My School Friend to My Sex Mate

She was in fifth standard when I first met her. But after seventh standard I recognized her as a woman. She was not gorgeous or ‘celebrity like’ sexy, she was just a standard young girl. Obviously not my girlfriend, I did not see her in that way, but I knew that her body was ‘well rounded’. May be some guy would want to ask her out. Now were both alumni of the same engineering college. Now this story tells us about the events of 14 February of first year in my college.

We were close friends by then. I was securing more marks than her in exams, so I went to her house to give some tuition some days. That the was one of those days and her parents were out. That day I was teaching her, but she her mind was somewhere else. I tried to look into her eyes.

I looked at her for some more time before she noticed the silence and got startled when she could see my spectacled eyes boring into hers. She sighed and signaled me to continue. But I remained silent.The pause continued for some more time when she gave up.”Fine” she said.”Roy rejected me”. Now I knew the problem.I also sighed.”You asked him out ? I already had asked him if he would accept you, he had replied in negative, still you persisted and ‘felt’ the inevitable result. Good job ! Now cry all you want. I will soothe your pain by listening to you. ”

“You are a son of a bitch.” She murmured. I was taken aback by hearing those words from her lips for the first time. Then she really had tears flowing from her eyes.

After a moment she was sobbing. I did not know what to do. I was bad at these emotional things. She knew this and tried to stop her sobbing. But she could not. I got up from my seat and went over to nearby table where her laptop was kept. I typed her password and opened her lappy. I browsed her folders. “Let’s watch a mov…” I stopped when I saw a video i her folder. As all of you have guessed, It was a porno. I was amazed. Amazed that a silent and pure girl like her could shake off her tension through these. I looked behind. She was still struggling to gain composure. Then I again looked at the screen. I muted and ran the video. It was a POV. ” Daaamnn !”. I thought. I was seeing myself as a brother to her.

But I felt something different towards her that day. Not the romantic feelings, or anything like that, but I began to see her differently. But I still cared about her and wanted to solve the current situation. I was facing with two crisis. Surely the porno was not a crisis, but the crisis was finding out a unique formula to solve the two things simultaneously, or using one to solve another.(Bit of engineering, ain’t it ?). Then I got a brilliant idea. I instantly knew that I would be the topper that semester.

” Do you want to try this ?” I asked her in a low voice. She looked at me then at the screen. But she still could not decipher my sentence. I opened the video and repeated my sentence, forcing out some air along with my voice while pointing at the screen with my thumb. But my voice was still calm enough not to show any of my thinking or feelings. Then it struck her. For a split second her face looked terrified, but she immediately gained her calmness. That ability to remain calm in a crisis was sexy to me. But she remained silent for sometime.

“Delete that video” she said as if she was threatening me, but I knew that she was actually pleading. ” Do you want to try ? ” I again asked her. “What do you want ? I know that you also watch these.” she said.

” Come on !” I cried and deleted the video. The I looked at her and spoke-” We are friends, I’m not blackmailing you or anything. I’m trying to comfort you.” I said declaring my motive as honestly as I could. She remained silent, That silent was long. Then she broke the silence.”I am going to toilet.” She said and walked out of the room. “Did I make her angry ?” I asked my second mind. “No.” It replied. “Did she feel offended ?” I asked again. “No” It said again.”She may have gone to pee and wash herself.” I was satisfied with this answer.

She came back after a minute or two and sat on the bed located nearby. She was staring at her feet. I began to stare at it as well. Nothing. She was thinking something. My eyes followed up her legs.

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She was wearing blue shorts. I looked further up to notice her wearing a pink top. Normal.But that long silence was creepy for me. The I told her-” See, just nod your head up and down to say yes or side to side to say no. If you feel that it will make you better, then say yes,or…” I fumbled for words “If it is freaking you out then you can definitely refuse. ”

Then I looked at her, groping for some answers from her expression when she looked at me. ” Do want to make me pregnant ? ” she suddenly asked imitating merriness. She was half smiling as she was still confused. it was delighting to hear those words, though I knew I was taking advantage of her in her weakness. ” No, I am not going that far, I think only some casual exercises may do good for you.” I said seriously, waiting for some definite answer. ” So ?” I pushed further. Then again a long silence.

Then she finally nodded an unsure yes. I was smiling. It would be my first time. And we both knew we won’t have a chance to regret this. I walked towards the bed. She watched my every step. I could see each of her wrinkles forming and disappearing from her forehead, the color of her face. See seemed more confident than before. She stood up when I got near. I got hold of her by her waist. ” I will skip the kissing part. Those are for lovey-doveys.” I said.

