Intense In Bed With The Hottest Stud Ever!

Hi! Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Sachin and I have realized that I am a bisexual. I am a tall, fair and decently looking guy based in Mumbai. I have an athletic body and I am also a swimmer. Presently, I study at a degree college in Mumbai.

I came across this site a year back or so, and I must admit that many times some of the amazing stories leave you with a chattering boner with the liquid chattering to peep outside. Now let us begin with my story, which is indeed a real-time experience.

The time goes back to the day when it was my second day in college (first year of my degree college) and then entered a guy wearing a light blue shirt with folded sleeves. He was such a handsome guy with perfect looks and a perfect physique as that of a Greek god. He was just amazing and I just kept on staring at him.

Later on when the professor asked each one of us to introduce ourselves, and I came across his introduction, in which he introduced himself as Nishant. I kept on thinking about him for the entire lecture thereafter. And literally, I went home and masturbated thinking about his splendid physique and looks.

Gradually, I grabbed the opportunity of sitting beside him in the subsequent lectures and we became friends. I used to share my notes with him when he used to be absent and he also did so.

We also started sharing our concerns with each other and he was a very rich person by heart, is what I gathered. I remember that he was weak in a particular subject, in which I had developed expertise. He used to request me to teach that subject post lectures in the library.

We used to sit in the college library and discuss the subject. Many a times, the library used to be empty. I must admit that I never let go of the opportunity of touching his nervy and well-shaped arms and thighs, by any reason whatsoever.

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I always used to expect that sometime at least I would notice him getting a boner and he would give me an indication, after which I would strip him off in the washroom and suck his dick after licking his entire body. Yumm!!

And then, the college organized a tour at Mysore, Karnataka for a period of 8 days. And it also asked us to prepare a group of 3 people for the hotel room accommodation. I obviously chose Nishant and a common friend of ours.

We reached Mysore by train and were placed in a beautiful luxurious hotel. The rooms were allotted to us. Our room number, which I categorically recollect was, 304, which later turned out to be a heavenly memory for me.

In the room, we used to change our clothes in front of each other. When Nishant used to change his clothes, I used to pretend as if I was engaged in something and not paying attention. But my heart used to highly beat with every moment when he used to unbutton his shirt and have a display of his body with his massive chest covered with necessary trimmed hair and his sexy flat abdomen with his yummy abs.

I used to observe his breathtaking huge bulge in his sexiest underwears. I don’t know how I have been able to control myself in those moments when he used to finish his shower and emerge outside in the towel!! I still remember it and get highly hard.

One day during the trip, we all were driven to Mysore Palace and later on, to many other places. In the evening, we had a dance night at the hotel. At about 12 am, we returned to our respective rooms. The third person in our room told us that he shall not be coming to the room that night as he wanted to play cards with another company of his in some other room. I was too excited to share the bed with Nishant that night. And it goes this way!

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We went to bed and Nishant told me that he was too tired to chat. He wanted to sleep. So, we switched off the lights. After which, Nishant removed his t-shirt and was on his inner vest which was tightly stuck to his body and was embossing his lovely physique. His night shorts were even too sexy, so as to expose his rock hard legs and muscly thighs.

I obviously couldn’t sleep considering such a hot material sleeping beside me, whereas he seemed to have slept tight. My dick had turned rock hard. I masturbated and went to the washroom to dispose off my semen. Then I came back and tried to sleep. I couldn’t control my urge and I got a boner again. I masturbated for the second time and tried to sleep. But the fire of lust was not ready to get extinguished.

The third time I got a boner and I was masturbating, Nishant woke up suddenly and asked me, “Why are you visiting the washroom again and again?”, with his genuine concern and asked me, “Are you fine? What happened!?”.

I fearlessly said (I really don’t know how I did gather that much of guts) to Nishant, “I am a bisexual. Can I please suck your dick? Please please, please! You don’t need to do anything. But, please allow me to do so!!”

Before he could say a yes or no, I set aside his blanket and started kissing his things. I slowly started licking his pants covering his bulge. He was not ready to say anything. He was just still at that instance!

I immediately pulled down his pants and that underwear, to witness such a huge cock which was highly erected along with drops of precum displaying the passion of the moment. Then I licked his entire body (such a moment it was). His arms, his armpits, his chest, his nipples, his biceps, and everything was just heavenly for me.

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Suddenly, to my surprise, Nishant held my head and pulled me towards him and kissed me for minutes together. He got off the bed and opened his bag to shell out a packet of condoms.

He wrapped his dick with the condom. He hurriedly pushed me down and undressed me like a beast in him! So rough! He held my legs and stretched them away from each other. He then pushed his dick into my ‘assignments’ and that moment when I was observing his iron body with an even more iron dick inside me, made my body shiver in pleasure.

Slowly, he started cumming inside and had his dick outside, after which we kissed and kissed and kissed. We did not realize that it had turned out to be 6.00 in the morning till we enjoyed with each other’s bodies. We slept for one hour thereafter only till the morning call of the in-charge professor that we received!

Unfortunately, thereafter we did not have the opportunity of having such an intense moment ever.

(Nishant’s father is a railway officer, who got posted to Chandigarh soon after we finished our trip and returned to Mumbai).

Today we are in contact with each other and miss each other for the massively intense contact that our bodies have shared.

I shall be sharing other moments with Nishant and many other such instances in subsequent stories of mine. Till then see you and continue with self-love until you find your own Nishant!

Thank you!