My Sweet Sweet Neighbor

Dear friends,

This is my story submitted for your entertainment and my pleasure to disclose the adventure for satisfaction also. Though sexual activeness relates to young age in my case the opportunity as well as courage made it happen in late age.

This time again she is a hot and extremely sexy woman at her thirties and a neighbor to us.Her name minu itself makes me horny and thirsty and her face and deep killing look flashes in my mind.

Her husband is a fourth class employee staying in a one room set adjacent to our rented flat in first floor. When we occupied that building they were already there and on the first day itself she drew my attention by her round face, well shaped breasts and plump ass.

On our introduction she looked from the corner of her eyes with a mischievous smile on her face making me her fan.

I smelt the prospect of an affair from that moment and prepared myself to be on the job. Her husband used to leave at 7.30 AM and comes back at 8.00PM. Her 8 yrs old cute son has become the medium. to enhance our personal relation.As I have enough time to spend with the child we become close and by the way slowly the mother also chat with me whenever there is scope.

Generally we meet in the front balcony and on the roof which they use most of the time due to space constraint in their one bedroom set.

My wife is always busy in household work so we avoid her presence and enjoy our company. She wears sari always as the deshi women do. But exhibits the cleavages and side views to a good extent to attract my eyes. She has long hairs and the knot tied behind suits very much to her round face.Her voice is very sharp and sweet.

Though her complexion is brownish she keeps the skin shining and clean.

After some days I observed that after taking bath directly she is coming to the roof to dry clothes wrapped with a sari only without under garments like ,bra, panty blouse and petticoat. That gives a scene of her semi exposed body with side view of breasts which was a feast for my eyes.

After she leaves the wet bra ,panty etc on the roof I used to touch them and smell to satisfy my sexual urge.( i think all this when I masturbate in her name )

Once I was handling her garments when suddenly she came and seen it and left making a face. For some days she stopped drying these under garments ,but don’t know why she again started that. I could study her , she was also happy and enjoying that i am crazy to get her as a sex companion.

I always tried to impress her by my intimate dealing and sweet behavior.Within us a hidden desire of getting physical developing.Our topics of discussion was about the family relations and prices of various house holds etc , we cut jokes at times, share personal feelings freely.

The roof top was the place where we meet, I show her photos from my mobile , we pluck flower from a champa tree on the roof ,sometimes I help her in lifting things there.

At times we touch each other or brush bodies as if without any intention.

She calls my wife didi ( elder sister) ,so I am like her brother-in-law. Days are passing like this with me eagerly waiting a good opportunity. Then came a good time when my wife went to the native place alone to supervise some domestic work as I have some meetings here I did not accompany her.

Coincidentally minu’s husband also went to Kolkata on a official duty on the same day. Afternoon when we are in the front balconies of our houses we talked less but exchanged glances and smiles had eye contact for quite some time.

In the evening at 9.30 pm the calling bell rang and to my delight it is minu and her son standing in front of me with two bottles. She told she wants some drinking water as they do not have it. I was just cooking something after finishing two pegs of drinks and I am in perfect mood.

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I invited both to my house with a smile and myself poured water in the bottles for them.I also requested her to spend some time with me as her son used to see the cartoon channels in our big screen TV.

At first she was hesitating to be in my house as I am alone but , my soft words helped me to pamper her to stay back. I could sense that a very golden opportunity has come to seduce her.

We both sat in the sofa and I were talking very freely about our family life , I also asked her likes and dislikes ,her feelings on me and got very good response.

She confessed that their economic condition does not allow them to purchase the things of her choice and her desires always remains unfulfilled.

Naturally as it happens she curse herself to have a husband with low income. A sadness prevailed on her face and I moved a bit closer to her on the sofa to hold her hand to console her with few words.

I asked don’t worry, now that we are so close , do you allow your lover to fulfill some of your desire. She looked into my eyes in disbelief and remained silent. I could guess she is confused to accept me as a lover as there is a gap in status and age with me.

