My Sexy Childhood Crush

Hello, readers, I am Rahul. This sex story is about how I got to have sex with my childhood crush in our reunion meeting. To say about myself I am 5’9 and have a 6 inches’ dick to satisfy any lady with a muscular body.

Let me describe the angel of the sex story, she is 34-26-36 sizes I guess. She is a sex bomb in my school days. This sex story happened when I am studying engineering. She was my crush in my school days and I didn’t express it to her as I was a shy guy before. But we are friends in those days.I never revealed my feelings to her as I don’t want to spoil my friendship.

One of my school friends called me and told me about our school friend’s reunion in a pub. I am over joyed to meet my childhood friends. My friend created a group where all my school friends can chat. There, I got my crush’s number and I started to chat with her remembering my olden days in class with her.

She looks even more gorgeous than before and this time without wasting time, I expressed my feeling to her in our long talk. She was a bit surprised that she also has some little feelings towards me in that time. Our talk slowly became personal in knowing each other’s things.

Reunion day came as I am very much eager to meet all my friends along with my crush. I was excited to see my crush in that reunion party. And I came to see my beautiful girl coming through the door and I am unable to take my look away from her as she was even more fabulous than I even imagined. My girl (Priya-name changed) came straight to me and sat beside me and I am even more confident in talking with her.

We had some little talk in our group about our school and teachers after we had some drinks and everyone started to dance on the dance floor. Without wasting time, I took this chance and asked Priya to dance with me which she hesitated before and later accepted.

While dancing, I held her hand and I accidentally touched her boobs to which she didn’t resist me and we came even closer and started to dance by hugging each other and laying hands on each other. My other friends are high with their booze and no one even cared anything. After knowing this, our bodies started to touch more frequently and we are having so much fun in dancing with each other.

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I can feel her aroma while dancing and I was aroused with that feeling and planted a kiss on her neck and I slowly turned her back and held her waist and started to kiss near her neck area. She suddenly stopped me and whispered in my ear ‘Rahul not here’ as my classmates are present near us and we slowly slipped from there to the other side of the pub in a corner with a dim light.

We both are horny as fuck while kissing each other more passionately. We started to smooch while kissing and exploring each other bodies. I lifted her to the wall I started to kiss even more vigorously by biting her soft lips with my lips, as it was corner one, none can even see us properly what we are up to. After 15 minutes, we stopped and came to back to the dance floor so that no one will get doubt.

After that night, we both are into each other and we left from the pub back to our homes as it was getting late. We had some phone sex in our chatting by seeing each other in the night. After 2 days, Priya called me to her home as her parents left to work in the same company. It was the perfect time for both of us to continue our love session.

As I am not aware of this surprise, when I reached her home, she opened the door and surprisingly she is waiting for me. She was wearing some sleeveless dress where all her body curves are visible. She dragged me into her house and closed the door by holding me and started to kiss me by slowly telling me there is no one in her home and we can do whatever we want.

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By listening to this, I started to kiss her passionately with all my desire. I again lifted her and slowly took her to the bedroom and placed her slowly on the bed and I removed my t-shirt and started to kiss all over her body. While sucking her melons through her night sleeves, I started to remove her sleeves and started to suck her boobs more vigorously while my other hand is inside her panty.

She started making sounds like ah ahhhha ahhhhah hmmmmmhummmmm ya Rahul suck them. After 10 minutes, I removed all her dress and she was half naked with only a panty. I started to kiss all over her body from top to her panty.

I started to remove her panty and I came to a see a clean shaved pussy while some love juices are oozing out from her love hole. I started to suck her pussy by drinking all her juices. She was making more noises like alhhhh hummmmmahhhhhhhhhhhh ahhahahh.

By listening to this, I started to suck her more vigorously with my tongue inside her pussy. She had her first orgasm and I sucked all of it. She was holding my head and pushing me towards her love hole and asking me to eat her pussy. After sucking it, I started fingering it by keeping my two fingers in her pussy and she was fully horny and had her second organism.

After this, she removed my pant and started to take out my tool and started giving strokes. I was on cloud nine and she gave it like a pro. She gave me for 10 minutes and I came in her mouth and she drank it fully by even licking my tools. She came over me and started to kiss me more. We both changed to the 69 position by exploring our body. We started to eat and lick each other like there is no tomorrow for about 5 minutes.

Now, I made her in missionary position and widened her legs and started to play with my tool on her pussy walls and slowly started to insert inside her pussy. She was begging me to insert in her pussy and I started to insert in her pussy in one single stroke and she was in deep pain as it was her first time and slightly blood started to flow outside her pussy and she told me to insert slowly and I slowly started to insert and I am totally inside her and started to move in and out.

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She moaned in pleasure with both pain and tears started rolling out of her eyes as it was tight. She slowly started to enjoy it and I increased my speed with full strokes. She was shouting “yeahhhhhhhh baby, fuck me harder, tear my pussyyy. I am all yours, fuck me harder baby, fuck me hmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh. Fuck me all you want” by listening to this I stroked her hard as her pussy became pink in color and her cheeks became pink in which she looks sexier and I started to kiss her while fucking and I am going to cum she told me to cum inside her. After 5 minutes she and me we both came at the same time.

Our both bodies were stuck due to sweat and love juices. We both laid for some time while my tool is inside her pussy. We started to sleep for nearly one hour and after that, we again had a quick session in doggy style for 5 more minutes. After that, we ate food without clothes. We even roamed in home nudely until evening and had one last session in the kitchen. After that, we had many more sessions in later days and now she moved to another city.

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