My Dear Girlfriend Kinjal

Hello boys and girls and special hello to my beautiful and hot bhabis and aunties .Thank you for giving your time for my story .This is your friend Vikash Rathore from the living city Ahmadabad , Gujarat. Mail me if you like this story at .I am doing my third year at a collage in Ahmadabad. I have very normal physique and looks, but I am good at my studies and am a man at peace so I got a good reputation in school and college.

this story is long but it’s very erotic so read with your passions. As you all know I am living and study in Ahmadabad but my native place is somewhere in Gujarat. This story is about when I was studying in 12th science in my native city. This is about my class mate cum my neighbor Kinjal. I and Kinjal were studying in the same school plus same class. We were also neighbors. We lived some kilometers outside the city. The place was surrounded by farms .She lived in front of my house. She was a topper of our school but she was naughty girl. She was a good looking girl with medium complexion and good figure.

Till class 10 I was studying in different school so I didn’t know her so well. But when I passed my SSC I got admission in her school. At start we were in different class because I opted math’s but after sometime I changed for biology so I got transferred in her class our class teacher made me sit behind her . When I sat there, she turned and smiled at me but I was a shy man so I didn’t smiled back so she turned ahead. At that time I wasn’t in to girls so much so I usually don’t talk to girls. In free time in class I just put my head on the bench and just stay like that till our teacher come.

In our class there were around 50 students. But there was a one computer lecture when 25 of us have to move to other class because other students have opted sports instead of computer. I and Kinjal both opted for computer so always we have to change class for one hour. This period have been mostly of free time because our teacher wasn’t recruited yet so all students just chat some of them go to library, some of them go for playing, after that hardly 5 to 10 students has to be in class I was one of them because I just like to sit there and stay there for reading or like my habit put head on bench and just stay like that .Kinjal also stay there for reading or chatting with her friends. Students who stays back there most of them were girls like 5 or six from the 10 students. They sit there and chat.

On one normal day it was the computer period and teacher wasn’t there I was laying my head on the bench and have closed my eyes. Suddenly somebody called my name I suddenly woke up and looked up it was Kinjal she asked then why you always sleep like that I replied because I like it and again put my head on the bench . She asked then said looks like you are missing someone and laughed then. I replied smiling ‘ no, nothing like that ‘. Then the bell rung I got up and started walking towards our class she started walking with me. Our main class is on second floor so it takes some time to get there. I was just walking silently. She was walking beside me. She asked ‘ you live in front of my house? ‘I replied ‘ yes I think so ‘. She said ‘ but you never seem to come outside to play. I said ‘ I just don’t like that ‘. She replied ‘ why ‘ I said just no reasons for that ‘ she replied ok. I asked her name she said her name was Kinjal than she asked my name I said that my name is Vikash.

We reached to class and sat there and the day passed. On that day when school was over. I was on my bike going back to my house my house is around 5 km from school. Kinjal came on activa and said hi to me I replied hello. She asked how was the day I replied it was good. When I entered in my society my mother was standing there she saw me and Kinjal coming she waved her hand saw I went there she waved Kinjal to come there so she also come. She said hi Kinjal. Kinjal replied hello aunty. I came to know then that my mother and kinjal’s mother are good friends so Kinjal knew my mother well. My mother asked Kinjal ‘ are you in Vikash’ class ‘ she replied yes aunty. My mother said take care of him he is new in your school. Kinjal replied ok aunty I will take care of him and she went to her house.

Next day we were sitting in computer class, Kinjal came and said that her mother and my mother knew each other from years so I know your mother also but I didn’t know you till tomorrow, looks like you are very shy boy. I replied yes that’s right I am shy .she smiled and sat beside me I just start feeling uncomfortable she noticed that and smiled and said why you are shy of me I am your new friend , girls got shy like that not boys .I smiled back . She asked why you don’t come out at night for sitting. I said I just don’t know anybody at there, she said now you know me come today I said I try. She said try hard and smiled.

After someday I and Kinjal got good friends. She was a good girl but sometimes she gets naughty and talks double meanings line. I didn’t like that I said her if you continue to talk like that I will not talk to you she said sorry. I said ok. But she always breaks her promise not to talk double meaning so one day I warned her for that.

After someday I and my friends including Kinjal were sitting in the class. We were chatting about things. In the chatting Kinjal made a double meaning point so I got furious and got up and get away from there. After some time Kinjal came near me and said sorry I said go to hell and don’t talk to me again she said sorry but I said I had warned her but she didn’t stopped so this is the limit. I scolded her bad and said her not to talk ever to me. For someday she tried to speak to me but I didn’t give her response so she stopped trying.

