Losing Virginity To My Friend

Hi All. This is Nitya from Hyderabad. I get excited when i share my experiences with strangers. So i want to post my experience and your comment will excite me. Coming to myself, I am 23 old fair normal sized girl with 34 -28-34 figure. Before I meet Jay [My boy friend] i was traditional and shy girl. The relationship with Jay really changed my behavior and dressing style.

Coming to story, When i am in my B Tech 2nd yr Jay proposed me. I can’t say no him because he is so handsome and rich. He used to pick me up from hostel and drop me at my hostel. We get close in very less time. He also changed my dressing style slowly. Initially i was very shy to expose but he really changed my feelings. In fact i love to expose. Now i do wear all kinds of dresses. He even selected my inner wears. In the showroom I used to send him the picture of me in bra and panty to select it for me. Even our intimacy paced up slowly .We used to do hugging and kissing in his car. This happened on his birthday.

He called me in the morning and told me to get ready by 7PM. He said he will pick me up and told me that he is hosting a small party at his guest house. So i dressed in red frock with red pushup bra and red panty. So at 7PM he came and picked me and took me to his guest house. We went to his guest house and i was shocked to see that there was no one in the guest house. I asked him where are the other guests he said only you and me. I was impressed.

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We sat on sofa and chatted casually. At 9 PM he ordered food . After we had dinner, he said he will show me the house. We went to first floor where the bed room is located. It was big master bedroom with king size bed. When we entered the room, he closed the door and pushed me to wall. He kissed on my forehead, nose and lips. We lip locked for 15 mins during we exchange each others saliva.

He kissed me on my neck. I lost my senses. Then he slowly took my head into his hand and kissed on my lips. He slowly placed his hand on my left boob. He slowly pressed it and it arouses me. He pushed my on the bed and continued the kissing while pressing my boobs. We slowly got into mood and in no time we got romantic.

Jay: He whispered in my ear “I want to see u get undressed ” [Nuvu dress vipputhunte chudalani undi].
Me: No baby! I am Shy.[ Naku siggu vesthundi ra]

Jay: Nittu! Treat this as my birthday gift [ na birthday gift anuko plz].

Me: Okay just this time. [sare e okkasrike].

Saying that i stood up and went near wall and turned to other side. i slowly lifted my frock over my head. This is the first iam standing semi nude infront of a guy. He got excited and i say that by seeing his widen eyes and opened mouth. I turned towards him and showed my red bra and panty. Facing the wall i slowly removed my bra and panty . Even i got horny. He said you look like an angel. He came near me and grabbed my right boob and started sucking it. he haven’t done this before and i started liking it. It felt like i was in a different world.

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Then he lifted me and pushed me on the bed. He came on top of me and continued the sucking. Slowly he moved towards my pussy and started licking it. Its a new feeling I haven’t experienced this before in my life. In 15 mins i got an orgasm. It was like heaven.

I slept and relaxing and later i got up and getting dressed. He pulled me back on the bed and said its not over. He took a pack of condom from his back pocket and he too undressed himself. His dick is like hot rod. I haven’t seen a real dick that close. He said he want his real birthday gift [ Naku asalaina birthday gift kavali]. I was shocked and said i can’t do this. But my inner feeling says do it. He requested me for 10 mins and after he he knew the trick. he again turned me on by slowly kissing and pressing my boobs. I really dont know why i said yes.

He put condom on his rod and got ready for the adventure. He inserted in my opening and gave a thrust. It went half way but i was really paining like hell. I asked him to take away but he told me to relax. After my pussy got relaxed, he slowly increased the pace and then my pain turns into pleasure. For every stroke, our body automatically moved with the rhythm and after 15 mins he ejaculated. He rested on me and looked into each other.

We understood we both liked it. I got up and started to wear my dress back. But he said on dress today and gave a naughty smile back. To tease him i slow went towards him and touched his relaxing dick.

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I slowly started stroking it again. He again ready for action and lifted me and took me to hall. he made sit on sofa. He took one more condoms and asked me to wear on his dick. I did as he said and he brought his dick near my pussy and teased me. I wasnt able to control the urge and asked him to fuck me. He inserted the his dick in my pussy and this he gave me hard strokes. i was jumping on sofa also my boobs are bouncing with every stroke. After 10 mins we both cummed. Later that night we did 3 more times.

If you guys like my story please comment , So that i will post my other experiences. Next i will post our intercourse in college bathroom.