To make her comfortable i asked her to go to the kitchen with me leaving her son to enjoy TV in the drawing room. In the kitchen she volunteered to help me in making roti and we took chance to brush our body while busy in conversation.

I started asking her some questions like how is your sex life ,how frequently they have sex ,whether she had sex with any man other than her husband before or after marriage. She blushed with shyness ,her face become red and she remained silent.

However these topics definitely ignite sexual desire in her I was sure. In the kitchen the space is less ,so we smell our body and all along my eyes are fixed on her.

When she was bending to lift something I was watching her ass and cleavage and slowly becoming hot and unrest. I observed she was also noticing my activity but not expressing anything. Perhaps women have that capacity to conceal their feelings so much. I was not daring to hold her or hug her to start the process afraid of her reaction.

Then the kitchen work finished and she was ready to go back.Her son was still near the TV. i suggested let him be there and while she left I also followed her to her house as if dragged automatically. My eyes are fixed on her most attractive swinging hips. She did not say anything perhaps waiting for my overture.

Once I crossed the door and in side her one room I could not control and caught her from backside, she was quite expecting this and turned her face.Her thin red lips like petals are shaking and I lowered my lips to touch it with love and affection.My grip was tight ,My semi erect penis pressed hard and fitted inside the crack between the two buttocks.

I whispered on her ear her name “ Minu my love ,allow me to enjoy you “. Her eyes are closed and a soft moan came out of her throat ,as if she is grumbling ,but actually not. Girls always try to show they don’t allow sex with others because of the society , but ultimately surrender to the situation and enjoy sex with others like anything.

We then turned face to face and started kissing deeply like in a movie testing each others saliva for few minutes ,while my hands are moving across the sensual parts of the body over the clothes. The love making continued with pressing the breasts over the blouse , kissing the cleavages ,feeling the naval and smooth bare belly and rubbing the dick over her pubic area over the sari and petticoat. Her short and plump body was warmed up now.

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She had lost all inhibitions and enjoying with me like a lustful sexy slut.Then after this small session we both felt that, to have full sex session we have to wait a while. She told me to send her son for dinner as we can spend more time only after the boy goes to sleep in my house only. I released her and left her with a lovely kiss on her lip.

After dinner it was about 10.30 pm ,I switched off the front lights with doors open and waited her with all anxiety.

After 11.00 pm she stealthily entered my house after locking her child in her house. She was only wrapped with the sari on her bare body , bra /blouse and panty/petticoat removed just as the village women do in the summer nights before sleeping. Her 36 sized little drooping breasts are tangling from the thinly covered sari her hips are soft to feel and bulging.

I became mad to see her in that clothing as I have seen her like that drying clothes on the roof after taking bath so many times. i practically jumped on her and pushed hands through both sides of the arm to feel her bare breast. Oh… what a feel,so spongy and soft ,the nipples are hard immediately by my touch , I put my mouth inside the sari like a child and suck both breast one by one ,my one hand descended down to her vaginal lips slowly caressing it There it is wet by that time as the previous session made some hot juices ooze out. She was then kissing me on my chest, sucking my nipple, biting nail on my back and moaning slowly.

I dragged her into the bedroom while making love to her..In the dim blue light I looked into her face then removed her sari to get her fully nude.She also removed my banyan and half paint to grab my penis ,the main tool for satisfying her itching love hole.

With a push I put her flat on the double size bed and slept on her with my mouth sucking her lips shoulder ,ear and nose ,hand patting the two melons with care. With her nipples on my mouth on one I pressed the other breasts to give her more pleasure.She whispered me “ sir , you are a real lover ,your touch made me complete ,please love me ,kiss me ,suck me and fuck me ,my husband never do this much to please me. Oh.. my matured lover ,fulfill my this desire first “.She was now in need of hard fucking as it appeared.

