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I studied in a famous coaching class in Pune during 12th standard, the class was big and there were a lot of students. We had a lot of girls amongst us. The class also was for Medical and Engineering entrance tests so there were tests and lectures for good preparation! There was this girl Rachana (name changed) who was a class scholar and was gorgeous physically!

She was a fair girl, average height, boobs looking like melons and ass really round! She was really nice and a class topper. I was not so keen about studies as I did a lot of other activities and involved in travel, photography and blogging etc so I did that stuff too. As the year was ending the class started conducting a lot of exams and lectures were over. I did not study a lot but anyway gave those exams.

It was a physics test that day, I had studied a bit and went for the exam, that day, I got a seat next to Rachana! I was really excited as she was looking great that day, her top did not reveal her cleavage but it did provide a nice estimate of her lovely assets, I could not help but notice it. The test started, I wrote down all the answers which I had studied for and was looking here and there to pass time and try to recall something more, my sight got on Rachanas paper and to my astonishment, she had made a silly mistake.

I just stared at her paper and she tried to hide it. As she stared at me angrily, I pointed out the mistake and showed her the right formula! She was shocked and was really shy, I whispered her that “Copy it don’t worry”. She corrected her mistake and I submitted my paper as I didn’t know anything more. I left and smiled at her while leaving! I got home and masturbated thinking of her breasts and her ass.

That night, To my surprise, I got a WhatsApp message from an Unknown number saying, “Hey, Rachana here! Really thank you for the help! I would have scored really bad if I had made that formula mistake as the formula was to be used in 4 other sums!” I was really happy, I replied, ” Welcome Rachana, Don’t be so formal. I did just a simple correction for a topper (wink smiley)”

We chatted a lot that night and she complimented me for the photographs I click and my blogs which she saw on my facebook profile. I was happy that she was so freely chatting and liked my photography! As time passed, we started chatting a lot but then our exams started, I wished her luck a day before the exams and we did not chat later.

After all the exams, I became free, I traveled a lot as I did not have to give any entrance test for medical/engineering, Rachana gave the medical test. One day in the summer, the medical test was just done the day before, I got a message from her on Facebook, It was a photograph of mine, she said she liked it a lot and would love to see more! I sent her more photos of the trip on Whatsapp and we talked about it. She said that she was very happy as she was free till her results, I asked her what she was doing at that moment.

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She – Chatting and surfing the net
Me – Ooh, Chatting with whom (wink smiley)
She – Just some friends
Me – And what exactly on the net at this time of night?
She – Oow naughty guy, just some movies, and stuff.
Me – Really, movies or “Some” movies
She – Stop it yaar, just normal movies. I am bored
Me – Let’s do something
She – What, some game or something?
Me – Yeah we can, online games etc
She – Or we can play truth or dare
Me – That’s a nice idea

She – hahaha, really you wanna play! Do you have the guts??
Me – Hey, let’s play and see who is more honest
She – hahaha, okay
Me – See, We have to be very honest! No rules.
She – That’s nice.
Me – But promise me, we won’t judge each other at all and delete the chat later on
She – Ohhh wow, I was exactly looking for someone like this who’s into such stuff but doesn’t take it like other judgemental people.

Me – I like to have fun, but don’t like people judging.
She – That’s awesome, Let’s start.
Me – Truth or dare
She – Truth
Me – So, Rachana, what do you wanna do after 12th really!
She – Hey, you talked about all the judging and stuff, I thought this was gonna be something not so formal
Me – Ohh, So we have no limits??? I love it that way. I wanna change my question

She – No, you can’t do it now! I am going to do MBBS, so my turn
Me – Hahaha, Truth
She- You a virgin?
Me – yeah, sadly.
She- Hahaha okay, Truth
Me – So Rachana, Do you watch porn.
She – Sometimes, I am bored of it.
Me – so, you’ve tried sexting?
She – No, but would love to! have you???

That night, we chatted a lot about sexting and things and opened up to each other a lot. She had become an open girl to me and was really happy that I wasn’t judging her. We then daily chatted about many kinky things, I told her about kik and stuff! We even had some more truth and dare games. And exchanged pics of us in underwear! I did not dare to ask for nudes. We chatted a lot and were totally free about each other now.

One day, I changed my DP and got a message from Rachana! She complimented my DP and said that she never got someone who clicked good photos of her! I laughed and said, I have a camera and try to click things. She said, would you click my photos? I readily agreed!!

We decided to meet the next day on a Hillock in the city. The next day, she came in a blue top which was loose near the neck and tight so her boobs’ shape was perfectly visible! She was wearing black tight jeans which showed the perfect curve of her ass! I got a movement in my pants just by seeing her! We clicked a couple of photos of her at a cliff sort of place and moved to a grassland.

