My First hot Sex

I am Saniya writing my first sex encounter. I came from India to London for my college studies. My room mate Ayesha took me to a night club to show me around the city. I was amazed with environment of club. Girls kissing girls, boys banging a girl in front of everyone.

We both had 2 shots and we were dancing. I was in pink one piece short dress. I like to wear short and tight dress as it shows my figure.

We both were dancing and suddenly a boy approached us. He was an Anglo African. Ayesha knew him so she was bit frank with him but I was bit conserved. We shook hands and he looked me in my eyes as if he wants to eat me alive.His name was Nelson.

Nelson took my friend Ayesha in corner of club and she took me also. They both started dancing erotically. Nelson hugged him from behind. His hands on Ayesha’s waist and Ayesha looked at me with sexy eye expression like it was normal. I was conscious but she told me that it would be OK as this was my first time. She told me to dance with us and I also started dancing.

I was seeing Nelson was grabbing my friend’s ass and his dick was swollen in his pants and Ayesha invited him to kiss his neck. I was surprised to see and I was getting turned on.She saw me and she grabbed me by waist and I was bit nervous but I was finally happy to see real porn.

Then my friend hugged me from behind and I started dancing in her lap and nelson was watching us. I had cleavage out from my dress and Ayesha constantly fondle my boobs. I was so turned on that I really needed to get some sex.

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Then suddenly nelson grabbed me from my waist and kissed my neck and pressed my ass. I was surprised but I allowed him. He kissed me for around 5 minutes.

Then he took me and my friend to his house. There my friend made me sit in his lap. I was feeling his dick. I did not knew how to lead then nelson unzipped my dress from behind and removed my dress. Ayesha was cheering me. He was on me and kissing my neck, my boobs, my navel, my back and my ass too.

Then he hugged from behind and removed my bra. He started squeezing my boobs and pinching my nipples. My nipples got hard and I demanded more by holding his hands. I was slowly getting open minded about this. Then he sucked my boobs and I enjoyed each and every second.

Now he took my panties off and started kissing my thighs and kept fondling my ass.

He made me sleep and started sucking my pussy. Ayesha told him that I was virgin and told to be soft. He was good to be soft on me. He licked nicely and inserted 1 finger in my pussy and I started shouting. He was strong to hold me and kept inserting. A little blood came out.

Ayesha took a tissue and helped me to wipe the blood. Now he inserted again. He kept doing in-out for around 5 minutes. Ayesha was fondling my hairs and kissing me.

He now inserted his tongue inside my pussy. I was in heaven. He started doing circular motion in my pussy and I grabbed ayesha’s hand very hard. I was moaning in pain. I cummed and he sucked my pussy juices. I took a deep breath and sat for 2 minutes.

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Now Ayesha took my hand to nelson’s pants and told me to undress him. I did what she said. I was surprised to see the size of his dick. Huge 9 inch dick with 3 inch thickness.Ayesha stroke his dick and told me to do the same. I did and she took my mouth towards his dick and told to kiss it. I was bit turned off but she forced me to do.

I kissed it and kept stroking the dick. It was very hard now. She now sucked the dick like a lollipop. I did the same. I enjoyed it. I was not able to take fully but I enjoyed it. Now nelson picked me up in his hands and put me on bed.

Ayesha opened my legs and Nelson came on me. He slowly started inserting his dick in my pussy. I cried as it was my first time. But slowly it went inside. He fucked me slowly for 10 minutes. He suddenly increased the speed and my boobs started jumping with it.

He grabbed my one boob and kept fucking for 15-20 minutes. I cum after that. Still he kept fucking as he said that he has good capacity. He made me sit on table. I opened my legs. He was standing in front of me and started fucking me.

I tied my arm around his shoulder as he kept fucking me. He did for around 20 more minutes. He took the dick out and his sperm came out like a launcher and landed on my boobs. Ayesha sucked all the cum and after that we went home.

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This was my first sex with an Anglo African guy.

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