Lusty Evening

Hi, this Ronny, I am 31 years old, pure chubby bottom from Kolkata. I also like to crossdress in bra and pantie. I have a strong armpit fetish. I like my armpits to be sweaty, shaved and fleshy, inviting guys to lick it and eat my whole soft body.

This is a real-life story of an encounter with an aged Bihari coolie at Patna junction station in a sweaty warm evening.

I always have a dream of seducing dirty men like coolies and getting my armpits licked by them, my soft boobs sucked and getting fucked like a raunchy bhabie.

It was an evening and I was returning from Patna to Kolkata. I was feeling very horny throughout the day and searching gay cruising points in Patna. Luckily, I got to know that Patna junction from where I will be boarding the train will be the best place for gay encounters as it is filled with raunchy men like coolies mazdoor and all.

I planned my day accordingly. My train was at 9 pm. I planned to reach the station by 5 pm so that I got time to get men attracted to me and had at least an hour’s hot gay session.

I purposefully wore a tight short sleeves t-shirt exposing my chubby soft body with boobs that like a class 5-6 girl and my beautifully shaved fleshy armpits which many men would die for. Also, I wore a pink bra inside. On the lower part, I wore a tight white half slacks exposing my fleshy thighs, bubbly ass, and my ass cheek.

I reached the station sharp at 5 and started looking for eyes that were eating my body. After getting scanned sexily with many Bihari men, I made eye contact with a coolie sitting and watching every bit of me on platform 9. He was around the age of 60. His outlook was of my dream bad dirty man.

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I observed him for a good 5 minutes. Oh god, his eyes were so lustful seeing my softness. I tried flaunting my beauty more by exposing my armpits purposefully, standing and itching my side of the boobs from the gap of my sleeveless t-shirt. I was sweating like hell.

To make sure that he was really interested to take me, I moved ahead a distance of 3-4 meters. Oh god, he also was following me. He came and sat on the bench close to which I was standing. This gave me the sign.

I went and sat beside him in a lustful way. His eyes were checking me out. My eyes were reading his eyes. I started my seducing acts with more effort.

I put my hands up so that he faced no problem in eating my sweaty shaved armpits with his eyes. I did it in such a way that as if my neck was paining. Ohh god, he was grasping my armpits and side views of my boobs and my bra.

Suddenly, he asked, “What’s the time?”. That was our first interaction. I said, it is 6. He then got the courage and me too.

He said, “Bahut garmi hain aj aur ap (me) toh pura bhig gaye pasina se..”. He smiled in a lustful manner looking at my armpits. I said, “Yes, the train is at 9 pm. So I am just waiting”.

He smiled. Since my t-shirt was black with net material, my pink bra was totally visible. He asked me, “Ander yeh ap kyun pehene hain..”.

I blushed and said, “Mere chuchia thora soft hai aur bade bhi isliye pehehna parta hai..Aur main theatre mein aurat ka role bhi karte hu. Actually, I am also a part-time theatre artist for an NGO and use to do female roles”.

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He said, wow and asked me to show him any video clip of my theatre act. I said I have some 20 photos of me in my phone in bra and pantie (I love to take selfie photos in that dress in various sexy poses).

He requested me to show those pics to him. I started to show him the pics. He was caressing my thighs and I was getting high. He said to me, “Ap toh pure kamuk aurat jaisa dikti hai”. I blushed again.

He then told me that he has his room nearby and asked if I can join him as he wanted to see more of me. I thanked God because that was the proposal I was dying from this Bihari.

We moved to his room. It was a small dingy room beside the railway tracks. It was dark. He lit a candle and locked the door. Wow, so romantic and lusty environment, I thought.

We both were sweating. The coolie then sat on the bed. I was standing. He switched on the radio and offered some country spirit.

“You drink, I will dance for you”, I said. It was another dream of me of seducing lower-class men by a sexy dance. He was so happy.

I pulled out my sweaty sleeveless. Now I was exposed in my pink bra and white tight short slacks, looking like a sex goddess with perfect amount of flesh on every part of me worshipped by drops of sweat sparkling in the burning light of the candle.

Luckily, the radio was playing, “Mungda song” and I started making sexy dance moves. After 5 minutes, he couldn’t resist himself and grabbed me by my waist. We kissed each other. I held him tightly.

My soft body was melting in his warmth. He started caressing me, my boobs over the bra, my neck, and my belly. Then I turned around. He opened by bra hook and licked my bareback. Oh gosh! I was on cloud 9 by then.

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I moved to a wall, facing him. My both arms were up, inviting him to lick those fleshy armpits. The porter opened his lungi and banayan. He was in his undie with his rock solid cock clearly visible.

He came and grabbed my juicy boobs with his palm and started licking my armpits madly. Oh dear..I was going mad.

He then started licking my broad pink nipples and was pumping my soft boobs as if kneading dough. I was moaning like a randi and craving for more.

Then he opened my slacks and his undie too. He turned me again and started licking my neck while grabbing my boobs from the back and pushing his 8-inches tool between my ass cheeks. Wow! Superb!

I turned and pushed him on the bed. Then I started sucking his dick. Wow, what a dirty smell it had! I was falling in love with this man.

Then I sat on his tool with his hands on my boobs. He was playing with me. After some time, he told me to get in doggy position which I did.

He started licking my ass, asshole, and bumps. Ummm.. Then he pushed his tool into my asshole. “Ahhhhhhh”, I moaned. He pumped me like a horse for a long 10 minutes. He fucked me like a bitch and I was mesmerized with his manhood.

We kissed each other after the erotic dirty gay sex and then exchanged our numbers. He came to the station to drop me.

I miss him and I want to be his biwi one more time.

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