But suddenly pulled me towards her and started kissing me vigorously. In the meantime she pulled out my spectacles and kept on the table beside us. She continued to kiss me violently and I followed the suit. She then stopped and whispered ” Don’t you also dare to reject me.” and continued kissing me.Our tongue wrestled, Saliva filled our mouths. I pressed both her cheeks with my palms to force out more of her tongue. The feeling small pimples of her face in my palms and fingers aroused me. I caught her tongue with my teeth, she bit my lips. Then I began to roll up her tops. But she interrupted and pushed me unto the bed and she unbuttoned my shirt. She then sat on the bed and began to lick my nipples.

I discovered hers and began stroking it over her top. I felt chills flowing through my body. My dick throbbed under my underwear. She put her hand over the swollen part of my jeans. Awesome. I began kissing her neck. I bit her skin and pulled it with my teeth. But released before it could hurt. She was now stroking my jeans. My dick grew larger. Size of my dick ? I don’t know myself.(Don’t go for spoilers) But I was sure it was larger than the natural hard on. I could not resist any more.

I rolled up her top and slid my hand under it to feel her breasts. I circled her nipples with my middle finger. She then pulled off her top to bare her upper body. She wasn’t wearing bra. Then I remembered her hanging breasts when we were talking. Perhaps she had gone to toilet to leave her bra behind. May be.

I then began to taste her breasts. Those black-brown tits were wonderful. I covered both her breasts with my saliva. I licked, sucked until I was bored. I sucked her hard nipples hard. She moaned. I held her nipples with my index finger and thumb and licked the rest portion of the nipple that was protruding out. My tongue then went out and swirled around her tough nipples. I did that for both her breasts one after another. Her eyes rolled up in pleasure. I kissed the valley in between her balloons. She liked it.” Suck more until you are satisfied” She said while giggling. I did exactly that. Great.

My tongue slowly but gradually slid down her body from her bust to abdomen. She squirmed.

I stroked every inch of her thighs that was bare. Then I slid my fingers a little into the shorts. Then I loosened her shorts and tried to pull it down. But I failed even after she raised her legs to help me. She giggled at this. Then she lent full cooperation and the shorts were out of picture. Her pants were there. She read my mind just then and stopped me from undoing her panties. Instead she unbuttoned and unchained my jeans and pulled it down. My dick was practically standing under my jockeys. She held my cock with the cloth. Still then it was heavenly.”Gosh ! It’s throbbing !” She exclaimed. She then stroked it like that for sometime. I felt dizzy as all of my blood was rushing to my asset.

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After that she pulled it out. It was like one inch more than the usual length when I masturbated in my lonely hours. It was now around six inches. I could not believe when I saw it. I felt proud. I saw her smile. She looked greedy and after a moment she suddenly started to suck it. Her grip around my stick was like iron and my dick’s head seemed like a nuclear head ready to explode any time.

But I controlled myself to last longer. She swirled her tongue around the tip. I moaned a little. She then swallowed the whole thing into her throat. Shit. Do they push out babies through their throats too ? She continued moving her mouth up and down my dick while holding my balls and stroking them with her other hand. She did not care for my pubic hair or any hair anywhere. She just did what she desired. It continued for five minutes till I came in her mouth. “She pulled herself back in surprise.” You did not warn me !” She scolded me naughtily. I smiled and shrugged.

At first she spat some of my hot cum, but she realized that she was creating proof of sex by putting them on the bed. So she swallowed all of the rest. But my prick was quick to stand again. So I held her head and by her hair and forced her to blowjob again. This time I was quick to spurt out cream. I colored her breast and belly white. She wiped the sticky thing off her body with her fingers and tasted it again. “Eww..” She mewed, “But it tastes good somehow.” she said.

Then I pushed her to lie on her back, pulled down the remainder of her cloths and spread her legs. I saw her pussy. It was already wet and pink. Her lips were sticking out.
It was like seeing a god. I dreamed of this for a long time. While sleeping, while watching porn, sometimes even in boring lectures. Now it was in front of me. I immediately dug into that hole. Not with hand, Directly with my tongue. First I sucked her pussy lips. When my tongue first touched it, she had her body raised up involuntarily. She moaned loudly. The moan was long. I sucked her lips like sucking in juice from an empty packet. She squirmed and moaned all the while.

