of skin and I was relieved it was over. We had our dinner at night and cuddled around watching a movie.

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At night we thought about getting intoxicated and had few drinks of vodka that she previously told me to bring on the trip. The intoxication helped me get rid of all apprehensions. I took her like a man and made love to her.

I started with every part of her body. She was also high and enjoying my touches. My wild side was awakened and I went after her body like a hungry child devouring everything on offer. I bit her nipples hard, made her squirm and kissed her everywhere.

Then I paid special attention to lick her pussy hard, nibble her clitoris and made her shiver. I turned her around and kissed her neck, back and kissed her ass. Her round big ass just invited me and I kept ravishing it. I came on top of her and lifted her legs to the side and entered her hard.

This time I wanted to have my way and started feeling her pussy with my hard cock. She was moaning with pleasure and scratching my back. I finally got the rhythm right and was smoothly able to go inside of her.

It encouraged me to control my moments with hard moments of pushing deep inside her and grinding her in between and going slow. I bit her nipples and neck hard and made her breathless with continues attack. Finally, I was able to make the jamming sounds of our tights hitting hard.

I was an animal and she was taking my passion for small cries and came hard holding me tight. I stopped and we slept holding each other tight. The problem was I didn’t come yet and I was almost there to burst. I found the condom I brought and woke her in the middle of the night.

I came on top of her and fucked her hard fast for few moments and thundered coming hard. She kissed me passionately and we slept a peaceful night. That was the incredible night we had.

I did fuck her in the morning before leaving and we continued our relationship for a few years. Please let me know if you enjoyed reading it. I admit it was long and will continue writing as per response I get.

You can mail to me on relientsoul0021@gmail.com. Any females looking for friendship in Pune or Mumbai for fun can reach out to me.