After someday I felt bad for what I have done I realized I had a soft corner for her I thought that I liked her. But I know that she was not a good girl by her behaviour but though that I liked her. She talks to all the boys in class when she got chance talk to some boys she get started to talk so I didn’t liked her. After me scolding her she got sad and not talked to anybody for that day so I thought that she got feeling for me but on other day she started to talk to everybody. So I wiped my thought of her liking me and started constraint in my studies.

After some days I was laying like always. I felt that someone is looking at me I got up and looked up I saw that Kinjal was looking at me but when I looked there she turned her look to her friends. It makes my mind thinking about her but I controlled myself and started studying.

After some days it was a school project week so I have to make school project we have to make it in pair. Fortunately or unfortunately me and Kinjal was in same work so we have to work together. I asked our teacher to change my project but he didn’t help me. So I have to work with Kinjal I was internally happy because I have to work with her but I also disliked it because how she was.

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In our lab I was working on the project then Kinjal came there and said hi but I didn’t replied and continue to work her again said hi but I did not reply she got angry and said what your problem is? I replied nothing. She said if you have no problem why you are being like this, you don’t talk to me, you don’t look at me, why are you acting like this? I replied you know the reason. She said because I talk like that and behave boldly. I said yes that’s the problem. What is that reason for not talking to me, if boys can talk like that why I not. Because you are a girl, I replied. She said if you don’t want to talk to me I also don’t want to talk to you bye. She got away from there very sadly. After some time it was the recess time and I was standing alone on second floor. Kinjal came there and said ‘ don’t you think that you are the only boy on the face of earth whom I have talk to ‘ .I said so why are you keep coming back to me go and talk to some other boy.

She said because I….. . I asked what. She replied because I love you. I said oh now you love me. if you love me why you always talk to other guys like the way I don’t like and when I asked you to stop talking like that you never stopped , I think no girl will do anything what her lover don’t like . She said I was checking if you have feelings like me toward me. I said I always liked you but after that incident I realized that you cant change for me so I stopped liking you and said to her that never ever say that you love me because if you had loved me you should have changed for me . And then I got away from them I saw her she was looking sad.

I got home and entered in my room and laid on my bed and started thinking what have I said I felt sorry for that but I felt that it was okay . At night my mother said Kinjal was outside and calling me. I got down the bad and went outside the house she was standing there I get near her and asked what? She locked and around and said what I have to change to get your love? I said why you want to change? She said that I love and I can’t live without you please forgive me please I will do whatever you say. I asked anything? She said everything you say. I said ok first of all you have to stop talking to any boy except me for 1 month and you have to be simple girl. She asked is it all. I said yes. She came near me I said not now I bet that you can’t live without talking to boys if you can prove that you can do this for getting me. She said I can do everything for you. I said ok we will see.

In the school I see her she was seating on her place she was quite and reading a boy came there and said hi but to my surprise she didn’t replied .she stopped talking to boys it is like 10 days now she didn’t talked to any boy. after some days I thought that maybe be she truly loved me so I one day called her for meeting me in our lab .when she come I directly kissed her on lips and said I love you too . She hugged me and said thank you for believing me .she said I want to tell you something which you should not like. It’s everything ok if you truly love me. She replied I truly love you. But I want to say that I…… am not virgin. I said what? She said don’t get me wrong it was not my choice please forgive me. I said ok but you truly love me? She said hugging me yes I do. We hugged each other hard.

Kinjal was being loyal to me she stopped talking in bad way like she was talking in past she was good and neat just for me I was loving her . After someday there was this festival called “navaratri” where people dance garba at night till the early morning. At one of this night I was sitting in terrace of my home. I heard somebody coming , soon I found out it was Kinjal she came and saw me laying there on a bed type sofa she came near me and laid beside me and hugged me I hugged her back and said hi baby . I said please close the terrace door somebody might see us. She said that she already closed it. She was laying there hugging me tightly. I asked what the plan is. She said I want to be with you like this all the night. I asked don’t want to play garba with your friends. She said no not today .she slept on me after some time she was sleeping. She seems like an angel .she was in salwar. She was looking very pretty. I never got feeling of sex towards her. But on the second night of navaratri she was in jeans and t-shirt and it was very tight.

