I blew my cum into her mouth

Hi friends, I’m Hashim 23 youngest of 3 and only one still home with my mother Fatima 47. My father Irfan left us 5 years ago and married his work partner Shaba twenty years younger than my mother Fatima. Fatima went a bit strange for a while and started drinking a lot and after 2 years she stopped drinking and withdrew from the world so to speak.

She stayed home all the time and as time past my 2 siblings left for university and don’t come home much at all. This left me home alone with Fatima and I was determined to help my mother whatever the cost.

I’m not a great student and university isn’t in my future, I got a traineeship as a mechanic and progressed from there. Last April decided to take Fatima out to celebrate her birthday and made plans and booked a table at the best place in town. I even got a new dress and underwear for the party. By checking the sizes on her clothes in the washing. With everything in place, the only thing left was to get her to go out that evening.

After a bit of thinking, I decided to just say everything was paid for and booked and if we didn’t go, no refund would be possible. On the morning of her birthday, I gave her the new clothes and told her of my dinner plans for that evening. She wasn’t willing to go at first, but because I had already paid for everything she finally agreed to go. I had arranged for a hairdresser to come and do her hair.

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So that evening I took my mother Fatima out for dinner and she looked beautiful. We had a great meal together and even danced together. We arrived home after 10 pm and I was happy to see her smiling for a change. She told me she had enjoyed herself and was glad I had made the effort for her. The next morning she was still smiling and happiest I’d seen her since the divorce.

So I decided to try again and get her out of the house again, nothing flash a dinner, just a movie. I asked her and at first, I thought she would refuse. But she agreed and we went out on Friday night and had another good time, we stopped at a bar on the way home for a drink.

Mainly because I wanted a beer and thought it would help keep the night going well. On our arrival at home and we were still in a party mood so to speak. I put on some music and got her dancing, then a slow tune came on and I pulled her closer to me and she put her head on my shoulder.

During this dance, I became aroused and hoped that she wouldn’t notice. Just after the dance, she noticed the bulge in my pants and asked had she given it to me. I just nodded and said it because you’re so beautiful. To my great surprise, she wanted to see my erection and I opened up my trousers and let it hang out.

I felt a bit weird showing my mother my stiff cock, she said I had a bigger cock than Irfan and it must come from her side of the family with a big smile on her face. She started to play with it and then said she would masturbate me off and still holding my cock took me to her bed. Getting me to lay on my back she started stroking my cock and then she stood up and undressed and had me remove the rest of my clothes. Once we were both naked she went back to stroking my hard cock.

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She started to spit on her hand to lubricate my cock, but it wasn’t enough and she started to suck me off and I blew my cum into her mouth. She kept sucking till I had finish cumming and swallowed the cum, then she positioned herself over the top of me and told me to lick her cunt.

I did as I was told and she went back to sucking my cock and once I was hard again she mounted me and this time I blew my cum inside her. Since that night I’ve started to sleep with her almost every night and I still date girls my own age. But as yet haven’t found my perfect match yet, Fatima gives me regular sex and has also let me fuck her ass a couple of times. She walks around the house with no panties on and on my getting home from work I can feel her up and even bend her over and fuck her.