My Malaysian girlfriend

hello, readers before I start this story let me introduce myself, my name is Ranveer Singh my height is 5’11 and I m 25 years old. my dick size is 6 inches, I know I don’t have a bigger dick but I can satisfy any girl with my skills, so let’s get straight to the story. my parents live in Malaysia so in holidays I go to Malaysia and meet with them, in 2017 when I go to Malaysia for holidays I meet a sexy chubby Malay Muslim girl named zoly (name changed) her height is 5’6. she is just 19 years old and she has the sexiest curves that can make anyone crazy. her size is 36/32/38 and honestly, when first I saw her I feel like I want to fuck her right now. I first saw her at the restaurant at the airport she was sitting right next table to me and waiting for her friends. as my nature I can’t stop myself to approach sexy women I go to her and I give her a few compliments, I made her feel like she is the world’s most beautiful woman. after a few compliments, she introduces herself to me and I introduce myself. she told me she working part-time as airport staff and she is living in kl (Kuala Lumpur) and after a little chit chat. I ask her for a phone number, and we exchange our numbers but that time I didn’t have a Malaysian sim card so I give her my Indian phone number. we did a little more chit chat and then her friends come and I also have to go because my parents are arriving at picking me at the airport.

I arrived at my home and I connect my phone with Wi-Fi first. and then I send her msg on WhatsApp but she didn’t reply that time Maybe, she is busy at work. so I stopped waiting and take some rest because I m too tired from the journey. I wake up at 7 o clock in the evening I forgot about her. I connect my phone with Wi-Fi, and so many notifications pop-ups, I checked my notifications and suddenly I see her msg reply. I started messaging her and after a few seconds, she replied again. I m a very health-conscious type of person so I normally sleeping at 10 at night but that night we chat with each other until 3 o clock at night. she shows some interest in me from day one. and I m a person that is interested in every girl. The first week We did so many chats and video calls on WhatsApp and after a week I planned to meet with her, so we planned to meet next week’s Sunday because she is busy at work so we meet after two weeks from our first meet, I am living Ipoh. and she was in kl its 3 hours drive from Ipoh. so she says she’ll take me in her car on Sunday morning. I don’t have an international driving license so I agreed, she picked me 11 o’clock on Sunday morning. We go to some places in kl (Kuala Lumpur). and that day we both spent the whole day with each other that was our first date. we don’t even realize it’s been 9 o’clock at night. we go for dinner and after dinner, she told me to stay with her. in her home that night. I thought that a golden opportunity for me, but suddenly I feel like it’s not right to do sex with her. I go with her to her flat she was living with her brother and sister in law. she introduces me to them and then she asks me to take bath and change clothes. she gives me her brother’s clothes. I changing my clothes into her room she suddenly enters the room see me half naked and then she smiles and give me a compliment.

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Zoly : nice abs

I gave her a little smile and say thanks, I wear a t-shirt and then laying on her bed she sits next to me I make eye contact with her and she starts talking with me I don’t know why girls want to talk all the time she told me so many stories that night and I feel like sleeping but she can’t stop talking it been late-night she says I m feeling sleepy and she sleeps. I m not in the mood for sex so I also sleep next to her. The next morning she takes leave from college and work. for a spent time with me, we go to so many places and for spent time together at evening I ask her to drop me to bus station but she refuses because she wants to drive me to home and spent more time with me so I agreed its been 7 o clock in the evening and we both are sitting in the car I saw her eyes are glowing. she asks me

Zoly: why you don’t try to do anything last night

I was shocked because that time I realize she offered me the first move last night that’s why she can’t stop talking last night but I m fucking dumb I m focusing on my love for her. I gave her a smile and I go closer to her I kissed her on her lips and we kiss for 2 minutes at that time. when I kiss her I feel her body temperature that was so high. but we are in a public place and in-car so we can’t do anything. she drop me at my home and we do video calls for few days after a month I m going back to India so I want to meet her one more time before I go back so she told me she drops me at the airport she pick me from my home and drive me to the airport. my flight is on late night so we have so much free time we go to a mall for some shopping and some snacks we go to mall’s parking area that is in the basement that place was very dark quiet and empty that time because it’s 11 o clock in the morning she parked car in the last of the parking area, I sense this is the right time for doing anything in the car. I remove my seat belt and grab her before she says something, I kissed her lips and start making her warm in 10 minutes of kiss her temperature raises so much I can feel her warm body I start pressing her boobs. her tits are so big my both hands together can’t hold her one tit, I open her shirt’s buttons and then I pulled her bra down I suck and lick her boobs I rub her nipples and I kissed her on lips, we both are so warm that time and we don’t even realize when we both go back seat from the front I open my t-shirt while kissing her. then I open her jean’s button and pull her jeans down I put my hand into her panty her pussy was very wet that time I lick my hand that is wet with her pussy cum, I pull her panty down and start licking her pussy inside the car it was hard to lick her pussy but I managed somehow she screams

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Zoly: ahhhhhh….mmmmmm.mmmmaammmhhhh

I lick her pussy until she cum again I put my finger into her pussy and she screams with the pain she told me not to do this she begged me and I don’t know why I stopped that time

ranveerl: what happen baby ?

Zoly; please don’t do this it’s hurting a lot

At that time I feel so angry because she already cummed twice and she was satisfied a little bit but I m not satisfied yet I don’t even get a chance to cum once. I told her

Ranveer; baby you never did sex before that’s why it hurts for a while. once you loose your virginity its feels so good.

But she doesn’t want to understand anything. and she pulled her panty and jeans up. and I was like fucked up but I love that girl so I didn’t say anything more about it. but she suddenly starts kissing me and she started rubbing my dick she opened my jeans and pull my underwear she hold my dick and start kissing on it, she has totally a new experience of sucking dick she doesn’t even know how to suck a dick she kisses all over on dick I smiled and said

ranveer; let me help you.

zoly; okay

I hold her head with my both hands and put my dick into her mouth and start moving her up down her lips on my dick make me crazier she is not a pro in dick sucking but she is best. I stop pull my dick back because I want to do a tit fuck so I rub my dick on her boobs and say

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Ranveer : let me teach you another lessons

Zoly ; okay teacher educate me in your way

i put my dick in the center of her boobs and start fucking her tits . she says

Zoly; Wow this is something new

Ranveer; when we get marry I’ll teach you so many other lessons to

she smiles and I continue fucking her tits when I feel like cumming I put my dick into her mouth and pushing inside outside and then I cum into her mouth she drinks all the cum and then she licking and cleaning my dick with her tongue. I enjoy that day a lot that was our first oral sex experience after that we go for shopping and then she drops me at the airport she hugged me very tightly and kissing me it was hard to say goodbye to both of us. I can’t stop thinking about her on the whole journey.

to be continued….

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