Hot Encounter With A Cute Guy

Hi friends. About me, I am 29 years old, 5’9″ tall, average built, clean shave and with very few hairs on the body. I am bi-sexual and currently living in San Jose, USA. I was born and brought up in India and moved to San Jose around 2 years back. I am working in the IT sector.

I had a girlfriend for around 8 months before coming to the US and I had sex with her a few times. I always thought I was straight and was attracted to girls, I enjoyed straight porn. But every once in a while, I used to watch Gay, Bi-Sexual and Shemale porn and I always found myself aroused in a different way. There was something about dicks which made me attracted towards them and made me think, “DICKS ARE BEAUTIFUL!!”

My Visa for the US was approved and I had to move to the US, San Jose. My girlfriend had her own career aspirations and our paths were moving in different directions. So, we decided to break up.

I was living alone in the US, getting horny day by day and I started watching gay porn, reading gay sex stories more frequently. So one day, I decided to give my this side of sexual attraction a try. I thought that being in the US, it would be a bit easy as well but didn’t know how and where to start. I thought I had to make myself ready first thinking about all the pain people talk about for their first time anal experiences.

I decided to finger my butt. I did a bit of google search, learned about proper lubrication and decided to use baby oil, got myself naked and got ready. I was lying on my back with my legs lifted up towards my head. I slowly inserted my finger in my ass hole and it went in without any trouble. It felt really good. So I insert 1 more finger and it went in easily as well. The pleasure was increasing so I decided to keep going.

The third finger was a pain in the ass (literally 🙂 ). I started feeling the pain so I went a bit slow but eventually put it in. But I had to stop after that. However, the pleasure increased by 3 fold (pun intended). My dick was fully erect, bright red and oozing precum. I took that precum in my finger and licked it. It was warm and tasty and I got very aroused. I just wanted to put the dick in my mouth (we all do) but couldn’t.

I started throbbing my dick and soon, I came all over my chest. My fingers were still in my asshole. I never had such orgasm before. After that, it became a regular thing when I masturbate.

After that, I decided to order a dildo from Amazon to get a bit closer to the real experience. It was an 8 inch long and thick vibrating dildo. I got really excited the day it was delivered. I unpacked the box and uncovered the mighty beast. I couldn’t stop myself and started kissing, licking and sucking it and got very horny. It had a suction thing at the bottom to stick it on the surface (floor or wall).

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I got myself naked and fixed it on the floor of the kitchen (as rest of the place had carpet). I put a lot of baby oil on it and around my asshole as well. I pointed it on my asshole and started sitting on it slowly. It started going inside but I was feeling a lot of pain. After a lot of effort and pain, I found that it was just the tip which went in and my body started shaking. I gave up thinking that I won’t be able to do it.

Next day, I again got horny and decided to give it one more try. I started feeling a lot of pain again with just the tip. I got up but then got back on it again. I kept doing that until the pain reduced. I pushed my asshole on it a bit further. It started going in after that and slowly, half of the dildo was inside my asshole.

I was really happy with the progress. Then I started going up and down in ass fucking motion. I felt really good. My dick was oozing precum like a leaking fountain and I kept licking it all with my fingers. I started rubbing my dick and came within no time. It was an experience of a lifetime. Next time, with the dildo inside my asshole, I turned the vibrator on and started feeling the buzz inside me. It felt really good.

After that, I kept doing that daily and slowly, I went to the stage where I could take it all in easily. I fucked myself in different positions well. Sometimes on the floor and sometimes on the bed with my legs up. Sometimes, I put it on the wall and fucked myself in the doggy position. At this point, I knew I was ready!!

After a bit of research, I decided to go to a gay bar. I found a bar named ‘Splash Bar’ which was a famous gay bar in San Jose. I went there on a Friday night. It was crowded and had gay/lesbian people as well as straight people. The atmosphere was really good with a great dance floor and all. I went to the bar and ordered drinks.

While sitting there, I noticed a cute guy in a group looking at me a lot. He was about my height, fair, good-built and looked like Mexican. After a couple of drinks, I decided to go to the dance floor. He saw me and came after me.