I was standing at the ranch of terrace. She came and hugged me from back. I turned and kissed her on her chick she got shy. I said it’s the first time you got shy because of me. She smiled and hugged me. I came near my sofa and sit there she made her legs go around my legs and sat on my legs and came near my face I was looking in her eyes she had held me from my neck . Suddenly something happened to me and I kissed her lips softly she closed her eyes .I went smooching her. She was responded but I made her away and stood up and said sorry. She nothing said and just was standing there. She asked then why you did that I said I don’t know. Then my mother called me downstairs. She went to her house.

After that night I can’t make eye contact to her. When I went school nobody was there so I got there and sat there. After sometime Kinjal came she put her bag there and looked over me and was going back I was looking her, at the door she turned and came near me. Now I was looking on floor. She sat beside me and said looking downwards it’s not only your fault what happened in night and forget it happens. She held my hand and kissed my chick and said its ok .I said thank you for that. Then we heard students coming so we got separated.

On the other day I was getting ready for the school. Kinjal’s mother came and said ” Vikash please take Kinjal with you her activa got punctured. I said ok aunty. I got ready and started my bike and went in front of her house and blew horn. Kinjal came out and sat on bike. She sat on bike like old woman sit. I said her to sit straight. She said not from here I will sit from the highway. When we reached highway she sat straight holding me from shoulder I said make a good grip she wrapped her hand around my stomach. She felt very warm. When I was driving I made a quick break on a jump she got pushed in me. I felt her breast on my back. They were very soft. I said sorry she said its ok. I was breaking my bike a lot. She just held me and enjoying. When we reached school everybody was watching us. Kinjal got shy and me also I stopped bike near her friends they were looking at us. I smiled at them and dropped Kinjal there. In the computer class there was only me, Kinjal and her friend there, Kinjal asked her to leave she got up and leave. Kinjal came near and sit there holding my hand, her hand were very soft. She said I love you. I kissed her chick and said me too. At the and of school we got back on my bike like the morning. She said is your breaks are faulty? And smiled, I smiled back. She was going I said come at 10 pm on my terrace. She said ok and left.

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At the night I waited for Kinjal but she didn’t came I called her but her phone was swathed off. So I slept, the next day was Sunday. I got up and looked at Kinjal’s house she wasn’t out there. Than my mother said that Kinjal’s parents are out of town for marriage, they left early this morning. She said wash up and takes this tea and chips to Kinjal’s house for giving them. I bathed and get to her house I shouted from outside “Kinjal” she said coming. She opened the door and I was amazed by the scene. She was in the towel and dripping .I looked her tip to toe .she was looking preety and sexy. She said come in. I got in kissed her chick and gave her the tea .she said thank you. I sat there on sofa she said wait here I will change my cloths.

Then she went to the bed room. She comes back after some time she was in green tight salwar. She was looking green hot. She sat beside me and started making tea. Her back was open I gazed there she was milky white. I got some sexy thought of her and this time I can’t stop them. She said that something is itching in her back and asked me to rub. I took my hand and put her on back, ah she was like silk I rub my hand over her back she closed her eyes and said downer I rubbed her more she was getting hot. I made her stood up and took her salwar a little up and blew air on her back by my mouth. She was at high. I saw her back and her ass it was a great seen her figure must be around 32 28 33. She was hot and sexy. I asked her is it itching now she said no it’s fine now .she sat and started making coffee, her hand was trembling. I know that she was hot.

Now she was drinking tea I held my hand on her lap she saw me and smiled. She wiped her hand in my hair and continues drinking tea. After drinking the tea she got up and got to kitchen and started washing cup and dish. I got there silently and hugged her she turned her head back and smiled. I wrapped my hand over her stomach and looked at her neck and back area. There was water drops on her neck and shoulder. I took out my tongue and licked it. Kinjal was like she had a current passed in her body but she didn’t say any thing. I continue licking her. She was liking it and making sounds ” ahh ah ahh ahhh ” I turned her and held her hand she was supported by the wall and started kissing her. She was responding me. I started smooching her she was giving me response. She was breathing heavily.

I left her hand she wrapped them in my neck I hold her waist by my hands. She was enjoying it. I started moving my hands on her waist then I moved them to her ass. She had a very good ass it was very big. I gentle pressed it she moaned “ahhhhhh “I then moved my hands to her back and started caressing her back. I stopped smooching her and moved to her neck and started licking her she started moaning and pulling my hair “ahhh ahhh ahh aoo ahh” I took her one leg and wrapped around me. I massaged her legs she was very high she pulled my hair forcefully. I moaned in pain” ahhhoo” she said sorry. I again started kissing her and massaging her back. She loved it. Suddenly my phone rung and we came in our sense it was my mom I controlled my breath and answered

She was calling me. My mom said that I have to go to market for some things. I said ok. Kinjal’s breath was not in her control I care her back made her calm and asked her if she wanted to come to market. She was now in her control she said ok 10 minute I get ready.

