My first sex encounter

My name is Rehan. I am 26 years of age and live now in Dubai. I am a average in color, personality and Height as an Indian. After reading many stories of ISS, I have self Motivated to write this description which I had done in my College days, when I was in 21. As common there were picnic for our college, all our friends and 2 of our lecturers have deiced to go to Vizak(Which is a Harbor place in Andhra Pradesh -India) for 4 days trip. But as usual there were problems with our Class Girls, they were feeling insecure for 4 days and thinking how to drop the trip. But thanks to our kalyani medam who have helped our boys, to get their girlfriends on board. As we have decided we have to start our journey in the night 9 pm. So that we can have good sleep in the bus and will reach the spot in the early morning 7pm and try to locate a Lodge and fresh our self and start the day with a journey to a Hill. So we have told girls to get to a spot where we can collect all of them in one place at 8 pm.

But unfortunately we were missing a girl at the spot and her name was Aruna Jothi (name is changed). And all the boys were deying for her to get her on the bus, as she was the most beautiful and sexy girl of our college(32-28-30 which i came to know later). As her home was nearby to my home, my lecture had asked me about her weather is she willing to come or not. Then Immediately I took a Chance to call her and asked her about the situation. And she replied me by saying that she had stuck up in a traffic and will be there in 15 mints. I was feeling very happy that at last I have got an opportunity to talk to her. As she cam on the bus all were very surprised to see her in a very different look as she had arrived in a night dress(shirt and Trouser). Then she came near to my seat and search for the place to put her language, she got a place on top of my seat.

When she started to put her language on top, her shirt was going up and i was able to see her belly in a nice shape like milky white marbel. Then to my surprise she was looking to me when I was looking to her belly. Then I just gave a small smile on my lips and turned my head ensuring her that i haven’t seen her belly. Then the loosing night of mine and her virginity started and I was not know what is going to happen at that time. Aruna gave a small smile on her lips and called me to help her so that she can put her language on top of my seat. And I helped her and surprised to hear from her by asking weather my adjacent seat is empty or not. And without any hesitation I said her its empty. Then she requested me to give my window seat for her. Then the process of our body touching started, I had felt her boobs on my face and her thighs on mine for fraction of seconds and that made me to think crazy of her and to do something so that she start liking me and have a fuck with me.

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Timed passed and all our friends started playing games like antrakshi (songs). It went for 1:30mints and all were trying to sleep on their seats and driver had closed the lights of inside the bus as he had touched the Highway. Then Aruna asked me to get a blanket from her language as she was feeling very cold. I took her a blanket and tried to cover her body by that blanket, in that process i had felt her round boobs again and I was sure she had also felt that. But there was no any objection. And again i sat on my seat and started to her songs from my Cell by putting head phones on. Then she asked me weather she can barrow one end of my head phones so that she can also here the music. I had given her and as there was no enough length of my headphones wire we were sitting in a situation where her head was on top of my left hand shoulders. And timed had passed and i can feel her hands on top of my body as she was sleeping on my shoulder and her right hand was on my chest and left hand was on my left leg thigh. And this made me more crazy and some thoughts ran in my mind.

Why should not I touch her boobs as she was sleeping, then I slowly started to remove her blanket and tried to keep my hand in the blanket and then on of a sudden i felt a huge round and smooth boobs were in my hand where i felt her shirt buttons were totally open. I was very surprised to feel that her top buttons were open, and one of a sudden i felt something is moving on my left thigh and when i put my hand there i was shocked to feel Aruna’s hand was making a way for my cock. And then I saw Aruna’s face as she had opened her eyes and saw me with a mischief smile on her face. Then i got a huge courage and started to massage on her boobs and asked her to remove her bra. And she told me to unhook myself and not to remove it totally. And she also asked me to unzip my paint and get her a view of my 5.9″ cock. Then i removed my trouser hook and downed till my thighs and done the same thing with my underwear. And she was surprised to see a cock first time in her life in a fully grown position with my cell phone’s light, and started to play with my balls and masturbate with her hand.

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I started to play with her boobs and tingle on her tits and made her arose by fingering her rock hard tits. Then she asked me she will go beneath my seat and sit in front of my cock so that she want to feel my cock in her mouth as she had seen in many blue films. Then she started to move down and i kept an eye on my friends as no one was awake, she went down and started to take my balls first and lick it. I was in a Seventh Sky, where our college sexy girl is licking my balls and playing with my cock in and out of her mouth. I was unable to control for longer and without any intimation i let my cum in her mouth. She started to split it out as it was her first time. She punched my cock away from her mouth , but it was late as she can feel of my cum on her face , on her boobs and in her mouth. Then i gave her my handkerchief to clean herself. She cleaned and came up. And asked me to go down in between her legs and do the same, I was little hesitant but do not want to lose the chance of dream girl’s pussy.

Then I rechecked total bus and slowly went down and took an opportunity to pull het night trouser as it was made of elastic and to my surprise she was not wearing her panties. And saw her cleaned shaved pussy with my cell phone’s light, I had seen her pink pussy lips and at first i was not able to put my mouth near her pussy as it was smelling some bitter in taste and smell. So i started to put my finger on her pussy and felt her pussy was wet with some sticky lotion on it. She had closed her eyes and asked me to do it slowly and insert my finger slowly as she was feeling pain. Then I took some courage and removed my fingers and took my mouth near her pussy and started to lick her pussy and with no time i had felt her pussy as sweet but also i started my tongue digging her pussy inn.

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She started mooning and pressing my head deeper and deeper, she was taking sounds “mmmhhhh, aaaahhhh oowwhhhh” and pushing my head by her hands inside her pussy. And in no time i have felt a huge lava on my once and face as she had give a huge sound “aaaaahhhhhhh mmmuuuuhhhhh oooowwwwwwwwwwww”. I was embraced with that situation and got up from down came on my seat quickly and covered her and me with her blanket. And saw her face by cleaning through my kerchief. She was feeling very satisfied and came near or my face and pulled my head near her boobs and feeder me as her child. The we dressed our self and took each other in our Arams and kissed each other and i got a longest and ever remembered lip kiss from her for at least 20 to 30 mints long.

Hello friends, this is my true and really happened incident in my life, but this had made my life a big turn from a nice boy to a play boy. I had enjoyed Aruna for 2 years and we two enjoyed each other company in that trip and after that trip till she got married. I can explain u and tell you the further incident how we had loose our virginity in my next episode, but I really need your support and help about my writings.