I placed the camera and went near her to tell her a pose, I told her the pose, she could not pose easily and requested me to help her! I showed her 2-4times but she was not standing properly, being a photographer I wanted some good shots so I went near her and placed my hand on her waist and adjusted it. She was shocked and looked at me, I said sorry, she winked and said don’t worry. I adjusted her pose and clicked some pics!!!! We clicked a lot more photos that day of her with a variety of poses and jackets and stuff.

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I also taught her to use the camera. We ate some packed food and decided to click one last series and go home! She said, now let’s click some pics which I can use on a private Insta account. I asked what? She said, don’t act innocent Vicky you have an Insta account and I know you follow sluts, I want just 2-3pics showing my cleavage and figure! I won’t post them but want them! I asked if you are comfortable me clicking those.

You are the only guy who gets to click those. We laughed and went to a secluded place. She adjusted her top and her pants, I went near her and told her a hot pose! She asked me to help her to pose! I placed my hand on her stomach and pushed it back and adjusted her breasts (I got an instant hard on as soon as I felt her mounds), she moaned and pushed me back. I smiled and clicked the pics! They came out really nice.

We went home, On the way back, she asked me to drop her home and to give her the pics soon! I said will give right away! I went home, processed the photos and sent her some on WhatsApp! She was astonished at the photo quality and sent me a lot of heart smileys. I said I want some payback, she said you will get it when its time and laughed. I processed the naughty pics and masturbated that night seeing those. I could not control myself and wanted to see her totally naked and wanted to play with that body!

I asked her that if she will like the photos in a pen drive! She said yes, bring it to my house tomorrow afternoon and I will copy those to my laptop! I asked her why not in the morning, to which she replied that mom will be home in the morning. I got her point and the green signal. I was very excited about the next day, I woke up in the morning, had heavy lunch and told mom that I was going to a friends house for a night out and she agreed as holidays were going on and I had no other work.

I went to a really far off medical store and bought condoms. I had those in my back pack and went to Rachana’s place! I rung the bell and she opened the door! I asked her to get the laptop so that we can copy the pics, she said we will do the copying in the bedroom as the laptop was being charged, I followed her. She showed me the laptop and went out, I switched it on. I heard the main door being bolted and got what she wanted, she came back to the room and sat next to me.

I showed her all the pics and finally started the series with cleavage visible! I asked her what she thought about the pics, these are awesome, I loved the images and also the way in which you helped me pose (winks). I say, yeah that’s necessary but sorry if I touched the wrong place, She said no baby you touched absolutely right places, do you wanna touch some more! I could not control myself more and pulled her towards me.

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I stared her in the eye and said yes I want to and I will. I hugged her tight and asked if anyone gonna be home soon, she said no mom has gone to her aunt’s place for 2 days as her aunts sick and dad is away for a month due to some job-related stuff. I grabbed her from ass and started smooching. She was wearing a loose white shirt showing her blue colored bra and shorts which revealed her amazing shaved milky thighs. I started pressing her ass as we kissed. Our salivas exchanged and I could feel her sweet mouth and fresh breath, we kissed for 10 mins and separated. She locked the door and turned on the AC.

I took off her shirt and made her lie down on the bed, I got into my underpants. I went on her and started kissing her neck, I licked her neck and kissed on it as my hands felt her skin, I kept on kissing her neck and licking the earlobes. I kissed on her shoulder and unhooked her bra, her 34 size breasts, I was going to have the best time of my life, I unhooked her bra and unleashed those melons, I could not believe how big her boobs were in reality.

Those white melons with brownish nipples were a treat to the eyes and I placed my palm on her perfect breasts and squeezed it to the fullest, a moan left her mouth and she held my waist with her hands. I squeezed her boobs and got down to kiss them. I placed my lips around the erect nipples and kissed them, I circled my tongue around the nipple and squeezed her breasts again. She kept moaning as I squeezed and kissed them. I took her boobs in hand and placed my face between her boobs in the cleavage and started kissing there. I was very hard, I Pulled her shorts down and kissed her pussy over her wet panty.

I took it off and was surprised how amazing her shaved pussy was looking, I licked it and sucked all the juices. I licked her clit and sucked on love hole. She was moaning real bad. I quickly got the condom, put it on and slid my dick into her tight pussy. She began to scream, but the wetness and tightness of pussy were calling me in, I stroked my hot throbbing dick in her wet flowing pussy and started humping slowly, she cried but was enjoying the pain, I increased my pace and finally came.

She was in pain but somehow got up and we cleaned ourselves. We had lot more fun later on in the day, we kissed fondled licked each other and she even gave me a blowjob! From that day onwards we didn’t miss any chance to enjoy each other but with no strings attached. Will narrate few more incidents after seeing response to this sex story!

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