I came to my house, washed my face and got ready for going. I started my bike and went to Kinjal’s house, and blew the horn. She took 15 minute for coming out. I asked why you took this long. She said I was changing my clothes. She was in cloths which she wore in morning. I asked but you didn’t change. She smiled and said I did. I understood what she had changed. Then we went to market in the market I bought all needed things for home then when we were returning to home. I saw a cute black dress. I pointed it and asked Kinjal ‘ will you were it? She said no it’s too short. I said please dear for me. She said ok but only one time I will wear it. I said ok. I went in store and bought it. Then we got home .Kinjal had dinner at our home then she went to her house my mom send me with her to sleep there for her safety.

She was opening the lock by banding because it was a little low her ass was looking great in that poster. I imagined her ass in the clothes I bought. The cloths were a loose black top and a skirt which was 4 inch high from her knee. When we entered I handed her the dress and say to wear it. She took it made me sit on the sofa .she then took black duppata of her and made me blind fold. I smiled and she went to change the cloths. I was there waiting for her. After some time I heard sound of her payal. It was a divine sound. She sprayed some ascent over her body. It was amazing. She came near me and sat there I found her hand and kissed her hand. She smelled amazing. I kissed her hand again and asked her to open the blindfold. She said first close your eyes I am shy.

I closed my eyes and she opened that duppata she said open your eyes. She was looking downwards she was looking black hot I saw her and my cock got up but I was in jeans it was not noticeable. I looked down her legs. I first time looked her legs because I only had seen her in salwar so it’s not possible to see her legs. Now I see her legs they were milky white they have no hair on them. She was trying to hide her legs with her hands. I held her both hands with my hands. She didn’t protest she just gave her self to me. I held her from her chin and made her look up. She looked me I kissed her lips softly. She held my both hand and wrapped them in her waist and held my arms. I was kissing her I felt her breath was going faster. I started smooching her. She tasted very sweet this time. I was moving my hand in her back. I made her stand and started opening her hair I sat her hair free. I moved them aside and started kissing her neck. She started moaned “ahh ahhh ahhh ahh aaoo ohhh aaaa”

I then moved my both hands toward her breast but I stopped at lover part and started caressing her stomach. She was high “ahhh ahh ahh haaa ohh “. I turned her and started licking her neck and upper chest “ahh ahhh ahhh hhhhh aaaa aaaa” she had closed her eyes, her breaths were very high” aaaahhh aahh ahhhh ahh “she was pulling my hair I was in sweet pain of love. I again started kissing her. I got to her chick kissed there and sucked her ear lobe ” ahh ahh ah aahhh ahh ahhh ” I loved it and she was enjoying it .then I left her west and go for her top and started pulling it off Kinjal tried to stop me but before she can do any thing the top was off her bare body . She started covering her body with her hands. I held her hands and started kissing them. Doing like this I reached till her under arms she was smelling great I licked her under arms.

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She moaned “aaaaaaa haaaa aaaaa ahhh ahh ahhhhh aaaa” than I moved to her upper chest and started licking. She did “ahh ahhh ahhh ” I turned her towards the wall and made her stand there. She was just standing I started caressing her back. And then started licking her I opened my shirt then. And stacked my body to her she was enjoying it. I moved my hands to her breast and this time I touched them, they were very firm and tight. I slowly pressed them. Kinjal moaned “ahhhhhhhhhhh babyyyyyyy” I started licking her back and pressing her boobs, she was very high “ahhhh ahhh ahh oohhhhh ahhha a aaaaa oohhhh aaahh”

Then I moved my hands back and opened her bra. She covered her boobs with her hands. I moved her hands and started massaging her boobs. she just did ” ahhh ahh ahhh ahhhh ahhh ” I pinched her nipples with my fingers she said ” aaaaooooo janu don’t ” but I didn’t stop . I turned her slowly she again covered her boobs. I kissed her hands and took them away. I hold both the boobs they were in normal size but they were firm and nipples were erected and hard like stone.