Then I dug deep into her pussy into it with my tongue and tickled it. I saw her face’s expression. It got me turned on. She had her eyes closed, savoring every moment of pleasure. I licked the rough part which felt like the G-spot. I was right. Now she moaned more loudly then breathed heavily. Then while continuing the licking I put my finger into her ass. She opened her eyes to investigate what I was doing, but did not complain. I did not get any result for a while. A dug deeper into it.

Then I suddenly heard. “Just there..yes there in the ass..stroke !” I did as I commanded. She groaned first, but it quickly turned i to moaning. I was also digging into her pussy with the fingers of my other hand and my tongue all this time. I rubbed it with my fingers harder.I kissed her swollen clitoris. I could hear her gasps. My penis became harder. Her belly became redder and flushed. Then I took out my little finger from her ass and held her bums. I felt her tightened muscles. I slapped it once. It became more tighter.

She was getting spasms now and gasping more and breathing more heavily. After nearly fifteen minutes fluids spurted out of her cunt. She was having spasms and her eyes were closed and was biting her own lips in pleasure. It was enjoyable watching her face. Then I continued the oral sex and she came three times more. After I got bored with all this in an hour,we took rest for a while and then I stood up to dress. I had promised not to go any further. “Where are you going ?” She asked.

“To dress.”

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” What ? I thought you are the type to go all the way.”

I was surprised at her invitation. Did she just ask me to have intercourse ?

“But…” I was interrupted by her-” I will manage the rest, you just stick your dick into me.” She demanded aggressively.

I was standing in front of her with my dick hanging after all these exhaustions. But just after hearing her words my stick became hard and erect. The process happened just after she spoke and we both saw the process of dick erection unfolding right then. She laughed aloud after it was over. I laughed too. I got over the bed, looming over her body. I held my dick and teased her by rubbing it on her pussy. “Stop it.” She said “Just shove it into me.”

So I pushed it into her slowly and steadily. I felt warmth covering it while going deeper and deeper. There seemed no end to the depth. Her hole was growing to accommodate me. I managed to stick whole of my prick in her. I remained like that for sometime.

We looked into each other’s eyes. They were lustful. We were in the glowing triangle position. She pushed her hips towards me. We both moaned. She increased the speed, I pushed further into her to increase the intensity. Soon I could hear the sound of my balls hitting against her pubic.

But soon we changed into the missionary position and I began to thrust more into her. I increased the speed which increased her moaning. She was again biting her own lips. ” I am coming” I alerted her. and pulled out my dick just in time to ejaculate outside. I wet the bed-sheet. But we were too crazy to care about that. Nobody of us were satisfied, so we changed to doggy style. I could now go into her still deeper inside.

I felt her breast while changing into the hound style. We both loved it. Then I increased my thrust. I pushed harder. It was with such force that she was getting pushed forward by an inch. I was at moderate speed, but it was steady. She moaned with every push. Sometimes she screamed due to a mixture of pain and pleasure.

Then after a minute with each push she was shouting-” Fuck off Roy” Next thrust-” Go to hell you motherfucker.” I pushed even harder. She squealed now-” Go to hell u dumb son of a bitch”, then ” I don’t need you ! you jerk. ”

I was laughing all this time. It was surely entertaining. After sometime she climaxed and stopped shouting and after that we were laughing while fucking. I knew I was successful in my mission. I began to fuck faster as she had already orgasmed but I had not. She did not show any sign of multiple orgasms this time. “You are really good at this” She said. I felt prouder. “You too” I replied. I continued to fuck, but decreased my speed as I was going to get climax. She realized this.

She turned her face towards me and said softly- ” Come inside me.” I stared at her in disbelief. “I will manage everything.” she assured. So after some seconds I climaxed. I squeezed her buttocks until they turned red and loaded whole of by cream inside her, I did not spare even a drop. She again laughed. ” I am feeling something odd inside me” she spoke in gasps while laughing aloud. I pulled out my wet dick from her whore pussy and and we both dropped exhausted on the bed.

We did not waste our time and kissed each other and teased our bodies for the remaining time. We dressed up after we heard the calling bell of the house. She threw the bed-sheet in a bucketful of water. It was all over by then.

“Thanks a lot. You are really a good friend. I mean it.” she said when I left her house that night.

After that day we got chance to fuck a few times in her house(with condom and it was too risky in my home). She did not get pregnant( She had managed it well). She eventually got a boyfriend after passing out college. Otherwise we all led a normal life after that.

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