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Hello readers, this is Rahul (name changed for secrecy), I am a software engineer in a giant MNC and working in Pune. Basically I’m from Mumbai. Now I am narrating my true sex experience with a BPO trainer gal from Delhi. So I come to story, her name is Nidhi (name changed for secrecy); stats are 34-28-36 ht, 5’6″. Once I was chatting in Delhi Yahoo Room along with my webcam and I was nude on webcam. I found one id and just did PM to it and shown my come to her. She liked the cam and she started chatting. Gals, I am 5’9″ with average body and my dick is 7″ long and 3″ thick a complete enjoyable tool for your pussy. She started fingering at her end by seeing my masturbation on my cam. We added each other in our list and then used to chat daily on cam.

After wards we exchanged our mobile nos. As well. She was virgin and did not know much about sex. She had many Question with her like, will it pain for first time, pregnancy and oral sex etc. I answered her all questions suitably. Then one day, she told me that she wanted to lose her virginity to me but she was in Delhi and I was in Pune. So I said let’s see, we’ll try. She said, she has Club membership of ABC (name changed) so we can enjoy over there. Now you may say my luck, my Co. Planned for Recruitment Drive in Delhi and since I am in the recruitment team, they asked me if I wish to go for the Delhi drive and I readily agreed. It was a 3 Day Delhi visit. I informed her about the plan and she said me she will pick me up from our hotel daily evening by her car. So, on decided date I along with my colleagues arrived at Delhi and checked into a 3 Star Hotel near CP. I informed her our hotel and she said I’ll be coming to pick you. I told my colleagues that I’ll stay at my relative’s place tonight and will be back to Hotel before interview schedules. After I freshen up, I got her call and she was waiting for me outside our hotel. I moved out and reached to her car and she started driving. We exchanged pleasantries and had our regular talks. Then I asked how you are feeling, she said I am quite nervous. I would like to tell you, I had already kept packs of condoms, KY jelly etc with me.

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We came at the ABC club and she got keys for one of the room. We entered the room, as soon as we entered the room, I found her very nervous. So I asked her to switch on TV and move to some music channel. I did it to avoid our sounds going out as well. Then I came closer to her and held her hand and kissed on it. She was shy, and then I started kissing from palm till shoulder. I kissed on her neck then lips. Then she also started reciprocating and kissing. Then I hugged her tightly. Slowly I moved my hand to her Boobs and started pressing. She started moaning. I started smooching as well as pressing her boobs. I started removing her T-shirt and she started removing mine and I planted a kiss on her fair cute tummy. She was in Black Bra. She was very fair and black bra was making her more hot. Her 34C boobs were trying to come out. I started sucking her tits on bra itself and found that her nipples have erected. Then I removed her and mine Jeans. She was in matching black panty.

Now she was just in Bra and Panty, I was just in my Jockey. I took my hand at her back and removed her bra and what a scene that was. Two very fair firm boobs of size 34 C are there with cute pink areolas and nipples erected. I hungrily started eating both of them one by one. I took her one hand and kept on my then very excited hard dick. Then I removed her black panty as well and found that she has clean shaved her pussy. Her pink rose petals were so sweet that I just started eating that. I started licking her pussy and was inserting my tongue inside her cunt. She started moaning heavily and was saying Rahul more aaaaahhhh ahhhhhha and after some times she let her juice flow from her pussy. It was a mouthful drink for me. It was tasty. Then she removed my jockey and screamed how much big you have. It will not go inside me. I said don’t worry dear. You won’t be hurtled.

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Then I asked her to suck, I sat on the bed and she first kissed the tip of my dick and started licking my erected dick. And finally took my entire length in her mouth. She was giving me one of world’s best blowjob. I was moaning and she was doing it fast. Then I asked her for 69 pose and she agreed.

Then I started sucking her rose petals where as she continued her best blowjob. In between she got orgasm twice. Finally I loaded all my cum in her mouth and she drank all very happily. We took some rest and she started sucking me again and my dick erected again. I took one of the condoms and trained her how to put condom on dick. Though I had brought KY jelly but her juices were enough and KY jelly was not required. I let her lie on bed and put my dick near her pussy. I opened her pussy and just slightly inserted tip of my dick inside. Then I started kissing her lips, sucking her boobs and started thrusting my dick in her pussy. Though her pussy was very tight, but juices in her cunt helped my dick to get in.

She was having pain in between but I used STOP and GO method and was giving her proper time to relax from her pain and at last gave full thrust to put my whole dick inside. She had scream and said me to remove, but I continuously started kissing and sucking her. In the meanwhile her pain subsidized and I started my fucking motion. She started moaning heavily. AAAAAAAH Fuck me. Tear my cunt apart. I am your whore. Do whatever you want with me but fuck me fast I increased my speed she increased her moaning. Aaaaahhhhhhhhhh. Then I took out my dick from her cunt and asked her to sit like a bitch and started inserting my dick from behind. Her ass was full cute and I started fucking her from behind and she kept on moaning. At last I cummed in her using condom. But she had already got orgasm thrice.

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After that we went to bathroom there were few blood stains on her thighs due to breaking of her hymen and our juices all over near her crotch. We cleaned ourselves and had a bath together and I had one more session in the bathroom itself. We ordered food and after dinner we had whole night for us I’ll write continuing parts as how we celebrated our Delhi Recruitment Drives 3 days fucking session up on receiving your responses. Do send me your feedback at