Love Or Attraction

Hi readers, my name is Kirti and I am from Pune. I got to know about this site from my lover (a married guy). I am 23, working in a BPO, 5 ft 2 in in height and Aman is 30, a manager in one firm, tall 5 ft 8 inches guy with moderate complexion and very handsome. He doesn’t seem to be 30, he looks really young.

This happened 6 months back. We saw each other in the park. Aman was playing with one kid. He was wearing a black shirt and trouser and we exchanged a few stares at each other. Then I was focused on my phone which indicated to him that I was not interested. Later I went back to home.

The next day, the same thing happened and this time, we exchanged smiles.

This continued for a week and I told my friend that I saw a handsome guy in my society and we were looking at each other daily.

Once I and my friend were sitting in the park, waiting for him. Aman came and started talking casually like how society is not maintained, how things are broken and all. Even we agreed to those and later talked about our families. I told him that I stay with my mom and dad and my elder sister is married. Meanwhile, my friend also liked Aman.

Aman said he was staying with his parents and the kid was his nephew.

A few days later, Aman sent me a friend request on a social networking site and I accepted his request. Then we exchanged our numbers.

Soon, we started talking for hours. Initially, we used to talk about general things. After a while, naughty chats started. But I didn’t encourage it much.

Later one day, my family members were out of town and Aman came to my house for dinner. I didn’t have anything in my mind and even though I liked him I was confused.

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Aman had brought chocolates for me and we also went for a long drive after dinner.

While inside the car and during the journey, we had come very close somehow. Aman put his hands in my hair and tried to come closer but I resisted! Then he said, “Kirti, I love you from day 1 when I saw you in the park”. I was shocked and mesmerized at the same time thinking this happened very early.

Then we went home. I was not feeling secure and so he waited at my place and called up a couple of my friends.

He said, “Let’s play some music and talk”.

Two more of my friends (a couple) were at my place. We played some games such as truth or dare. We talked about our embarrassing moments.

We had some drinks and danced. I was still not well and so, I went inside my room. But I realized I had started to love Aman. The way he talked, got around people, the style of his walk – all impressed me.

When Aman came inside my room to check if everything was alright, I just pulled him closer and asked suddenly, “What were you doing in the car?” He said, “Nothing”.

I don’t know what got into me, I pulled his hairs. I noticed he was getting excited. Taking the cue, Aman held my hair and started kissing me. He bit my lips very hard. It was my kiss fourth fifth time kissing a guy.

Aman then went and locked the door. He came back and put his hand around my waist. (I am not too fat or thin). Pressing me to him, Aman said, “You are the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen and perfect to fit in my hand and arms”. Saying this, he smooched me wildly. He even licked and ate my lipstick!

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He then said, “I love you my sexy bitch” and started unzipping my top. I resisted. He stopped and started fondling my boobs from outside. My nipples soon turned red and were paining. He bit my nipples hard from outside. It was my first time I was bitten on my nipples and it was painful.

“You are all mine today,” he said. I just nodded.

Aman then removed his t-shirt. His body was no less than an athlete’s with a shaved chest. He hugged me tightly and started to kiss. I was lost in pleasure. I never had such erotic moments before and I was feeling so lucky to have it with him.

He then removed my top off my shoulder. I was wearing a red top, pants and white lingerie that night. Aman then removed my pants as well.

He picked and threw me on the bed and fell on me and started to kiss me like an angry animal. I did not resist. He removed my bra and started to lick, suck and press my boobs and nipples. Women get excited quickly there as it is one of the most sensitive parts.

My hands then went and touched Aman’s manhood. I was shy but he wanted me to suck it. He gave it in my mouth. Even though I didn’t want to suck his cock, I still sucked his cock a little in that pleasure.

Aman then removed my panties and started kissing on my pussy. He was pressing my boobs hard at the same time. I was so aroused at that time.

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After a few minutes and without thinking much, Aman directly inserted his cock inside my pussy. I screamed like hell but he quickly lip-locked me. I realized I was bleeding as it was my first time.

After some time, I started liking it. Then he changed position and started fucking me in doggy position and spanked my ass hard simultaneously. He fucked me non-stop for the next 10 minutes. I enjoyed it and wanted more of it.

Then we changed position again and had sex lying on the bed. Finally, we both came and were done for the day. We then got fresh and slept by hugging each other.

The next morning also, we had sex and this time, it was under the shower while bathing together. We kissed and fucked in different positions.

These things happened twice more. I started loving him madly and was bunking my office for him. We went for trips.

After a few weeks, he confessed he was married and had a kid. Now I am confused. Was it just an attraction or love? I still love him and okay with the situation but we will have to move on.

My friend also posted a few stories and she suggested I should write and my lover also read this and so I am here. I am in a bad situation and so found this media to share my sorrows. Don’t know if it is right or wrong. Please give your feedback and suggestions on