My Birthday Gift

Hello, everyone. I am Neha and I am back with yet another sex encounter. Many of my fans were asking me about my school days and my encounters on my school days. I did have lots of fun during my school days. But, I lost my virginity only when I turned 18. My female friends knew that I have sexual desires and wanted to break my virginity at this sweet age. So they surprised me on that day.

To introduce myself, I am Neha and I am from Indore. I have a body that guys used to die for and I am pretty much proud of my sexy body. To me, sex is an art and I like art lovers. I am currently in Mumbai and I used to work in Bangalore and Delhi once. I did my basic schooling at Indore and my higher studies at Bangalore. This story took place when I was studying at Bangalore.

I was in my high school. I attained puberty when I was in 7th grade. Ever since that day, I wanted to explore sex and wanted to break my virginity very badly. It was not only my dream but the dream any 18-year-old girl would have, the dream my female friends and classmates had and I don’t find it taboo. I was amazed and indeed jealous when most of my friends broke their virginity at the age of 14 and 15. They use to flaunt their sex marks and try to make the virgin girls envious.To be frank we were really possessive of the girls who had boyfriends at this age.

One by one, many of the girls were getting committed and I was really startled when I learned that even the girls with no class or standards or even looks had got a boy.The girls were like hunting for boys but they were not explicit about their search.

I knew that I could get any guy easily but all the guys coming on my way were either not so good looking or a dumbass. The guys in my class were scared of a sexual relationship. I belong to a strict and conservative family where speaking of sex is a sin. I can’t even bring guys home. My parents use to check on my bag very often ever since my mother found a love letter in my Physics textbook. I was even grounded for a week.

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I felt that I don’t want to end up being a loser. I shared my desires and feelings to all my friends. They were feeling sorry for me as they have seen me suffering the lifetime imprisonment at my own home.

A week before my birthday, my bestie Farah came home. She is very friendly to my parents and they treat her well because according to the outside world, she belongs to a conservative and religious family. They would trust her with their lives. She also belonged to a reputed family, where her father holds a higher official rank. They were very much respected and so my parents were trusting her blindly.

She told my parents that she and some of her family members have planned a surprise birthday party for me. First, they hesitated as usual and later they were convinced by her magic words. I knew that my parents would not be interested in celebrating my birthday party as they never considered birthdays as special days in one’s life. Finally, they gave me a day pass to stay in my friend’s residence for my birthday. She took me to her home the previous night and we had a good chat with her family.

To my surprise, Farah told her parents that we are about to celebrate my birthday with other classmates at her guest house which is located far from the city. She is always her father’s pet and so she is sanctioned with her plan for one night. Even her parents trust me like my parents trust her’s.

So, at 7:00 PM, we went to her guest house. Leaving us there, her driver left saying that he would be back at early morning.

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Soon, the other girls in my class came there and were making some arrangements. I was guessing that they would probably make my cut a birthday cake and would have a few drinks for the night. I was almost right and the arrangements looked so.

Around at 8:00 PM, we started to drink. We were told previously that we were not supposed to drink too much as much awaited gift is yet to be unleashed. I was like “what the hell are they talking about? Unleash?”.

I was not high at all as I was very much curious to know what else they have got to amuse me for the night. We played some games and at sharp 12:00 AM, they brought the birthday cake in front of me. It looked delicious. It was a black forest with many decorations which I don’t remember now as that was suppressed by the coming surprises.

We had the cake and were not in any mood to waste the cake by throwing on each other as they were too yummy.Then, I was blindfolded and was told that I should touch and tell everyone what my 18th birthday surprise was. After a couple of minutes, they told me that my gift was ready and was right in front of me.

I stretched my hands to touch the gift. When I touched it, I was shocked and felt like I touched something and that was moving. I touched it again and it felt like a flexible rod with many wires inside. Then, I understood that I was touching a man’s cock. The touch was shocking in a good manner and felt real. His muscles inside the cock were deliberate. The soft skin was worn out and the skin was very fragile and delicate to touch.

One of the girls shouted that I should wear the dress which I wore when I was born. Soon others helped each other to make me naked.

After that, I was naked and blindfolded and was touching a guy’s penis. Girls around me were shouting,”Suck it. Suck it. Suck it.” This felt like a Deja Vu because I have seen and heard this phrase in porn videos where a bride is enjoying a blowjob of male stripper on her hen’s party. Not because the girls were insisting, I really wanted to suck a grown man’s cock and so I took the penis to my mouth.

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First, I licked the end of the cock and it felt so good. Then, I licked the balls and they were not bad as well. I could hear the girls cheer going loud when I was doing this.

Slowly, I got familiar with the cock and we came to a good communication. I could feel the cock shivering when I started to suck it. I took the full cock inside and the feeling was overwhelming. I did it again and again and the ambiance motivated me to suck the penis harder and harder.

After a while, the guy stopped me by holding my head. He made me lie down and inserted his hard tool in my pussy.He was doing it very slowly as he knew that I was virgin then. He started to move slowly inside me. After a couple of minutes, he moved faster and it was paining. I started to bleed but the feeling that gave me suppressed all the pain.

After a good sex, he came inside my pussy and broke my virginity. My friends helped me clean everything and I slept there that night.

Next morning, I woke up with the feeling in me that, I wasn’t a girl anymore and from the previous night I was a woman. I still haven’t seen the face of the man who broke my virginity. All I knew was that he was a paid male prostitute.

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