My Friend’s Hot Mom

I’m Alok a 21 year old male from North India, single. I’m fair, well-groomed, like only decent sex with fine women and many of my colleagues say I’m the perfect bachelor out there. For all those wondering what this indian chudai sexy story is about, it’s about how I got a chance to fuck my friends hot mom!

Now coming to this story which is about one my friend Jignesh’s mom Bharti aged 40. To describe her a bit, she’s nothing short of being angelic. Nobody, not even those who know her can say her age is 40. She never looked more than 30. Nobody would say she’s the mom of a son aged the same as me.

She had maintained her so well even after so many days after marriage and childbirth. It was a view to see her jogging every morning sharp at 6 towards the gym nearby. The boys of our locality would wake up and perch themselves on their terraces. Just to watch her perfect ass jiggle with every step. My friends hot mom has big boobs!

Her deadly waistline behind a short T-shirt ending 2 inches above her navel showing the deep beauty spot and hips. I’m sure she was the shag material for almost all boys there including me. I used to shag at least 3-4 times a week seeing her pictures.

Despite being so sexy and modern, she was a very traditional woman back at home. Whenever I visited her home she would always be in saree draped conservatively around her full body. Rarely though I could see her in a transparent saree or a backless or short blouse. It used to be my shag material for the next many days.

Her husband was a rich businessman. She herself being well educated chose to be a housewife to support her family. Her husband used to stay out of the station most times as usual. Jignesh despite being a rich kid was a nerdy jerk. I doubt if he was atleast potent. He used to talk only about kiddish stuff or studies.

I doubt he even knew the boys ogling at his bombshell mother. I used to go to his house mainly for helping him in the study. Whereas my purpose was to be close with my friends hot mom, Bharti as much as possible. I’d steal glances at whatever was visible of her body.

Her cleavage showed when she bent a little or her curvy waist while working or rarely even her fully exposed navel. She used to be in sarees most of the time I visited. She spoke very nicely and closely like a friend to me. So I too developed that closeness with her.

She used to hate being called ‘Aunty’ which I used to call in beginning. She insisted to call her by name which I soon started and enjoyed calling. This continued until this incident happened. I was having preparatory exams in a few weeks and wanted to borrow some books from Jignesh.

I called him but his phone was off. So I directly went to his house which was two blocks away. It was around 10 am and I was in my t-shirt and pajama and rang the doorbell. It took 10 minutes to answer and I was mesmerized to see my friends hot mom, Bharti at the door. I looked at her from top to bottom.

She was in a white translucent which was the first time I was seeing her in. She probably had got up just now so her eyes were sleepy and hair messed up. My animal instinct was to fuck her there only. But I controlled and asked her where is he?

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She told he had gone to one of his relative’s house and would be back only after 3 days. I told I needed some books as it was urgent. She told no problem come in. My devilish mind started making plans. As soon as I went in she told me, “You keep looking beta. Do you mind if I come back after taking a bath?”

I told, “No problem Aunty. Sorry, Bharti.” The thing was her room was deep inside and one had to cross Jignesh’s room to reach her. Both rooms were connected by a small passage like thing and she went to her room. As soon as she rushed to bath my heart was pounding.

I wanted to try my luck to see if the bedroom door is open because I knew she would definitely lock her bathroom door no matter what but exploring her bedroom gave me shivers. I slowly tiptoed and peeped through the keyhole once to confirm my friends hot mom is inside.

I slowly unlocked the door and my luck was only closed not locked. I went inside her bedroom my heart racing like hell. The bedroom smelt of her perfume and also her womanly odor intermixed. I found a few hairs on her pillow and my eyes were searching for something.

Bingo, I found just what I was wishing for. She had removed her bra and panties. I didn’t know if they were old or new but that was enough. With a lion heart, I picked up her undergarments hearing her hum a song behind the door.

The bra was a white lacy one looked expensive and the panty was of matching color and lacy too. It looked like that shown in porn or models. The thought of her in those undergarments itself gave me a stiff boner. As I took the first sniff, it was heavenly. I could smell her body odor.

Definitely, it was not a new one and she had worn them before. Next was the panty turn. I saw no hair on it and sniffed deep. Oh man, her pungent womanhood odor hit me like anything. I couldn’t control now. I immediately lowered my pajama and removed my cock out of the prison.

I kept the panty on my dick and started moving. I knew I’d come soon but I didn’t want to cum on it but I also wanted her to know I had come. So I smeared the precums well on her panty and some on her bra too. I rushed to take out my load in the toilet.

I knew if my friends hot mom smells it she’ll find out. I came back to my friend’s room waiting for something to happen either good or bad. After some 15 minutes or so I heard her bedroom door open and she came towards my room. She was now in another purple translucent nightie similar to the one I saw this morning.

I could smell her freshly shampooed hair and soap. She had again left her hair open and no mangalsutra was visible between her valleys. I was in anticipation. She came and asked if I found the book. I lied that I am not finding. She offered to help. I was kneeling and finding the book in the lowest bookshelf.

She came and knelt with me so that her nightie was now raised up to her knees. I could not control seeing their smoothness. My dick was disturbing a lot. I think she could make out the tent formed in my loose pajamas. She was talking about personal stuff now.