So I moved to her inner thighs and vaginal lips ,put my mouth in those area ,she was having a gorgeous cunt with black hairs around. I always like hairs there , I am annoyed to see a saved cunt. First I inserted two fingers to the hole and touch the clitoris to stimulate her and after sometime put the mouth and sucked the lips of the vagina ,stretched them to tongue the clitoris a little.Minu stretched her hand to hold my hair and press my head on her warm pussy.

“Oh my god , it is dirty thing sir don’t do it , I have never been sucked there, “ she said

I asked “ Are you not enjoying ,how is it “ to that she only nodded her head

After five minutes of sucking she shouted “Oh sir, please remove your mouth ,I am coming ”.

I removed my mouth and she released a little juice as the first orgasm.Immediately I wiped off her cunt on a tissue paper and made it clean for the next session.

She pulled me over her and placed several affectionate kisses on my face, shoulder, neck and chest. I showed my nipples to her to suck which generally arouses me.She sucked it and rubbed it with fingers.

Then I asked her to suck my dick before going for the intercourse to which she agreed to try. Though immature she hold my 6 “ penis with her soft fingers stretched the fore skin a little and put the red tips in her mouth.I pushed it a little and she started sucking very gently, oh what a sensation she was giving when her tongue was moving.

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Slowly the speed increases and she was doing it with a sexual urge.But as I may have early ejaculation I stopped it after some time and then again resumed the foreplay on her body. All her sensitive parts are touched with love till she urged –

“ Please put it inside sir , do not tease me any more ,fuck me now”

I positioned my self , took my rod and rubbed the tip on the vaginal lips and clitoris for a moment. She was quite impatient and hold my dick and slowly she guided my cock in to her wide opening which was quite slippery and took my cock smoothly.

She caught my hips and i hold her both breasts and with jerks commenced the fucking. Her soft body like cushion pressed closely with me with every stroke and we are fucking with other foreplay continued. She was moaning and looking at me with intoxicating look.sometimes uttering sounds like –

“Fuck me my mad lover , i want to hold your penis in my hole for all the time.

Oh….. umuhh…. my god….. fuck me hard…. I am dying for this….

My hole is itching….. smash it…. make it muddy with your juice…. Suck my boobs….. bit my nipple hard….. I am your wife….. fuck me….

I also started encouraging her by telling- Oh my sexy lady…… you are my whore…. you bitch…. open your cunt… I will fuck your ass…… I am your husband…… you can satisfy 100 man at a time.

After 10 minutes we changed position. I got down from her and allowed minu to come on top of me.She was laughing in pleasure.She resumed fucking me happily with full thrust like an hot engine. I was pulling her breasts with every stroke and she was nailing my chest.

Once or twice I stretched my hand and put two fingers in her ass hole. She was more activated by that ,finally after another 10 minutes she gave the signal that she is coming again.

Hearing this I raised my hips from below to give few active strokes so that I also come at a time and it happened , We both filled the hole of minu darling by our loads and it overflowed outside. She collapsed on me ,we lay like that for some time followed by lovemaking and kiss to get cooled.

I made her love hole clean and also kissed it. This is how my desire to fuck my neighbor minu had materialized.

She left after one more session after an hour, this time she took me in her ass hole not in her pussy.It was little painful to her in the beginning ,but afterwards she enjoyed it better than fucking in the cunt as she expressed. Her son was alone ,so she left me at about 2.00 pm. While going she gave me a clean mandate to have sexual operation when ever I need and situation permits.

We have several sessions after that and enjoyed a successful sexual relation. I have fulfilled her monetary need to the extent possible. She was gifted costly saris, undergarments even ornaments and enjoyed dinners and lunches at my cost in good hotels. I also owe her a lot in terms of the pleasure she has given me.

Give and take is the rules of a healthy relation. There is nothing in this life worth remembering other than these type of love affairs. Now I am away from that building but in the same town, Though difficult we meet each other and I always treat her as a sex goddess in the temple of my mind.