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Hi friends, this is Himanshu from Delhi. I m writing this my real story. I am 20 right now and this is the story that happened when I was in my school.

This is a real incident.

This story is a bit long but very erotic and romantic.I am 5 ft 7″ tall and a dick that can satisfy any girl or women.I passed my 10th class with a good score and for further studies, I had to change my school and I take admission.

My first day was very boring as I had no friends and most of the students were absent. But the next day when I entered in the class, I saw a girl sitting on the first bench. Guys, I can’t describe her beauty! She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.

She was extremely fair, her eyes and the best thing was her rosy pink lips, with a figure 32-28-32(which I came to know later) and a little heavy from hips which makes her sexier. She was reading something and her I just couldn’t take my eyes off her and was watching her standing still.

Suddenly I realized that someone is calling my name, it was my friend from my old school. But he was from different class and I left with him to the canteen. But during prayer, my eyes were looking for her and I found her in the front row.

Later I came to know her name from my classmates – Diksha (name changed) and she is the topper of class.

On that day I was only looking her, and she noticed me once but I acted as I was looking someone else.

Days passed and then comes my day. It was our class’s turn to handle assembly. My teacher selected me to perform a speech. But I was not interested at all. In the next period, she came to me, and she said, “Aapka naam mny h naa. Actually, I wanted to perform speech” and I was staring her continuously. Then I gain my sense and said ok.

She thanked me and get back to her seat. I was very happy that at least she know about me.

Later I came to know she was very open and talk to every boy and was not that much innocent. Days passed and I started losing interest in her, as there were many hot chicks in school but she was one of most beautiful girls in school and she has something in her that attracts me.

One fine day, we had an extra class in the biology lab, to perform some experiment. I and my friend got late & all seats were full except one on which Diksha was sitting because her two friends were absent. My friend sat on the seat next to the wall, I was confused whether I should sit or not but as the teacher was explaining the experiment, I sat there.

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As Madam completed the topic, she asked me why were you not sitting and smiled. Her smile, “Omg”, I mean anything for that.

Then we started talking and she took my copy and started seeing it and praised my handwriting. Our teacher started asking questions on yesterday’s topic. The teacher asked a question to my friend and we both know nothing about that, I knew that I was next but she opened her book on her knees and pointed me the answer. I thanked her and we went back to classes.

On that day I was thinking about only her. Next day in class, I was looking her and she smiled. There was some sight.

On that day I gain courage and send her friend request on FB. She accepted that on the same day and we started chatting. Till then I thought that she had a bf. Soon we became quite close but I didn’t talk to her in the school because I wanted to retain my school bully image.

She: maine tumhe class ki kisi ladki ke saath flirt karte nhi dekha….
Me: I am shy and not that type of guy
She: oohhh..
Me: so how is your relationship with your bf?
She: tumhe kisne kaha k mera bf h..I don’t have a bf
Me: sach bata.
She: nahi h yaar..Sach m nahi h..

I was very happy and was on cloud 7 that these were all rumors. Now we started talking at the school and it was her birthday. So I decided to propose her and I brought a flower and some chocolates for her.

As our experiment finished in the lab, everyone was going back to the class. I called her and asked her to sit to on the stairs for a minute. I held her her hand and proposed her.Her eyes were wet and her face became red.

She was looking very cute like a small baby. She looked down and didn’t speak a word but it was enough for me.I lifted her head kissed her both eyes and said, “You are blushing for the first time in front of me” and gave her the flowers. Diksha tapped on my chest and said, “Stupid. I love you tooooo..”

I was very happy and we ate the chocolate together. But we had to go back to class and so we left.

Our relationship was very romantic and we loved each other a lot. I used to hug her or hold her hand but never moved beyond that. But then the luckiest day of my life came. It was our free period.

I saw that she was going to the library which was on the top floor. She was going to return a book. I followed her, she entered I was standing outside waiting for her. As she came out, I held her hand and pinned her to the wall. She was totally surprised and was trying to escape. I hold her more tightly, and asked: “Can I kiss you?”

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Diksha was blushing and looking absolutely beautiful. I kissed on her cheek, she held to me tightly. I held her, moved her hairs behind her ear. She closed her eyes and I kissed on her lips. Guys, that was an amazing feeling. Her lips were so soft, more than cotton.

I kissed her for about 2 minutes, then I realized that anyone can see us. So we broke the kiss, her eyes were still closed and she hugged me tightly and whispered in my ear, “I love you mny, I love you very much”.

I said her that I love her too and we both left. During the class, she was staring at me and was smiling very naughtily.I liked that very much.

After we were in a relationship since 8 months, we used to tease each other and give small kisses when no one was around. Now I wanted her more close to me. I invited her for a movie but she refused as she was from a conservative family and I also knew that. I was sad but where there is a will there is a way. On the same night, she called me and told that her parents were going to meet her brother as her brother lives in Noida for further studies. So she would be alone whole day. I was very happy. Next morning, I texted her.

Me: hi.. My cutie piii( I use to call her that many times)
She: hii babu..
Me; I want to see you in saree..
She; ohk.. As you wish my budhu (she use to call me this many times)…

At about 10 am, I started my bike and moved to her house. I bought flowers and black bangles for her. I reached her home and called her. She told me to wait for 2 minutes.

When she opened the door and came out, I was stunned. She was wearing a blue saree and looking very hot and beautiful. My mouth was wide open. She was laughing at me and closed my mouth. As we both entered into her house, I got down on my knees and gave her flowers. She took them and kissed me on my cheek.

Diksha told me to sit on the sofa and moved to the kitchen to get some soft drinks. She was wearing a backless blouse, her back was milky white. Devil inside me awake and I followed her.

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She was preparing drinks, I hugged her from the back and held her by her stomach. She was utterly surprised and not expecting that. I stick myself to her, Diksha closed her eyes and moaned slowly. I moved her hairs aside and kissed on her neck. Diksha held my hands and moaned, “Pleasee nooo”.

But I knew that she was enjoying. Now I started kissing her back and neck more deeply. Her breaths were getting heavier and she started losing her control. I whispered in her ears, “Baby, you are looking very sexy and beautiful today”. She said, “Baby!!! I dressed so well today only for you”

By hearing this I got excited and turned face her towards me. We look into each other’s eyes and this time she kissed me first on my lips. An electric current passed through our bodies and slowly it turned into a deep smooch.

She was moving her fingers through my hairs and I was caressing her back. It lasted for about 10 minutes and we broke the kiss.Her eyes were still closed. She opened her eyes, I loosened my grip on her but this time she herself pulled me towards her and kissed me more passionately.

We both were kissing each other madly. I made her bend towards to the kitchen shelf and we were kissing each other like there was no tomorrow. My hands were on here back as she was wearing backless top.

She was loosing her control as I was kissing her neck now. She was moaning heavily, “Aaahhhhhh!!! Himanshu stoooppp!!! Aaahhhhhh!!!!”, but I was in no mood to listen to her.

This continued for a long time and now my dick had no control, I was filled with precum. So I broke the kiss and lifted her in my arms and asked where is the bedroom. She was silent and looking like a cute baby and guided me with her fingers to the room.I took her in the room and..

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