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About her husband, my girlfriends, body, etc but not coming directly to topic sex. I could almost smell her and my hot breath must have hit her neck. Finally, we found the book I was looking for. She offered to have tea. I agreed. I was sitting in my friend’s room thinking about what had happened now.

Is Bharti interested in me? Was she waiting for a trigger? Should I take a risk? In between all these questions, I heard her coming. My goodness, what I saw blew my mind. Her top buttons of the nightie were open. I could completely see her bosoms covered in the same bra which I had shagged on before.

My throat went dry watching her cleavage while she served tea. She sat next to me on the bed. I was waiting for the opportunity. In between conversation she held my hand while talking about her husband’s busy schedule. I had finished my tea and was getting impatient now. I thought to take the risk.

With one hand held by her, I put my other hand on her shoulder like comforting her and kept there without moving to see her reaction. She was undeterred. Now I started making circular movements with my finger on her shoulder area. I could feel her breathing hard.

In no time she gave the green signal. She took my hand kept near her shoulder inside her open nightie. I could feel her bra covered titties. OMG. That’s all I needed. I pounced on her like a lion pounces on prey and soon we were kissing madly on my friend’s bed. She was wild like a lioness.

Both our faces were moist with each other’s saliva. Soon our tongues were wresting in each other’s mouths making a slurping sound. I was enjoying her pinkish soft lips and chewing them madly in between. She was planting kisses and love bites all over my face.

Now I started unbuttoning the remaining buttons of her nightie as she started lifting up my t-shirt. Soon I unhooked her white lacy bra to release the pigeons hidden inside. Fuck, I can’t describe in words. Her boobs were perfect like a college-going girl.

White, perfect round smooth skin like a baby and topped with a brown cherry-like nipple with only slight pigmented areolas. I immediately took each nipple alternatively in my mouth kneading her boobs like dough. She was enjoying with closed eyes and a slightly open mouth.

She was a sex doll ready to be explored and exploited. I pushed the nightie further down. It slid it completely so now she was in only a single piece of cloth her panty. I was impatient to uncover her treasure. Her pussy was just beautiful, not a single hair anywhere around, pussy lips neither too thick nor thin.

Her lower belly had almost nil stretch marks thanks to her regular workout. My abs were pressing her belly and navel as I hugged her tight biting her earlobes. I whispered, “You are looking like ready to be eaten, darling.” I went down kissing her nipples again and playing with her navel which was deep and wide.

Now I further moved south till my nostrils hit her pussy aroma. I folded her legs in M shape to gain better access and slightly separated the lips and began the magic of my tongue. I swirled my tongue initially out and slowly went in circles to reach her inner walls.

She went mad. She was moaning like anything caressing my hair and pushing my head further deep and clamping my head with her legs. I was madly licking and intermittently flicking her clit making her lift her pelvis in excitement. Soon she had her first orgasm shuddered her whole body.

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I felt her juices trickling down her inner thighs. Now she was trying to enter her hand inside my pajama and I helped her by removing fully. Now my 8-inch circumcised monster was staring at her juicy pussy. I came up and began kissing again as my lund was grazing her inner thighs and pussy mound.

Now she held my dick with her own hand and tried placing at the entrance. I helped her as she parted her lips slightly, I was rubbing my lund over her orifice to make it lubricated with her own juice and my saliva. Now it was perfect to enter my circumcised 8 inches.

I placed myself on her and slowly made my way inside. Wow, it was hot as a furnace. My dick was feeling surrounded by fire yet in the water. She further accommodated me inside pushing herself more into the bed and making way. Soon my whole 8 inches were parked inside pussy of my friends hot mom.

I wanted to absorb maximum from her so kept there for some time. Her pussy muscles now relaxed accommodating my monster. Now it was time to move in and out. I held her bed for support as I glided my smooth circumcised monster in and out. She was making weird sounds.

I began increasing my pace as she lifted her ass in perfect sync to match each stroke. She interlocked her feet on my back pushing me into the deepest corners of her pussy. I pounded my friend’s mom mercilessly. Now, ‘thap-thap sounds were resonating in the whole room as our pelvic bones were hitting each other.

She would shriek in pain and pleasure when my cock hit a dead end in her pussy. We were entwined in passion and lust that we lost track of everything including time. I don’t know how long I pounded her and soon I found my seed building in my testicles. I whispered that I’m cumming.

Soon both of us were reaching our orgasms. She pushed my dick as deep as possible with her legs around my back till I found my dick getting crushed between her pussy walls. Now I couldn’t hold and shouted, “Bharti, I’m cumming.”

“Cum inside me Alok I love you.” she moaned. I came with jets of thick spurts inside her pussy which also began leaking again. I began my balls almost empty. I never came such a huge amount. My lund went limp as I kept it inside and slept on my friends hot mom!!

After sometimes we again had another session in doggy and cowgirl positions. After this session, we had innumerable sessions whenever Jignesh was out. She would sometimes deliberately send him out for some or the other reason while we fucked like hell.

She taught me many things. For example, fucking while standing and reverse cowgirl. In next story i ll tell you how she helped me to fuck her friend…