Seducing A College Friend

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The story is about when I was in class 12. I used to stay in a hostel in Hyderabad. Everything was going fine. One day a new admission was taken in our class. I later came to know about it.

A girl joined. She is the heroine of the story. Her name is Sweety. When I looked at her for the first time, I got blown by seeing her face that is such a cute and chubby. When she smiled she got a dimple on her cheek and her body is damn hot with a good figure (32-26-34).

I was waiting for a chance to talk with her. To my surprise, she came and sat in front of my bench. Days were going fine. One day Sweety was sleeping a due to a headache. She wore a tight sweater when she slept on the bench.

Her sweater moved up so that everyone can see her naked from the backside. Then her upper part of ass was visible to me because I was behind her. By seeing that I decided to anal fuck her from that day.

Next day one thing changed my fate. Her bra was clearly visible to me so that I couldn’t concentrate on class. Then she turned to borrow a pen. She noticed that I was seeing at her bra. So she pushed it inside her dress. Then she turned towards the board with some anger.

From that day I used to look for different ways to seduce and fuck her. She also noticed that I was looking at her ass and boobs. One day she called me at break time.

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Sweety: I noticed that you are seeing me in a different way.
Me(innocent face): What? What it means!
Sweety(with a loud voice): Don’t act smart. I know you want me badly in another way.

By hearing this words. By taking some courage
Me: Yes.
Sweety: How dare you to talk with me like this!!

Me: Sorry Sweety please excuse me.
Sweety: Ok. Don’t see in that way from next time.
Me(sadly): Ok.

That day we came to know that there will outing on the next day. Then Sweety came to me and said, “Will you come to my house for clearing my doubts?” because I am one of the toppers in my class. I readily accepted.

In the morning she came to my hostel and called me to give her address. I came to know that it is close to my college. Then I followed her with a cab and finally reached her home.

Then we both entered her home, I asked, “Where are your parents ?” Then she replied, “They have gone to the office and will return home in the evening.”

Then she showed me her home and said to me I’ll be there after a bath. I replied ‘ok’. I was sitting in the hall situated between bedroom and kitchen. Beside me, there was a mirror in which her bedroom was visible.

Sweety forgot to lock the bedroom door and went to the bathroom. That bathroom door also I can see from the mirror. Then one thing happened. While she was coming out of the bathroom her towel fell down then I saw a clear vision of her firm boobs with pink nipples.

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Then I got hard and she noticed I was seeing from the mirror. I noticed and turned my head. Then she wore her towel and came to me and said, “Hey idiot now you got satisfied?” Then I replied, “What is there in it?”

Then to my surprise, she took off her towel in front of me and said to me, “Fuck me,” by hearing this words I was on cloud 9. Then I took some courage and touched her soft firm boobs. They are like fresh apples.

I was squeezing her boobs and carried her to the bedroom and lay on the bed and gave a kiss. We were lip locked now for 5 minutes. Then after I was enjoying with her boobs, sucking and licking them and pinching her boobs.

Her navel is like a sponge, soft and smooth. Then I went to the main part her pussy was a pink color. I spread her legs and kept my mouth to lick her pussy. It got wet already. Now she was making moaning sounds.

These moans made me crazier. Then I went to the kitchen to take honey and poured on every part of her body and licked it. Then I become nude and my dick got hard. By seeing my dick she said it is so long and thick please fuck me immediately.

She gave a wonderful blowjob and poured honey on my dick. She took it deep through her throat and I was about to cum in and said to her. She replied no problem cum in my mouth itself. Then she swallowed all the cum without wasting a single drop.

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Really guys the blowjob that she gave me was like heaven to me. Now the journey starts of my cock towards her wet pink pussy. I slowly entered my 6-inch cock into her pussy with a large force. As she is a virgin her blood flowed like a waterfall.

She was crying loudly then I said to her, “Please control for some time after that you will enjoy.” Then after a few strokes, she was responding to my strokes. She was moaning loudly. By listening to her moans I increased my speed at the maximum level.

We both were moaning. Then I am about to cum. I said to her then she replied cum in my pussy. Then with a huge and fast stroke, I came in her pussy. Then I removed my cock from her pussy.

Really, guys, it’s a nice vision to watch the cum coming out of her pussy like honey comes out when it falls. The cum is coming out when she breathed out. This all thing happened nearly for 4 hours and both went to the bathroom and cleaned our self.

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