Neha, the Indian Slutwife

My wife Neha and I, are happily married and like each other. We have a regular sex life and hence nothing unusual may be expected. We went once to Alibag, which is a beach resort near mumbai. The hotel Tropicana has large houses and we rented out one room for two nights. When we were having dinner we had another couple come a join us. Neha is hot and bossy. She runs her own IT consultancy and knows how to do it. She likes to dress in tight clothes and had one of those tight fitting dresses in black which just came below her ass. The other couple did not introduce themselves or may have, but I did not pay any attention, we started drinking, and believe me liquor makes you do so many things you can never dream fo doing.

The subject suddenly came to partner swap based on porn movie on the TV. The other lady was younger than us, also sexy and was dressed in tight fitting pants which were white in colour and a black t shirt. As I drank I could not help staring at her covered boobs. Suddenly the other guy and Neha get into an argument on wife swap and Neha gets challenged on this. She said she did not mind such a thing if everyone consented. The other lady smiled when her husband proposed the same, and I was a bit shaken as somewhere in my mind I was thinking of her boobs and figure with sex. Neha turned and ask me, how does that sound darling. ‘We do not know this couple. They look nice and charming. We swap around, fuck and then never see each other, no names or place of work known’. I said okay.

Neha evidently wanted to fuck and I thought if she wants to, why should not I do the same thing. The rules were that we swap through the two rooms, and then spend the night together with the other spouse. We return at 7 in the morning and forget the whole incident. Fine, sounded good.

Let me call this chick Ria as I will encounter her again in my life. I took her to my room and we chatted for some time with my eyes staring at her nipples under her T. Soon I was kissing her and pressing her well toned ass. She just held me as I kept my crotch away from rubbing at her. I put my hands inside her t shirt and had it out. I realized there was no bra. She was top less and I took her to the window so that we could see the moon light. I had one hand cover her tow boobs, and my other was rubbing her crotch. As my hand well between her thighs I could feel her wetness. I pushed my hand inside her pants which has no zipper and reached for her pussy. She was wet all over. I took my hand out, licked her fluids and had her out of those pants. She had on a tiny thong which barely covered anything. I undressed and as we sipped some wine and kept feeling each other, I got up and took my cock to her lips. She kept kissing the tip gently and soon took a part of my cock in her mouth. Then the rest and I kept thrusting in and out. As it hardened, I took it out and made her élan against the wall and fucked her from behind. Just as I was about to burst, I took my cock back to her mouth and emptied my cum into her mouth. We slept naked on the bed, and by ten time I woke up, she was gone and Neha was smiling at me.

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I thought the story was over. But almost a year later when I was in Delhi, I had a seminar in Oberoi hotel. In the lunch break I suddenly came across Ria and we exchanged pleasantries. She said if I was free, we could meet for dinner as we were staying in the same hotel. I said yes, and then kept wondering if it was wise to do so.

I came to the restaurant and then wondered if she would come. I didi not know her name or have her number and maybe she had changed her mind. After twenty minutes when I had given up and finished my second beer, she came in and apologized. She was wearing a smart pant suit with coat and we had dinner. She told me that she had separated from her husband as their careers came in the way and their children were in boarding school. After she finished, she asked if I could take a walk. As we stepped out, she lit a cigarette. I had not seen this aspect of hers. We walked around the swimming pool and ordered some more drinks. It was almost midnight and no one was there. I was thinking of leaving, when she asked, what do you think of me. She laughed when I stumbled and started walking. I followed her and she turned around and said, do you want to fuck me. I stuttered again and sat on one of the Benches. She went ahead and took off her coat and out her arms on her sides and took a sexy pose and said, now do you want to fuck me. She had on a thin transparent top and there as no bra inside. Her nipples stood out as did my cock. Her tight pants accentuated her curves and she pulled down the zips on her two sides and stepped out of her pants. She had on a tiny panty, and had her top off. As I stood speechless, she was out of her shoes and said, lover join me in the pool. So saying she was on. I did not know what to do, and got her drink and cigarette and once she finished, she came out, took the towel from me and covered her boobs, and asked me to take her to my room. We walked from the side and got into th elevator. It looked sleazy as some other guest just stared at us. As I entered the room, she grabbed my cock and kept sucking it. Soon I had my clothes off and we fucked like mad on the bed. First in the cunt, then the tits and then the mouth and finally I emptied my venom in her cunt and we slept the night in each other’s arms. In yeh or Ning she was off.

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I kept thinking of this and justified saying that Neha knew that we fucked the first time and hence second was not bad. I forgot about this but for a chance encounter six months later in mumbai. It was the Hitel Leela. I had an official dinner and once done, I phones Neha to say I will have a drink and return by midnight. As I sat on the stool, rain comes and sat besides me. It was a smoking zone and she lit one and we said hello to each other. As we spoke, we got lost in each other. We kept pecking at each other’s lips and I could see that her short dress hardly covered her vital parts. Soon we got on to yeh dance floor and as the pace quickened, we were jiving away hard. As she bent backwards I noticed that her thighs opened, and she did not have on a panty and her public hair was visible. I grabbed her arm and took her to a side, and soon took her out. We went to was one of those conference rooms that were closed. The door opened and we went in. There was just a single light burning, and I pushed her against the wall and kissed her hard. I unzipped, took out my cock and pushed hard into her cunt. She squealed with pleasure as my intensity increased and soon my cum came all down her thighs. She kissed me hard and asked if we could go back. We went back and she asked me to call Neha and say that I will be late.

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After an hour or so, we went to her room. In the lift, she pressed the stop button and asked me to lick her cunt which I willingly did. I kept licking and the lift went up. I straightened when we reached her floor and we hurriedly went to her room. Soon we were out of our clothes and fucked furiously. My semen came at least three times that night all over her body, mouth, tits and pussy. I went for to sleep and was glad to read a SMS from Neha saying that she was not coming home that day because she was with a friend. In the morning we ordered breakfast in ten room. I was in my jockey and she in hers when the waiter came. We finished, then fucked again, had a bath and I left this time.

I don’t know if I will meet her again. But if I do I would like to repeat the fuck again.