I started dancing and he came very close to me and was dancing too. He was brushing his body against mine every other minute. At this point, I was not really sure if he was really after me or not as the dance floor was crowded. But then suddenly, he came behind me and put his hands around my stomach, grabbed me and started dancing.

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He started pressing against my ass and I could feel his dick as it was hard. Now, I was sure and happy. I started moving my ass to rub his dick. Then, suddenly, the music stopped and the lights turned on as another DJ was coming on the stage. I panicked and moved away and went to the bathroom.

He followed me inside the bathroom and held me against the wall holding my hands up with our face very close to each other. He started bringing his lips close to mine and my heart started pumping really fast. He opened his mouth and started sucking my lips. I started to kiss him back as well. We were kissing passionately and then all of a sudden, the bathroom door opened as someone else came in. I panicked again, pushed him away a bit and rushed outside.

I came back home. After coming home, I realized how big of a pussy I was and started hating myself and was thinking of all the good stuff that could have happened had I not have panicked.

The next day, I decided to go there again, thinking this time I will not chicken out and at the same time, was hoping to meet that guy again. It was more crowded than Friday and eventually, I saw him on the dance floor. By the time I saw him, I already had 3 drinks to gain courage and straight away went and grabbed him from behind.

He was surprised and asked, “Where did you go last night, sugar?”. I told him it was my first time and I panicked. He said, “I understand” and we kept dancing. He asked me what do I want to do later. I said, “Let’s go to my place”. So, we got a cab to go back. We were kissing in the backseat of the cab all the way to home.

As soon as we went it, I started kissing him like mad and moving my hands all over his body. He said, “Slow down, sugar. Daddy is all yours for tonight. Don’t come already as Daddy want all of that in his mouth.”

We moved to the bedroom and I started undressing him until he was in his boxers. I could clearly see the shape and size of his dick as he was hard and all wet. I started kissing it from the top of the boxer and licking the wet part. Then I took off his boxers and got my first look at his dick. It was exactly as I imagined it to be, almost like the size and shape of dildo I used before.

I started licking his dick while playing with his balls. Then I kissed it and inserted it in my mouth and sucking it. He said, “You told me it is your first time but you are doing it like a pro”. I told him that I have had practice before. 🙂

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Then I took off my clothes and went to kiss his lips again. Our dicks were touching and I started rubbing against his stomach.

Then he asked me to come on top of him with my ass toward his face. I obeyed. I put his dick in my mouth again, he started fingering me. Then he took my dick in his mouth.

We both were sucking each other and soon, I felt I was about to come and started moaning loudly. “Give it all to Daddy”, he said. I came in his mouth and he being a pro, swallowed it all. I was still sucking him. Soon, he also came all over my mouth. It tasted different than precum and was saltier. But I liked the taste and licked it all.

We both took rest for some time before we were ready again. This time, he went in doggy position and moved his ass up. He asked me to finger him and lick his asshole. I was more than happy to do that. His asshole was a bit loose from all the fucking. So, all the fingers went in easily.

After fingering him for a while, I licked the rim of his asshole and slowly pushed my tongue in his asshole. It was very exciting and new for me and I was really enjoying it. But my mouth and my asshole were still hungry for his dick. So, I went beneath him and started sucking his dick.

After a few minutes, he said, “Your asshole must be feeling lonely” and he pulled me up and turned me around with my face down. He slapped my butt hard and asked me to move my ass up. Then he started licking and fingering my asshole.

After some time, he asked me if I was ready. I was more than ready with all that practice. He put the lubricant on and started rubbing his dick against my asshole.

Then, with a sudden thrust, he pushed it all in. I felt a little pain but then it started feeling amazing. The warmth and the feel of the real dick were wonderful and the dildo was nowhere close to it. He started fucking me and I started seeing stars, it was that great.

Then he asked me to turn around with my legs up. He stood on the floor with his dick pointing to my asshole. He held my legs and pushed his dick inside me again. This time, my ass was not spread like before and his dick felt really tight inside my asshole. He kept fucking me like his bitch and exploded inside me. We both were exhausted after that and slept.

After that, I started going there regularly in the hunt for new Daddies and their dicks. However, I am still attached to girls and keep dating girls.