I pressed the right one and started sucking the other she put her hands on my head and started moaning ” ahhh ahhh ahhhhh ahhhhhhhh aooooohhhh ” I was in heaven . They tasted sweet. she was just moaning ” ahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ” I stareted pressing it hardly and pinching nipple with my teeth she just moaned hard and hard ” ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh bbbbbaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbyyyyy ssssssuuuuuccccccckkkkkk tttttttheeeeemm hhhhhhaaaard aaaaahh “she stiffened for some time she had her orgasm she was breathing heavily ” ahhhh ahhhahhh ahhhh ahh “I leave her boobs and started kissing her lips .she hold me tight and hugged me tight . She said I lovvvee yoouuu baaaby. I asked where you are bed room. She pointed me her bed room. I held her in my arms and started walking towards the bed room. There was a bi room with a big bed. I threw her on bed and laid on her and started kissing her.

She was high she was pressing her boobs by her self. I asked her enjoying? She said very much. I went down licking her neck then her both boobs she just moaning ” ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhhhhhhha aaaaahhh “I got down till her navel and pushed my tongue in her navel she moaned loud ” ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ” then I moved my one hand in her thighs and massaged her there she was very hot . I came up massaging and started doing circle massage around her pussy. She moaned “ahhh ahh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhh”

Then I moved my hand on her pussy and started massaging her pussy she started breathing hard and moaning ” ahhhh ahh ahhh hhh hahhhh ahhh ” I was doing it up from clothes I than got down her legs and started licking her leg fingers . I licked both legs fingers she just was moaning “ahhh ahhh aaa “I then started licking her legs by going down her legs she tasted very good. I reached little up from her knees and started licking her upper thighs. She moaned “ahhh ahhhh ahhh “then I put my hands on skirt and started opening it. soot it was open I pulled her down and make it off her body. then I started licking her thigh I moved furthered near her pussy. I touched her pussy with my tongue from her panty, she shouted “aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh” then I sucked her pussy she was just moaning “aaaaa ahhh ahhhh ahhhhahhh ahhhh “I than pulled her panty down. I then made her legs wide and get between them and started kissing her legs then I moved to her love hole and started licking her clit she started moaning “ahhh ahhh hhhhhhahhhh ahhhooooo ahhhooooo ” I widen her pussy lips with my hand and pushed my tongue in her pussy ” aaaaahhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhh aaahhh ahhhahahh ahhhhhahhhh ” she just did . I did it for very long her orgasm 2 times during this. then I got up and opened my pants.

Kinjal got up and started kissing my chest. she pushed me on bed and started kissing me. she got down and touched my underwear I told her to take it off she closed her eyes and touched my cock and too k off my underwear I said her touch it baby .she touched it .but she took her hand of . I hold her and pushed her down and started sucking her pussy “aahhhh ahhhh hhhhhhhha hhhhhhhh ahhh “her orgasm. I asked her can I do it now. she said ok but does it slowly. I got between her legs and put a pillow under her ass. and took her legs on my shoulder. her pussy was visible to me. I took my cock and moved it on her pussy she was doing ahh ah ahh ahh. she said does it? I put top of my cock on her pussy hole and slowly entered it. she said “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa takeeeee itt out “I took it out. I got down and kissed her and made her calm. I again put my cock in her pussy and pushed a little it went a little. she moaned “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I then held her both hand and said her be ready. she asked what? but I give a big jerk and pushed my cock in her pussy she shouted “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh” I kissed her and pressed her boobs. I made her completely calm and started giving strokes. she started moaning “aaahhhh ahhhhhh ahhhh ahhhhhh yyaaaa hhhhh aaaahhhhhhh ahhhh” I was getting in pace she was enjoying it “ahhh hh ahhhh ahhh ahhh “she felt very good to me. she was not a virgin which she told me but she was tight though.

I was at my full pace and stroking her very hard now she was screaming and moaning “aaaaaaaaaaaa ahhhh aaaaaaaa ahhhhhh ahhh ahhh oooooo” she got stiff and put her nail on my back and hurt me their but I liked it . I asked her can you ride me. she said I can try. I pulled my cock back it was very hot. I lay on bed. Kinjal came up on me and started kissing me she started sucking my nipples, I said put it in darling she got up and held my cock and put it in her pussy “ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh ” she moaned. she started first riding me slowly but after sometime she got very excited and started driving me like crazy “a ahhhh ooohhh yyyeee oohhhh ahhhhhhahhh hhaaa oaaaaa ooa yyeeee” she was giving me fun I was in seventh heaven she made me enjoy it very much . “ahhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhh ahhh” she was fucking me very bad “aaaa yyyyaaa aaaaa hhaaaa yyyesss” I was going to come I get her face down and started pressing her boobs and kissing her. she got tighten her pussy grip over my cock and she orgasm and me too she fell on me. I kissed her and caressed her. she said I love you dear. I said I love you too. I enjoy this sex very much .I slept in her arms caressing her.

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